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The Dark and the Light

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

The moonlight creeps in through the window behind me, casting a few shadows across the room. Mixing softly with the candle light being thrown from the flames on the dresser. I lay back on the chaise lounge, naked except for a small smile on my face. My breathing already heavy and labored my fingertip idly plays with my hardening nipple.

On the bed, a few steps away from me is a fantasy.

My fantasy.

Two men. Beautifully made men, though I believe that all men are made beautifully, these two are an asset to the species. One dark. One light. A perfect contrast to each other. Both gorgeous and both very aroused. The blonde with a light spattering of hair on his chest, the dark one bare and smooth. As I watch, the carnal beauty of the image overwhelms me. A fierce but gentle scene playing out in front of my eyes.

The Dark One stands beside the bed, one hand on his hip, the other on the back of the blondes head, urging him on as his very thick and very hard cock drives in and out from between Blondies lips. His hips moving slow and steady, his fabulous backside flexing and relaxing in front of my eyes. The blondes’ blue eyes locked with the Dark Ones hazel eyes as he chokes a bit at the height of each stroke. Trying to take every inch deep into his mouth. As I watch, the Dark Ones cock is moving in and out, faster and faster, the hand on the back of Blondie’s head fists into his hair. Low moans escaping the lips of both men.

My hand slips down my torso, I can smell my arousal already. Feel the wetness between my thighs. I slowly spread my legs. I begin to drift my fingers lightly over myself. Slowly up and down, I can feel my clit already hard, standing at attention. I know just a little pressure, a little play and I will be lost. I gently tease myself as I watch, prolonging my pleasure, staying my release.

The men shift, Blondie lays back, his partner kneels besides the bed to return the favor. The Dark Ones mouth opens and his tongue flicks out, brushing down the entire length of Blondie’s long and very hard cock, slightly less thick than his own. He is so hard its purple and I think I can see it throbbing from where I sit.

My fingers slowly dip into myself as the cock disappears into the Dark Ones mouth, every so slowly, teasing his partner as I mimic him and tease myself. Pushing two fingers in, my hips lifting slightly of their own accord. Moaning loud as I fill myself first slowly then faster, moving at the same pace as the cock moving between the Dark Ones lips. I can see Blondie’s face, his eyes watch as his partners mouth slides up and down. His back arches as he is pleasured, his hips lift slightly, pushing his cock deeper into the Dark Ones mouth.

My mouth waters, I want to taste him, I want to taste them both. I bring my hand back up to my breasts, rubbing my wetness across the hard peak. Dipping my head to lick it off.

Blondie moves first, he pulls the Dark One up his body, Kissing him hard, pushing his tongue into his mouth. I know he can taste himself, as I watch I can see their cocks touching each other, sliding against one another. Slight movements of the hips making both men moan into the others mouths as they seen to grow even bigger and harder in front of my eyes. Blondie pulls back, smiling at the Dark One. He pushes him away and flips over onto his stomach, slowly raising onto his hands and knees. I watch as his beautiful ass comes into view. My hands cup and squeeze my breasts, pulling roughly on my nipples as I see the Dark One move into place. Casting a look over his shoulder at me he smiles then leans down, letting his tongue flick out and lightly tease his partners ass, circling and probing. Our breathing fills the room, low moans coming from all of us. My pussy is practically dripping with excitement and I know I cannot take much more.

The Dark One stands, rubbing the engorged head of his cock against he puckered opening to Blondie’s body, Blondie arches, his hips shifting to ready himself for the invasion. I lean closer to them riveted by the sight, my breaths coming faster and faster, I’m panting as I watch the Dark Ones cock pushing against the tight hole. Seeing a little resistance then Blondie’s body opening as he slowly gets filled. The cock works into him deeper and deeper. I get up from my observation position, walking slowly toward them.

The look on the dark ones face sheer ecstasy as he buries himself. Working inside until he’s buried to the hilt. I hear Blondie moan. A complete animal sound as his hips lift and fall, almost trying to work the cock himself, his hips buckling and swiveling. Moving it slightly inside himself. I press my body against the Dark Ones back, my hands moving over his chest as my nipples poke into his back.

Moving my hand down. My fingers teasing him where his body joins Blondie’s, squeezing the base of his cock as he slowly pulls out and then pushes back inside. I dart my tongue out and lick, tasting the salty sweetness of his skin while I watch him work his cock in and out from over his shoulder. Slowly moving my hands back up, exploring his torso with my fingertips, tugging and twisting the small gold hoop that adorns his right nipple as my teeth sink into his shoulder.

