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The Dinner Party

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

It had all started innocently enough. We had just finished the gig when Bill came up and offered to buy us both a drink. To be honest I couldn’t remember his name at first, but Julie my partner and vocalist, whispered it into my ear as Bill went to the bar. Julie’s much better than me at remembering names, and has often got me out of embarrassing moments.

I’d noticed that Bill had been turning up at our gigs for the last month, and usually left just before we stopped playing. He always gave us a cheery wave as he went, and we always reciprocated. We had chatted briefly with him during our breaks before, but really didn’t know him that well. Bill came to our table with a pint of Stella for me, and a white wine spritzer for Julie. He went back to the bar and returned with a pint of bitter for himself.

“I think you two are really brilliant, best duo around.” Said Bill.

We thanked him for the drinks and the compliments, it’s always great when someone’s bothered to make an effort at the end of the night. Julie asked him if he was going to turn up for tomorrow’s afternoon gig in a pub.

“I always carry this in my pocket so I know where you are, and yes count me in, I will be there.” Said Bill as he fished out of his pocket a copy of the local gig guide.

I noticed that some of the listings had been highlighted, and those were all our gigs. I also noticed that Bill had positioned himself so he was directly in front of Julie, and his eyes kept shifting from her legs to her breasts, and back again.

Julie and I had been together for a couple of years and she was beautiful to look at. Five foot six, sparkling blue eyes and long blonde hair, perfect legs and small but firm breasts. Julie had a fun extrovert personality. She always wore sexy stage wear, and that night she was dressed in a blue satin top that exposed most of her breasts, and a figure hugging short black skirt and real stockings held up by suspenders.

Most men at gigs stared at her all night, and she was quite used to it. But I could tell she was feeling uneasy under Bill’s constant stare. The landlord was signalling from the bar for us to sign for our wages, and I suggested to Julie she should collect the money. She jumped at the chance and left the table to sort out the cash.

“I assume you two are a couple?” Asked Bill as he turned towards me.

“Yep we are, been together for a while now.” I replied.

Julie returned with the money and Bill set his gaze upon her again.

“I think I’m going to get out of these clothes and into something more comfortable, and then we should pack the gear down.” Said Julie as she picked up her bag that contained her jeans and T-shirt.

“Do you need a hand with changing?” Asked Bill, not realising how many times she had heard that line before.

Julie gave Bill a little smile and told him she was OK, she could cope thanks, and off she went to get changed. I started packing down the gear, and Bill rushed about loading the heavy bits of equipment into the car. Julia returned clothes changed and with her hair tied up. She set about putting all the leads away. With Bill’s help we were ready to leave in no time at all. Julie was chatting to the Landlord arranging another gig, and Bill sat at a table, lit a cigarette, and kept his eyes on her.

“Do you two fancy coming back to mine for a drink?” Said Bill.

I thanked him for the offer, but said we were too tired tonight, and suggested we might another time. Bill said OK, and he would see us tomorrow, then he rushed out of the pub, somehow keeping his eyes on Julie all the time.

We said good night to everyone and got in the car and started driving home.

“He was a bit intense and over the top.” Said Julie.

“Yeah I know, he couldn’t keep his eyes off you all night. It was like I wasn’t there.” I replied

“How old do you think he is?” She asked.

“Oh I don’t know, around mid forties?” I suggested.

“Yeah, I thought that. He’s quite good looking though.” She said.

I was shocked by that last statement. I thought he looked a little like a football thug. He was medium build with a shaved head, and he had very dark eyes. Not that good looking, but then I never find men good looking I suppose. I left her comment floating in the air.

We arrived home, and went to bed with a bottle of port. The room was cold so Julie switched on the fan heater to warm it up. It was a tradition for us both, that after getting home from a gig, we would both strip naked, lie on the bed and talk through the gig whilst sipping port.

As we talked, we touched and stroked each other, slowly getting each other aroused. Julie moved her mouth to my cock and started to lick it. I brush my fingers over her shaved pussy and find her clit hard and ready. I pinch and pull it, as she takes my hard cock into her mouth. I move my position so my tongue is at her pussy lips. I gently lick her clit which she adores. It always produces a soft moan from her. I insert my tongue between her pussy lips and push it in as far as I can. She parts her legs to allow me better access as I continue to lick, poke and suck her lips. Juices begin to flow from her cunt, and my hair and face are soaked. Julie speeds up her mouth action on my cock and uses her hand to stroke up my shaft, and down to my balls.

