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The Choice Ch. 38

August 20, 2013 / by gaystory

A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere A reality.

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Work on The Racketeer begins in earnest and I am busy from morning until night. Monica Casey breezes into my office and I am, as is the rest of the world taken with her stunning beauty. Her sister Claudette is a friend, not a close friend but a friend who has invested and made very tidy profits from my films.

She is also beautiful but not as beautiful as Monica is. Monica has a sexuality about her like Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie to whom she is often compared. This role will help her be sexy and give her an edge. She is eager and I can tell that she is also interested in Brian who she eyes greedily when he brings down lunch.

“I’d like you to meet my husband.” I say as I introduce her to Brian.

Monica’s eyes go from the top of Brian’s head stop at his chest, hover at his penis area and then down to his feet. I can see Brian blush. She looks at me, “Lucky you.”

I get Brian out of the room as quickly as possible. Anna has a real strange reaction to Monica. She does not like her. I have never seen Anna dislike anyone at first sight, even Minerva. So my guard is raised. Monica Casey, actress is going to be big trouble.

Our house guests are settling in. Dylan and Stephen are like best friends. The two nanny’s have their hands full with those two and the girls. Misty has asked to help around the house and she does whatever is asked of her. She and Brian work well in the kitchen. They are becoming friends.

Anna is working with me most days in between spending time with the children. She’s a really good mother.

Anna and I have a date night on Friday. I have taken the night off because on Saturday we are having a get together with Monica, Basil, the screenwriters and a few others to celebrate the preproduction of our new movie.

Skip has been slowly healing and he and Abigail are becoming close. He has sent her to Sir Richard to complete her training and given him instructions on what he would like. With me, he is more and more like my son and speaks to me about Rachel often.

Rebecca has moved in with Basil and transferred to NYU Medical Center. Basil is the happiest I have ever seen him, new love, new job, new life in New York. He is writing material for a new album, but his focus is on our movie. The script is almost completed. He and Monica seem to work well, but I sense some hesitancy on her part even at the read through. We will be traveling down south to film in about three months so I am trying to work them through this. There is a connection problem.

On Friday after spending the morning, working on the script with Dominic and paying some bills. I have lunch with Dominic, Marlene, Skip and Lucia along with my family, Dylan and Misty. Our kitchen table is about to be changed because we have grown quite a bit. We take the children out including Dylan to the park near our house, but Andrew comes with us along with a security guard named Austin we’ve hired, who has a gun. Misty stays at home with Brian and Dominic.

She and Brian kid around and play. Monica has seen them together and one day she whispers to me, “You need to watch out for those two. She’s really leaning on him. Who is she? She looks a little familiar.”

I don’t pay attention to her and just answer, ‘She’s a friend who’s having problems with her husband. She and her son just needed a place to stay for a short time.”

Monica lets it drop, but I do start watching Misty and Brian together.

We take the kids to the park and they enjoy themselves on the swings and slide. The babies get their first ride in a swing. Rachel enjoys it while Renee cries to be taken out. I ride down the slide with her and she laughs.

Dylan goes up and down the slide repeatedly. He is a joy, a very happy little boy who really likes being with Stephen.

Skip takes the twins for a walk in their stroller while Anna and I sit for a minute watching Dylan and Stephen. I talk to her about Brian and Misty. “Stephanie, I’m not worried about Brian, but I am concerned about Misty. I understand it — she is leaning on Brian because he’s nothing like her despicable husband. I talked to her the other day and reminded her that the three of us are married and that we have children, I think she understood. I trust Bry.”

Biting my lip, I say, “I trust Bry too and I know she’s been treated badly. I am going to call Frederick and see how close he is to getting the documentation for her and Dylan to leave the country. I will sweeten the pot by loaning them the plane to take them wherever they want to go.

Anna agrees, then as we were watching Dylan and Stephen go up the slide again she gazed up at me through her lashes, “Stephanie, I um.” She hesitates then says, “I really don’t like Monica.”

I smile and take her hand, “I know, but why?”

“Something about her tells me she’s going to be trouble and I’m pretty nervous around her.” Anna says lowering her eyes.

I kiss her lips, “We’ll watch her too.”

“She wants Brian.” Anna states.

“She can’t have him.” I say and she smiles at me.

After a while, we collect the kids and go home.

