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Slave to Love Ch. 06

February 22, 2014 | angel love | Permalink

Disclaimer: Welcome to my world! As always, here comes the disclaimer. You just can’t live without those, can you? My stories are almost always fantasy based, (vampires and werewolves and angels, Oh my!) and this one is no different. This story holds strong BDSM themes as well as Slavery, polyamoury and romance. Mind you, my [...]

When Darkness Falls Pt. 1 Ch. 02

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Chapter Two “You wish to feed, Master?” Dorian smiled and held out his hand. The young man before him slipped his hand into Dorian’s and Dorian pulled him into the room. As the door shut behind them, muffling the sound of the music from the club below, he led the young man into the bedroom. [...]

When Darkness Falls Pt. 1 Ch. 03

February 22, 2014 | elf | Permalink

Chapter Three The driving rhythm of the bass vibrated the walls of Elixir and the music spilled out into the street. The doormen seemed oblivious as one checked IDs while the other collected the five dollar cover charge. Jordan shivered as he waited in line. No doubt the others—Matt, Jessica, and Parker—were already inside, drinking [...]

When Darkness Falls Pt. 1 Ch. 04

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Chapter Four When the door closed between them, Dorian was left bewildered. He sat on the couch without a stitch of clothing on, still staring at the black door, hoping against hope that Jordan would come back. When two hours passed and the door remained closed, Dorian finally peeled himself off of the leather couch [...]

When Darkness Falls Pt. 1 Ch. 05

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Chapter Five Jordan tried to keep his mind on the lesson, but every time he looked at the class, he saw Dorian. Every voice was Dorian’s, and on more than one occasion, he had drawn a blank when someone asked a question. About his own damn race. By the end of class, he was a [...]

When Darkness Falls Pt. 2 Ch. 06

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Part Two * Chapter Six Jordan stared out the enormous bay window at the dark city below. Three months had passed, and although it hadn’t been easy, he had managed to get out of the college course. Elves were always eager for work, and it hadn’t been too difficult to find a short-notice replacement. With [...]

When Darkness Falls Pt. 2 Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven “Such precious cruelty.” A slow smile spread over Jordan’s lips and Dorian watched as the elf dipped a strawberry in Angelia’s chocolate glaze. Jordan tipped his head back, laying bare the smooth contours of his graceful neck, as he lowered the strawberry to his lips. His eyes closed, Jordan slipped his tongue out, [...]

When Darkness Falls Pt. 2 Ch. 08

February 22, 2014 | twins | Permalink

Chapter Eight Dorian led the way down the spiral stairwell, looking back occasionally to see if Jordan was still with him. It was a long descent, and the light from the flashlight lit only a small circle before them. He hadn’t been down here in what felt like ages, and perhaps it really had been [...]

The Tour Ch. 01

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The idea for the tour was born, as are so many of the best ideas, at three o’clock in the morning. Large amounts of vodka were involved, of course, as well as assorted substances of varying degrees of legality. We’d just finished playing one of the most brilliant sets of our career. Three-fifths of Radiohead [...]

Shadows and Light Ch. 11

February 22, 2014 | gay vampire | Permalink

Ok readers, in case you didn’t notice the change, this story is in the ‘gasp’ Gay Male category. The relationship between these two is integral to the later chapters and deserves a little time in the limelight. It really irritates me when the trolls read a chapter like this and then you get hate mail, [...]