We disengage from the oral sex, and sit up facing each other. She picks up her glass of port and dribbles some of it over her breasts, then lies back with her head on the pillows. I take a moment to look at her gorgeous inviting body.

“Take me hard and fast tonight Tim.” She requests.

I move over her body to lick the port from her breasts, and linger around her nipples which tauten as I suckle on them. She grabs for my hard cock to direct it into her, but I pull away and tease her for a few seconds, she grabs again, and this time I let her guide my cock in. As always it slides in smoothly through her lubricating juices.

“Hard and fast.” Says Julie again.

I pull the spare pillow over and place it under her ass to raise her hips slightly. I withdraw, the tip of my cock resting on her cunt lips.

“Are you ready?” I whisper to her.

“Yes now.” she whispers back.

And I plunge hard into her. Julie gasps, then grabs my hips with both her hands, and moves me back and forth, in and out of her, at a very fast pace. I don’t last long when we make love like this, just a minute or so if I’m lucky. But she always comes quickly in that position. I can feel the pressure building up in my balls as she bucks herself up in the air for deeper penetration, I can feel her cunt grip around my cock. She loses the rhythm which is a sure sign she’s coming. And with a final thrust I feel my cock spurting deep inside her. She moves her hands to grip my shoulders to hold me in place as she arches her back upwards, and lets out a yell.

I lower her down to the bed, and roll to the right, but still inside her. Julie shudders as I hold her close. With in a few minutes, her breathing has slowed, and she’s fallen asleep. I cuddle her, and soon after I’m asleep too.

We awoke early the next morning, Julie had already got the Sunday papers from downstairs and was sitting up in bed reading them. We liked to spend the whole of Sunday in bed, chatting about the articles, and playing with each other and lazily making love. But we couldn’t today as we had to be at the pub by midday to perform. Usually about 11am I would cook a fry up for of both us and we’d have that in bed too. But neither of us liked eating before a gig, so we just had coffee. We got up, got dressed and loaded the car by 11.30, and set off for the gig.

On the way Julie complained of not feeling to well. She thought she was coming down with something so she had taken a couple of pain killers to get her through the gig.

When we arrived Bill was waiting outside for us, and kindly helped us unload the equipment from the car into the pub. We set up quickly and sat down for quick cigarette. Bill sat down and gestured to a woman standing at the bar to come and join us.

“This is my wife Rose, and this is Tim and his partner Julie.” Said Bill as he introduced us all.

We both stood up and said hello, and being English waited for Rose to sit down before we did. She was a very pretty woman. Big blue eyes with cascading flame red hair. She was not slim, but not too fat either, just right proportions. She had an over exposed cleavage, which looked quite pleasant to me. She also had a strong Southern Irish accent, that lilting singy type voice which is so attractive. She had the kind of smile which would light up any room that she walked in to. Rose was wearing a short black dress, which was very tight, so tight in fact I was sure she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. Her long tanned legs which seemed to go for ever were stunning. On her feet were strappy black stilettos.

Suddenly Julie jabbed me in the ribs.

“I think we should start playing, don’t you?” She whispered in my ear, her voice dripping with just a touch of vitriol.

We started the gig but I was finding it very hard to concentrate. Bill was constantly rubbing his hand on Rose’s legs, and at one point put his hand right up under her dress. She giggled and looked straight at me when he put his fingers to his lips and licked them.

At the end of the first set we joined them again. I was sitting next to Rose who shuffled closer to me so our thighs were touching. Every time she talked to me she placed a hand rather too high up on my leg. I soon had an erection and was aware of the bulge in the front of my trousers, so pulled the chair closer to the table, hoping no one would notice. Julie had gone to the ladies to change for the second set, thank God!

“Bill and I was just saying, why don’t you two come over to ours for dinner tonight?” Said Rose. Her hand went straight to my bulge and squeezed my cock playfully.

I spluttered a reply, accepting the invitation.