I drag my tongue slowly down his spine until I’m kneeling behind him, my hands moving to cup his tight ass. Leaning closer I nip, then chuckle to myself as I hear his sharp intake of breath. Letting my tongue explore, I push between the cheeks of his ass, licking gently at his little bud. Pulling back I wet my finger and teasing him slowly, circling his ass as he moves. Probing slightly, feeling him push back, knowing he wants more. I lean back to watch as my finger slowly disappears into his body. I feel his muscles grip tight around my finger as I probe, rubbing him lightly in that special little spot…the one I know that will make him go crazy.

“Bitch,” he hisses at me through his teeth as his strokes pick up, pushing harder and faster in and out of Blondie

I pull my finger out, smiling as his breathing comes faster and his stokes harder. I stand and move to the bed, wiggling my way under Blondie. He lifts off the bed allowing me access to him, his whole body moving with the thrusts of the dark one. Taking his hard cock between my lips I can’t help but moan. He is so wet, pre cum dripping from the end of his cock as I work it slowly with my whole mouth, my lips tight around him, my tongue flicking along the length as I up and down his shaft, over and over. My teeth brushing lightly against his cock as I take all I can, gagging a bit as the Dark One’s thrusts push him deeper into my mouth.

My lips moving to the rhythm that the Dark One is setting, I feel Blondie’s breath on my leg, he is panting and moaning, little squeaks of pleasure escaping his lips as the Dark One pounds against him. Then suddenly I feel a tongue on my slit. Hot and wet, my whole body arches, my legs open as wide as they can Blondie’s fingers push inside me as he flicks over my clit, stabbing and licking. My hips rise and fall, my hand moves down holding his head close to me, I rub my wetness shamelessly over his face, against his mouth. Riding his lips and tongue. I take his cock out of my mouth and begin to lick him, his length, and his sac. The inside of both their thighs. The Dark Ones sac. I’m frenzied. So close, it hurts. My moans getting louder and more frequent. My whole body moving, I feel as though I’m about to explode.

Then it all stops. The dark one stops. Blondie stops. I know neither of them has come yet and my anguished cry is enough to tell them both that I haven’t either. I feel hands on my body. A mouth on my nipple and a hand moving between my legs. A finger pushing into my pussy. Another teases my ass. A hot wet tongue on my already throbbing clit. I don’t know who is who and at this point I don’t care. My whole body is moving, writhing on the bed as they tease me. The Dark One rolls onto the bed beside me, pulling me over him. He kisses me roughly, his hand gripping my hair, holding my head as he punishes my mouth. I can taste myself on his lips, he moves my legs on either side of his hips and thrusts up into me. Filling my more than ready pussy, moving hard and fast as I moan into his mouth, my hands gripping his shoulders as he fucks me, holding my hips for leverage. I cum, screaming out as my whole body shakes, my pussy clamping down tight on his cock, spasming around him.

He slows as my body starts to relax. I feel Blondie moving behind me. His front pressing to my back, then his cock probing my little hole, the Dark One pulls me toward him, his arms banding around my middle, locking me against his chest. Blondie pushes against me. My body tenses, but he pushes harder until the tight ring of my ass lets him in. I groan, low and loud as he slowly works himself into me. My muscles gripping him tight as he pushes, his cock slowly sinking inside me. Squeezing tight around the Dark Ones cock still in my pussy, I feel pulled tight, my body seems stretched to the limit.

“Oh Fuck,” I moan into the Dark Ones neck

“Oh god yesssss,” I hiss as they both start to move inside me.

My hips shifting slightly to accommodate them. Moving like one person they slip in and out of me in perfect rhythm. My hips grinding against them, my whole body tight. I lean up a bit, kissing the dark one. Moaning over and over into his mouth as they move inside me, our sweat covered bodies sliding against each other as I strive for a release that I know isn’t far in coming. I close my eyes, concentrating on the sensations. The fullness. The friction. I scream as I cum even harder than before. My body shudders. My hips buck against them. My muscles clamping down hard on both cocks inside me, squeezing them tight as my body shakes. I hear Blondie’s cry as he comes hard, filing my ass. Then the Dark One pushing into my sopping pussy deep, lifting me off the bed as he grunts and fills me. My eyes close as I feel them both pulsing inside me, surging as they empty themselves.

Slowly my breathing returns to normal and my eyes flutter open. The room slightly darker as the candles on my dresser, all but burnt out as I shift and pull the toys slowly from my holes. One black. One flesh colored.

As the moonlight fills my empty room, I run my hand over the smooth wet latex before putting them aside. Leaving myself feeling sated but very empty. My pussy, still throbbing as I reach a hand down and run my fingertip over my sensitized clit. Stretching my arms over my head with a sly grin on my face I wonder to myself, if I had the chance to live it, would the reality ever be as good as my fantasy?

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