Paul McKenzie is going crazy. He hasn’t found his wife and son. Her cell phone hasn’t been used nor has her credit cards. It is as if she has vanished into thin air. He also hasn’t found Tony, but he has everyone working on it. He takes out his frustrations on his staff and his submissive mistress, a former model named Charlene who he keeps in a cage and whips when he feels like it. Charlene is a pain slut and loves him beating her. She begs for it and Paul happily obliges.

Keith is given permission to fuck Charlene. He knows what is coming. As he sinks his dick into Charlene’s willing pussy, Paul beats him with a belt. Paul’s dick is hard with want and need and he throws down the belt. Getting behind Keith, he shoves his cock into Keith’s ass with one move of his hips, causing Keith to yell out.

Paul fucks Keith’s ass as Keith fucks Charlene. This is the only part he really hates not because he does not like it but because Paul makes him say, “Fuck me Master. I belong to you, all of me. I will do what you want, anytime you want. You own me. I am your slave. Fuck me harder.”

Paul loves the power he has over people and he loves to fuck. He slams his dick in and out of Keith, making Keith grunt and groan, “Thank you so much Master.” Keith says and Paul swats his butt. “I own this ass and I like fucking it. Do not cum until after I do, then you can finish up with Charlene. You can use her tonight just do not hurt her. She can sleep in the bed with you tonight, then tomorrow back in her cage.”

“Thank you Master.” Charlene moans as Keith slams into her pussy.

Paul’s mind is full of thoughts…where is that damn bitch and my son. Pulling Keith’s hair until he looks back Paul whispers in his ear, “Find my son or I will castrate you and shove your dick down your throat.”

Keith gulps and nods, ‘I’m doing my best Master. I’m looking for Tony and I’m working everyone on this.”

Paul pulls his hair harder causing Keith to grimace, “Find them!”

Keith nods. Paul finds his release, his semen spewing into Keith’s ass. He pulls out quickly causing Keith to wince and leaves to go into his bathroom to wash up.

As he comes out of the shower and looks into the mirror, Paul looks at himself and sees a powerful man who has lost control of his son and wife. He vows at that moment that whoever is helping Misty will pay. He will see to it.

I have gone to Evan, my attorney and put my affairs in order. Anna tells me I am being silly, but I need to make sure that everyone is taken care of. I also have three children I did not have before and I make sure that my beautiful little ones are going to be all right financially if anything happens to me.

A few nights later, Tony shows up on my doorstep. He is just checking in to see how Misty and Dylan are getting along. Dylan runs up to him and as Tony picks him up, he wraps his arms around Tony’s neck. “Hey there little buddy, how are you doing?”

Dylan looks at him and you can see the love the boy has for Tony, “Fine.” He says as he kisses Tony’s cheek.

Tony grins. Nanny comes to take Dylan who clings to Tony. “I’ll see you before I leave. I have to talk to Mrs. Stone.” He says kissing his cheek and handing Dylan to Nanny who takes him into the kitchen for his dinner.

I call for Andrew, Dominic and Skip who have come over for dinner and we all go into the living room with Brian and Anna who listen to what Tony has to say.

Everyone sits down except for Tony who stands in the center of the room. Tony runs his hand through his hair. He looks at each one of us and says seriously, “Paul is actively looking for Misty and Dylan. I’ve spoken with Frederick and it’s going to take two weeks before he has the documentation and another three weeks until he is ready for them to leave.” Tony looks at me, “Frederick and I both appreciate that you will loan Misty your plane. It will make it easier for them to get out the country.”

To Andrew and Dominic, Tony says, “Be on your guard. Paul is no fool and has unlimited resources.”

“I’ve called for reinforcements and Randolph will be here tomorrow.” I say. “Also I’m no slouch in that department either.”

Tony knows who Randolph is by reputation. He nods, then blushes, “I’m sorry Mrs. Stone, I know you’re very wealthy and he doesn’t know she’s in New York.”

We go over a few contingency plans. I will be much happier once Randolph has arrived. Dunge wanted to come but Sheila needed him. He offered to send a few more men, but we really wanted to keep this on the down low and not bring too many people into it so that we draw the least amount of attention.

Misty comes into the living room. She sees all of us sitting together and gets upset. Tony goes over to her and hugs her. “He’s still looking and searching. He did beat the nanny and your bodyguard. Paul gave them a payoff to keep them quiet. He’s really mad, but we are a few steps ahead of him.”