“We are meeting someone soon, so can’t stay for the second set. Here’s our address, and we look forward to seeing you both about 7.30 ish OK with you?” Said Rose as she handed me a slip of paper with the address on it.

“Yeah that will be fine, see you then.” I said.

Her hand gave my cock another quick squeeze, and with that they both stood up and said goodbye and left.

Julie returned a few minutes later, by which time my erection had receded.

“Have they gone?” Asked Julie.

“Yep, they said they were meeting someone.” I replied, wondering how I was going to tell her about the dinner invitation, and how would she feel about it.

“Well that Rose looks like a right tart.” Said Julie. “And aren’t you supposed to be getting changed for the next set?”

“Yeah OK, I won’t be a minute.” I said, and went and got changed.

We performed the second set, and then packed away and were home by 4pm. I was feeling horny as hell and suggested we go to bed for a couple of hours. I was trying to visualise Rose naked, and what it would be like to have sex with her, but of course I couldn’t tell Julie that.

Julie declined my offer. She said that she was really tired, and still didn’t feel all that well. Julie said she was going to lie down for a while and hopefully would feel better after some rest. When she had gone to bed, I made a coffee, lit a cigarette, and sat in the front room on the sofa, surfing through the TV channels.

It was a warm day, so I removed my trousers and shirt. My thoughts kept drifting back to Rose and I started rubbing my cock through my pants. I pulled my cock out of my pants and slowly pulled my foreskin up and then fully back. I was hard and a drop of precum glistened on the tip.

Sod it, I thought. I went up to bed to see if Julie was awake, and hopefully feeling better, and perhaps even up for sex. But she was asleep, slightly snoring. She had thrown the cover off, and was lying on her side. I got on the bed and spooned up beside her, my stiff cock probing the small of her back. Julie mumbled something about not feeling well, and I pulled away from her and laid on my back, and looked at my cock pointing into the air fruitlessly.

I started stroking my cock and balls and realised I was going to bring myself off whilst Julie slept beside me. I didn’t want her to wake up and catch me at it. It would take some explaining, and I don’t think she would be happy to know what had got me so sexually aroused.

It was more difficult than I thought to wank myself off with hardly any movement. So I lay back and bought the vision of Rose into my head, and imagined her naked. With very slow movements I stroked my cock up and down. It was sexually stimulating to do this as Julie slept unawares beside me. I suppose it was the thought of getting caught which made me even more horny. Within a few minutes I could feel myself coming. I would usually speed up at this point, but I kept up the same slow rhythm. Suddenly I came, and the cum hit me in the face and mouth. I licked my lips to taste myself. I lay there for a while holding my cock as cum still leaked out.

I carefully got off the bed, and still holding my softening cock in my hand to avoid spilling cum on the carpet, I went to the bathroom to clean up. I wrapped a robe around myself and headed down stairs.

Julie came down a little later looking pale, and coughing.

“I really feel like shit, my nose is blocked, my head is thumping and I’ve got a sore throat.” Said Julie.

I sat her down at the table, and made her a hot Lemsip. I thought that now would be a good time to tell her about the invitation from Bill and Rose, but decided not to mention it was a dinner date.

“Oh God! I’m not going anywhere feeling like this. I’m just going to curl up in front of the TV and feel sorry for myself. You go for a drink with them if you want Tim, I’m just not up to it.” Said Julie.

“OK, if you are sure you will be all right. I’ll go up stairs for a shower and get changed.” I replied.

“Yeah, no problems.” Said Julie as she went into the lounge to watch TV.

In the shower I shaved my pubic area as I always do. There was a few days growth to get rid off. I always find doing this very sensual and immediately get an erection. I would normally bring my self off in the shower, but this time I resisted the temptation. I dried myself and got changed into jeans and a T shirt.

Julie was asleep on the sofa, I decided not to wake her up and left quietly so as not to disturb her.

I drove to the address Rose had given me. I nearly missed the turning as it was a private road, but eventually found the house. It was a nice old detached farm house surrounded by fields. There was a welcoming light shining from the porch. I parked the car, and went to the front door and rang the bell.

Bill opened the door and I felt incredibly under dressed. He was wearing a dark suit, a white shirt and a red tie.

