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You Lose. Now… Ch. 03

February 22, 2014 | voyeurism | Permalink

When I finally did see Shelly again, I did not think the threatened spanking would occur. Karen and I were spending a long weekend at her mother’s cottage near the lake, and Shelly and Alan were coming too. I always liked Annie, a fun woman who looked younger than her fifty-two years, but I never [...]

The Dark and the Light

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The moonlight creeps in through the window behind me, casting a few shadows across the room. Mixing softly with the candle light being thrown from the flames on the dresser. I lay back on the chaise lounge, naked except for a small smile on my face. My breathing already heavy and labored my fingertip idly [...]

Neighbors Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Jeremy’s Close Shave Jason soon settled down to be a regular member of my household. He was a great kid and I had very little trouble with him, and just being around his hunky body and sweet smile got me horny. I made love to him at least twice a day, sometimes [...]

Neighbors Ch. 03

February 22, 2014 | voyeurism | Permalink

Chapter 3 – The Coach Visits After another incident of Jeremy coming home sweaty and dirty, Jack decided to make good on his threat to get the coach involved. Now, “the coach” was not Jeremy’s soccer coach, but the football coach who had worked with Jason during his high school glory days. Since Jeremy did [...]

Hard Cocks at the Nude Beach

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Over the summer I made a few trips via ferry out to Gunnison Beach in Jersey. The dunes and wide beaches were a welcome diversion from the sticky hot city. As were the crowds of naked New Yorkers. My first visit was with a group of friends — which was a great, sunny, nude day [...]

Destiny in Daytona

November 15, 2013 | jacking off | Permalink

8===> “From painting the house to painting the ceiling” * It had been a rough couple of weeks working in the blazing sun scraping and painting the monstrous old house for Trent’s grandmother. My friend had easily conned me into helping with the massive project by offering to split the $2,500 she had promised for [...]

Club Fetish

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Amy and I went to a new and upcoming club known as Fetish. They had 5 floors off different genres of music and a basement floor, the club’s “backroom.” After watching her shake her ass on the dance floor I had to have her. She was pushing her ass up against my crotch causing my [...]


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“The doctor’s ready to see you now, sir,” the receptionist said, waving him through to the doctor’s office. It was like any other doctor’s surgery – magazines in the waiting room, a clean, professional doctor’s office with an examination table in the centre. The difference being that Dr. Litt only attended to a very specific [...]


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“God Dammit, what does the Ruskie want now?” Mission Control’s eyes were blazing. He knew the communications officer was in his office again because of the Russian cosmonaut. Nearly all visits by the commo officer was because of the Russian cosmonaut. “He says he can’t check and repair the space shuttle, General Bendix, Sir.” The [...]

Watching My Boyfriend Submit

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Working with my boyfriend is not as bad as what people think. Most of my friends claim that they would get sick of seeing their other every day as Chris and I do. We both work in an office building with Chris being the assistant manager and myself the secretary. “Hey Lily!” It was one [...]