Misty hugs him and looks at us. “Dylan and I thank you for your protection. We wouldn’t know where we would be without you.” She hugs Tony hard.

Tony is persuaded to stay for dinner. Andrew pulls him aside, “Does Paul know about her uncle? I’ve told her not to contact anyone and he knows only to contact me.”

“Good, I don’t think he knows, but he might. Frederick is sort of the black sheep of the family, but we can’t be too careful. I’m helping him with the ID’s and if we can get something on this guy they would put her into Witness Identification, but even then he may have someone on his payroll. I think this way is better. “

Tony leaves soon after and life goes back to normal with one exception Randolph arrives. He sleeps in the safe room and only comes out for meals. Andrew goes in there with him and they go over all the equipment in there. I feel very safe.

Anna and I have a very nice evening together, dinner and a movie. When we arrive home, Brian and Misty are laughing in the kitchen and sharing a chocolate mousse. Misty lowers her eyes as we come into the room. We talk for a few minutes, then she leaves for bed.

Brian asks me, “Misty has been cooped up in this house for a while now. Stephanie I was wondering if I could take her for dinner and drinks at Daniels next Saturday?”

I frown. Misty cannot be seen, but she has been in the house hiding out and probably could use a night out. Also Daniel’s is only a few blocks away. We’ve taken Dylan out to the park. So I nod, “Yes, but take Randolph with you.”

Brian agrees and goes to tell Misty.

Anna is not feeling well so I take her to the doctor. Dr. Heart takes some tests and then brings in Dr. Kennedy. “How is little Stephen and the girls?” Dr. Kennedy asks with a serious expression on her face.

Anna puzzles answers her, “They are fine.”

Dr. Kennedy grins broadly and says, “Well it looks like they will be joined by a new addition.”

Anna at first looks perplexed, as I start to laugh. She then starts laughing and soon we are all hugging each other. She is pregnant with Brian’s child.

We decide to tell him on Sunday before everyone arrives for dinner then share the news with our friends and celebrate. Anna and I spend Friday shopping for clothes for the girls who have outgrown everything and buying a few things for Stephen. Rebecca is also coming to dinner with Basil on Sunday and I’m looking forward to all of it.

Anna and I are like schoolgirls with a big secret and giggle with each other all evening long. Little Stephen laughs with us even though he doesn’t know the secret as does Dylan. I am enjoying having all these children around.

In the nursery as we put the girls to bed, Anna lays her head on my shoulder, “Mistress.” She whispers, “I am so very happy. I love you and Bry so much. Tonight I want to be between your thighs, licking your clit and sucking your pussy. I want to be there all night long. I want you to fuck me and spank me. I want to feel your power.”

We read to the girls. You have never heard The Cat In The Hat with a Russian accent until you’ve heard it from Anna. I love listening to her read. She has been reading to the children since birth.

After the girls are tucked in, we go into the boy’s room and read Good Night Moon, a favorite of them both. We tuck them in, turn off the light and close the door.

Brian is just going to bed. He has already kissed the children good night and finished up in the kitchen. We kiss him. I will spend Sunday night with him. Tomorrow he is going out with Misty and Randolph.

Anna strokes his face, “On Sunday we will have something to celebrate.”

He raises an eyebrow, “And what is that?”

“It’s a surprise, so prepare something special for dinner.” She kisses his cheek, takes my hand and we go into the bedroom.

In bed, Anna devours me. She strips herself and me of our clothing in record time. As soon as we are in the bed, she captures my nipple in her mouth and sucks as her hand moves between my legs. Two fingers thrust themselves into my opening and she fucks me. “Anna”, I moan, “Yes, like that.”

“Don’t cum.” She warns. “I will spank you if you cum.” She says teasingly.

I chuckle and move her head down to my clit. She licks up at me. “Talk to me. How do you think Brian will react?” She says then sticks her tongue into my pussy and begins fucking in and out.

Grabbing her head inside me, I hold her there. I want to cum, but Anna is teasing me, playing with my pussy so I let her. “I think Brian will be excited and delighted. Expect to be fucked — I will give up my turn on Sunday or maybe we will all get into my bed and fuck the pregnant mommy.”

Anna lifts her head, “Would it be all right if I have the baby at home?”