“Hi….Oh…. sorry, perhaps I….. I didn’t realise I had to dress up.” I stuttered.

“Hey don’t worry about it.” Said Bill. ” We always dress up in the evening when we are entertaining.”

“Go through to the lounge, Rose will fix you a drink. Er, no Julie?” Asked Bill.

“No, I’m sorry, she sends her apologies, but she’s not feeling very well.” I replied.

“Oh, that’s OK, I hope she’s better soon. I’m sure we can keep ourselves entertained.” Said Bill with a chuckle as he closed the door, and then followed me into the lounge.

The lounge was lit by large candles, the sort you would normally expect to see in a church. The furniture was mostly bold and antique. A massive black leather sofa was the only nod towards modernity. Bill gestured towards it.

“Sit yourself down. What would you like to drink?” Asked Bill.

“I’m quite fond of red wine if you have some please.” I replied.

“I’ll get Rose to bring you some. I won’t be a minute.” Said Bill as he left the room. With the sounds and smells wafting through the door, I assumed it was the kitchen.

I got up to look around a bit. I opened an antique cupboard to reveal a television. Behind another door was a stereo system. In the middle of the room was a large and very old oak table, beautifully laid out for a dinner for four.

I felt a little guilty about turning up with out Julie. Perhaps I should have ‘phoned and put it off for another night when she was feeling better. But the urge to see and be with Rose again was overwhelming. And I knew it would be difficult with Julie around, because I would get in trouble as I would constantly be staring at Rose.

I didn’t really know what to expect from tonight. I just wanted to be near this sensual and sexy woman. I sat back down again as the door leading to the kitchen opened.

“Hi Tim, glad you could make it. Sorry to hear that Julie is unwell.” Said Rose.

And there she was, this vision of sensuality, this sex Goddess, walking towards me with a bottle of red wine in one hand, and a glass in the other. She was wearing a dark blue mini skirt, and a diaphanous top which even in the dim light was obviously see through. Rose was not wearing a bra, and I could clearly see her breasts and nipples. Her red hair flashed in the candlelight, and her smile was so inviting, I wanted to jump up and kiss her there and then. My cock twitched in my pants as she leaned towards me offering the wine glass, and the bottle.

The bottle was already uncorked, and as I took the glass and wine, I couldn’t suppress a slight trembling of my hand.

Rose laughed. “Let me pour it for you, otherwise I think you’d possibly spill it.”

She took the bottle to the table and filled the glass to the top.

“Bill does all the cooking, he’s so very good at it. He says dinner will be ready in about thirty minutes, so he has asked me to keep you entertained until it’s ready.” She said as she passed me the glass.

“Thank you.” I replied.

Rose went to a drinks cabinet and poured herself a vodka and tonic.

“It’s a bit cold in here tonight, don’t you think?” Asked Rose.

“I’m OK.” I said, thinking it really was quite warm.

“I’ll light the fire anyway. I think it always gives a lovely atmosphere.” Said Rose.

She went over to the fire place and opened a wooden box besides the grate and placed some kindling and rolled up newspapers in the hearth. She then lit the paper in a couple of places and put some larger pieces of wood on top. As she was bending over to tend the fire I was rewarded with a superb view of her legs and ass. I couldn’t quite tell if she was wearing any knickers or not. If she was they were hardly worth wearing.

The fire began to crackle and she came and sat beside me on the sofa. Rose placed her hand on my knee and using her fingers in an imitation of a spider moved towards my stiffening cock.

“You OK?” She asked.

I just nodded, not daring to speak, I was fairly certain anything I tried to say would just come out as an unintelligible squeak.

With a deft movement she unzipped my flies, and pulled my pants aside to release my hard cock.

“God! I’m going to enjoy having fun with that tonight.” She said as she started moving her hand up and down my shaft.

I sat there paralysed. I could hear Bill in the kitchen banging around with pots and pans and whistling tunelessly as he prepared the dinner, meanwhile his beautiful wife was tossing me off in his lounge.

Rose stood up, her hand never leaving my cock, and bent over to lick the precum that had already been forced out. Her mouth opened and she swallowed much more of my cock than I thought was possible. After a few moments of this she abruptly stood up, turned her back to me, pushed my legs together and sat directly on my lap and guided my engorged dick straight into her already wet cunt.

