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Paul. Paul was a guy’s guy. Nice body, one fantastic kisser, and the perfect cock – not too big, not too small, and not to fat. Not to leave out that he was a fantastic caring lover. And, all of this packaged in a beautiful body. Nope, he wasn’t Mr. Six-pack Abs; he was just [...]

First Explorations

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I was still in college, senior year. I was 5’9″ tall, a bit soft from spending six months typing up papers instead of hiking, without a girlfriend for about a year. Now, at that point I had been curious about guys for a while. I had joined a couple of BB systems and chat rooms [...]

Kerri’s Costume Party

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Let me start by saying that I have been a closet crossdresser since I was quite young. I have kept it a close secret for over 20 years now. I consider myself to be a semi-normal straight heterosexual married male with a liking for the softer side. I let my wife discover my secret about [...]

The Bachelorette Party Video Ch. 03

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I want to thank everyone for their positive feedback, also for giving me some ideas on getting revenge on Robert. (M/M, F/F, M/F, NC, Interr, Anal, Oral, Inc.) Chapter 3: Revenge is oh so sweet! Almost a year has passed since the bachelorette party incident. Sandra and I couldn’t work out the problems we were [...]

The Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 01

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Our assignment was to each bring two guys up to the cabin for the weekend. For some time, Eric and I had talked about having a weekend long orgy with six men. Eric had already made arrangements with two men he was fucking. I had met Brad and Tim online. I had sex with each [...]

A Fantasy . . . A Letter

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When I stroke myself, my love, I have many fantasies involving you. I imagine touching you and you me. I see us kissing all parts of our bodies, tasting each other’s skin, and fluids. I envision our fingers tracing each other’s bodies, exploring our hardness, slipping into most private areas. I hear moans, and heavy [...]

A Fantasy

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I walked into the room, stood nervously waiting as you fiddled with the video camera. When you have finished you turn to me, compliment me on the way I’m dressed, then you tell me what is expected of me. I’m to be your whore, your slut, your slave, I’m yours to do with as you [...]

It Was Just Sex

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Sam was not sure what had made him decide to bring the skinny little brunette back to his apartment. She had come on to him at the party and made it clear that she wanted to fuck. There were more attractive prospects at the party. This one was boyishly skinny with no hips to speak [...]

Forbidden Fruit

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A fun childhood, great time at school with lots of friends, a love of football, and all the things young, healthy teenagers liked. That had been my life. I left school at 16 with a few minor certificates and just enough brains to keep me in a white collar job in a large insurance company. [...]

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Ch. 06

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*Devlin* My alarm went off at its usual hour on Wednesday morning. Rolling over, I found that Joel was already gone. I remembered hearing him showering at some God-awful hour the night before, and the comforting feel of his body enfolding mine. I’d experienced a sexual tingle and a lurid dream. Now, gazing at the [...]