I think for a moment, “Yes, but only if the doctor agrees.”

She goes back to licking me. “Fuck Anna, you’re driving me crazy. Finish me or I will take you in the playroom.”

Anna chuckles and latches on to my clit. It doesn’t take long before I am screaming her name and cumming on her face. Anna looks up at me and licks her lips. “Tasty.”

I grab her long hair and pull her on top of my body to kiss and hold her. “You are so very wicked.”

“Me.” She says not so innocently, “I just love eating my wife. You taste so good.”

I hold her on top of me, kissing her lips. Our tongues dance inside each other’s mouths and I love her so very much. Our kissing gets more intense. Holding her close I roll her over until I am on top. “Mistress.” She moans as I bend down to capture her lovely erect nipple in my mouth.

My sucking continues down her body and I stop at her stomach, kissing where I know there is another life inside. I lay my head there for a moment. I know how she feels. Anna holds my head there, “I would like this to be the last one for our family. Do you want any more?”

“No.” I shake my head. “The twins and Stephen and this little one coming will be all that we need.”

“Agreed.” She says. I continue my kissing and sucking and licking her legs and her feet. I get up and go to the drawer where I always keep a strap on; this one has a vibrator so that I can feel pleasure whilst I am fucking her.

Anna opens her legs wide as I am again on top of her. I feel between her legs. She is sopping wet. I shove the cock inside of her as Anna wraps her legs around my back. She moans, “Yes, my dearest mistress, take me. Fuck me hard.”

I move my hips and fuck into her, watching her face beautiful in its passion. I pinch her nipples and she groans. I slap them and she moans, “More my love, more.”

I am thrusting into her and feel that she is close and turn on the vibrator so that soon I am close. I am holding until she cums because I want to cum with her. I wish I had a big fat dick and would shoot lots of sperm into her already pregnant belly.

I pull Anna up until she is sitting astraddle me and I hold her as she throws back her head and screams her orgasm. I cum then too and she holds me to her.

We are both spent, but stay like that. She has her arms and legs wrapped around me. Kissing me deeply until we are both breathless, she stares into my eyes, and “I do so love you. I want us to be like this forever. The three of us that nothing and no one can separate. I am so happy. We have three beautiful, healthy children. I love my life.”

I nod in agreement and say, “And I love you forever my Anna.”

Finally, we untangle. I unhook the strap on and toss it on the floor. I will put it away before Stephen gets up and comes in. Ann and I snuggle together under the covers. She is in my arms and I drift off thinking of how wonderful our lives are.

On Saturday, I spend the morning doing some work while Anna helps Dominic go over some billing issues we have and writing some cheeks. We have officially hired her to work for our production company and we have never been more organized. She keeps the books straights, make the payments and sees that we have everything we need.

Brian makes a delicious brunch of pancakes, bacon, eggs, steak, sausage and ham. Daisy and he have the music playing and we enjoy our brunch with the children listening to music.

In the afternoon, we all take the children out to play with Marlene joining us and Randolph keeping watch. Misty stays home getting ready for her evening out.

I have had my hairdresser come to the house and dye her dark hair blond. Her hair is also cut short and she is wearing glasses. We don’t think that anyone knows where she is but we can’t be too careful. She dresses in a very sexy blue dress from Anna’s closet since they are the same size. This is her first night out in over a month and she is looking forward to it.

As Misty looks into the mirror, she is grateful to me, but also very jealous. She has feelings for Brian and has not told him. She feels guilty for her feelings but she wants him. He is so good with Dylan. I have Anna why can’t she have Brian.

We return for a late lunch and put the children down for a nap. In the evening after we have finished working and before dinner, Misty comes into the room. I notice how beautiful she looks and compliments her. She looks at me with an expression I cannot fathom and says, “Thank you for all that you have done for me and my son. I have never been so happy. I see how you and your wife get along and how much Brian loves both of you. Do you think it will last? “

I smile at her knowing she has had such a hard time, “Why would you ask that. Of course. We all love and respect each other?”

“But you have a wife and a husband? How does that work? Doesn’t Anna get all your attention?” She says.

“Both of them get my attention. I love Brian and we take turns for sex if that is what you mean. Sometimes we all get into bed together, but we have children together. I am not only their wife I am their Mistress. They are my submissives always. It works for us.”

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