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Victor and Samuel Ch. 01

February 22, 2014 | work | Permalink

Author’s Note: A special thanks to jushorny who willingly accepted editing this story for me. I hope you enjoy the beginning of these two gentlemen’s journey into their relationship and the relationships around them. I look forward to all comments and suggestions. Please enjoy the read, it was a pleasure to write. ~ Red * [...]


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Part I – The History My name is Patrick and finally, I have discovered my true purpose in life! Even though I have lived out my entire life (all 62 years) as a straight, I have always harboured just the tiniest feeling that I am at the least bi and perhaps even gay. These feelings [...]


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I was at Chad’s house, in his bedroom, playing a game on the computer, when he came in. I was staying with his family for the summer. He walked over to the desk by the chair and hit my elbow, making me miss my shot. I pushed him and he jokingly shoved me back, giggling. [...]

Jim and Chad

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[Author's Notes: This story is dedicated to a co-worker. Chad, if you ever happen to read this (which I seriously doubt) and figure out that you're the one I'm writing about, please don't hate me for the fantasy and please continue to be friends with me. It's just a fantasy that will never be acted [...]

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Ch. 05

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*Joel* “You just want to play with my suspenders,” he mockingly accused. “Not just, Muffinman,” I parried, grabbing his suspenders and pulling him up to me. Tipping my head to the side, I let my lips brush his as I whispered, “My plans also include riding you into the sunset.” My hands slid up and [...]

Nando and Will Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Ceremonies and Consummations The tall dark man stood proudly at the side of his soon-to-be Spouse. His hair, as black as a raven’s wing was shining, tied neatly in black silk ribbon at the nape of his neck. His deep brown eyes radiated joy. He was certain that on this day, his perpetually [...]

Cobalt Blue Ch. 11 Pt. 02

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Chapter 11: Leather, Lust And Love Part 2 Of 2 In the den, Stewie lay on his stomach on the daybed and switched off the cordless phone. Soft music played and the blond hummed along. He knew he’d had a lucky escape, they both had. Jaze could have been hurt so much worse. He looked [...]

Waves of Confusion Ch. 03

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When we finally came to back to Earth, Julian was pretty tired from his fight with nature’s fury, so we decided to go to his house until it was time for me to go to class. We hadn’t been on the beach that long when all of this happened and it was only just before [...]

Waves of Confusion Ch. 04

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I needed to stay away from Julian that much was clear. I couldn’t function normally with him around, but I still had him in one class and it met three times a week. Well, I’d have to figure something out, and I’d have to do it fast. I’d spent most of the previous day sulking; [...]

From Little Acorns Ch. 02

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“Oh, Trent, feels so good. Wanna cum, love, please, let me cum.” Trent said nothing; he knew Jay was still so novice he wouldn’t be able to control himself. Instead of words he just increased the speed of his strokes, flicking his thumb across the almost purple head each time he reached it, moving the [...]