At that moment the kitchen door opened and Bill came into the room.

“Dinner will be ready in five minutes.” He said.

“OK darling, it smells lovely.” Replied Rose.

“Ah….I can see you are keeping our guest entertained. Won’t be long now.” Said Bill as he returned to the kitchen.
I was a bit confused, surely Bill must have known what was happening. We were both fully clothed, but even so you wouldn’t expect to see your wife sitting on your guest’s lap in such a manner. But to Bill it seemed natural. He didn’t blink an eye.

Rose stood up again, her blue eyes twinkling. She adjusted her skirt and then took my hands and stood me upright. Rose undid the top button on my trousers and removed them, She then pulled my pants down.

“Mmmmm…shaved, I like that. Just put your trousers back on, but leave your pants off. For easier access.” She said, as she helped me back on with my trousers. She kept teasing my cock with her mouth as it waved in front of her face.

“Sit here next to me at the table.” Said Rose as we took our places.

Bill came in with some mushroom soup and fresh crisp bread rolls.

“Tuck in, tuck in. While it’s still hot.” Said Bill.

This was all quite surreal. Five minutes ago Bill’s wife had been giving me a blow job, and then we had briefly fucked, and now we were all sitting around the table having dinner, as though nothing had happened. My philosophy in life has always been go with the flow, and see where you end up. And I was keeping that in mind now.

The main course was some sort of pasta dish, not my favourite food but it was OK.

The conversation revolved mainly around music, and musicians, until Rose came out with something quite provocative.

“When I was watching your fingers move on one of your guitar solo’s today, I turned to Bill and said I would love to feel those fingers all over my body and inside me.”

I nearly choked on my mouthful of pasta.

Bill laughed.

“Well I’m sure Tim would be happy to help you out on that one my sweet. The way he was drooling over you earlier speaks volumes.” Said Bill.

I was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say, or where to look. Rose noticed I’d turned red, and jumped in to rescue me.

“I think we had better explain the situation to you Tim. The thing is Bill and I have a very healthy sex life together, but we also enjoy sex with other people. Bill goes out watching bands, and if he finds a couple that he thinks we will both be attracted to, I will then come along and decide if we should take it further. Can you understand that?” Said Rose.

“Er… yes I think so.” I replied.

“Bill loves seeing me with another man, and equally I enjoy watching Bill with another woman.” Said Rose.

I was now beginning to understand what this was all about.

“And when I saw you and Julie today, I thought this was just perfect, Bill is very attracted to Julie, and me to you.” Said Rose.

“Oh right, well that’s useful because I find you incredibly attractive Rose.” I said.

I wasn’t sure how Julie would react to all this, not very well I assumed. But she wasn’t here, and wouldn’t know what happened and I could never tell her. So I pushed all thoughts of Julie from my mind. I knew I wanted to fuck Rose, but was unsure if I could do so in front of Bill. I would have been much happier if it was just me and her. But go with the flow I thought again.

“There’s another thing.” Said Rose.

“And what’s that?” I asked.

“I’m bi sexual.” Said Rose.

Thoughts of Julie rushed back into my head. Oh my God! She wouldn’t go with that, I was sure. But she wasn’t here I reminded myself.

“Oh right.” I said, unsure of what else to say.

“And one other little detail.” Said Rose.

“And that is?” I asked.

“So is Bill.” Said Rose.

“So is Bill what?” I stupidly asked.

“Bill is bi sexual too.” Rose replied.

I was dumb struck. There was no way I could have sex with another man. It looked like my chance of fulfilling my fantasy of having wild lustful sex with Rose was going out of the window.

Bill was looking closely at me to see my reaction. He laughed again.

“Don’t worry, it’s not obligatory. As I said earlier, I get off on seeing another man having sex with Rose.” Said Bill, as he cleared the plates and went back to the kitchen.

Rose took my hand and looked me in the eyes.

“You OK Tim?” She asked.

“I’m feeling a little uncomfortable about this male bi sexual thing, I don’t think I can do that.” I replied.

“Hey don’t worry about that, you won’t have to do anything you don’t want to, I promise.” Said Rose.

She let go of my hand and undid my flies. She stood up and took her top off revealing her magnificent breasts. Rose crouched down in front of me so my cock nestled in her cleavage. Using both her hands she squeezed her breasts together and moved up and down to give me a very pleasant tit wank. Her lips sort out mine, and our tongues explored each others mouths hungrily.

Bill re-entered the room, and I tried to push Rose away as a natural reaction. But she wouldn’t let me.

“Mmmmm, don’t stop on my account.” said Bill.

He had stripped naked and he stood just behind Rose, his cock so hard, I could see the veins bulging. He made me feel inadequate. His cock was at least an inch longer than mine, and had a thicker girth. Bill went down on his knees and slid beneath Rose. She adjusted her position so Bill could enter her, and then she placed my cock in her mouth. I noticed that her breasts were covered in my pre cum. As she ground down on Bill’s cock he thrust his hips upwards for deeper penetration. After just four upward thrusts Bill grasped her hips and held her still.

“I’m coming darling.” Said Bill and groaned in ecstasy as he released his load into her.

Rose with my cock still in her mouth, looked up at me and winked. Bill got from under Rose and stood up. His cock swung in front of him glistening with a mixture of Rose’s juices and his cum. Although not fully erect now, it still looked bigger than mine. Bill pulled a chair over so he could watch Rose giving me a blow job. I pulled back on Rose’s hair to stop her bringing me off, and she stopped.

Rose walked to the rug in front of the fire, and removed her skirt. Her pussy was shaved smooth, she looked so sensual in the fire light. She lay on the rug, on her back with her legs slightly pulled up.

“Take your trousers and top off Tim, and come to me.” Said Rose.

She pulled me towards her and I entered her. Her pussy was sopping wet with a mixture of Bill’s cum and her juices, but still really tight. She moaned each time I thrust into her as we set a slow rhythm of fucking. Her gorgeous blue eyes looked straight into mine.

“I’m close Tim, oh so close, cum with me Tim.” Said Rose.

I quickened the pace, my hard cock ramming in as far as I could get it. My balls were slapping against her ass. I felt her pussy tighten.

“Yes…..Yes….now….come now Tim.” Shouted Rose. Her eyes never leaving mine suddenly widened.

I felt my balls tighten, and the sweet release of my cum spurted deep inside her cunt. Rose gripped my shoulders and shuddered as her orgasm took her over. We lay together for a few minutes, until my flaccid cock slipped out of her pussy. I kissed each of her nipples, got my glass of wine, and sat on the sofa trying to get my breath back.

Rose lay on the rug. She was breathing deeply.

Bill stood up and bent down between her legs. I noticed his cock was hard and bulging again. He ran his tongue over her pussy lips, and inserted a finger into her, and pulled it out and presented it to her mouth. She languidly licked it clean, and he then inserted two fingers, then three. Each time she tasted a mixture of Bill’s cum, my cum, and her own juices. She writhed underneath his tongue and finger work. Bill moved his mouth away, and laid his huge cock on her pussy lips. He entered her briefly and then withdrew. His cock was wet, and he rubbed the glans back and forth over her clit.

“Fuck me Bill, fuck me. I want to feel your large cock filling me up.” Said Rose.

I watched fascinated as Bill turned Rose over on to her front, so she was on all fours. Her shapely ass sticking up in the air in an inviting fashion. Bill lined up his cock and I was amazed that her tight pussy could accommodate such a large cock. He pulled her hips towards her and inserted the head of his cock.

“Mmmmm, I can feel it Bill, all in Bill, all in.” Said Rose.

Inch by inch he slid his cock into her waiting pussy. Rose pushed back towards him and they started fucking doggy style. Rose was grunting and groaning with each of Bill’s thrusts. The scene was getting me hard again, and I kneeled on the rug in front of Rose. I held my cock out for her and as Bill pushed forwards she opened her mouth and enveloped my cock. She was being pounded hard from behind by Bill, but somehow managed to keep my cock in her mouth, and her eyes again looked me straight in the eye. As Bill speeded up, Rose went faster too.

Bill began grunting and it was obvious he was about to come again. Rose gasped, and then thrust back on Bill.

“Now baby now!” Shouted Bill.

Bill closed his eyes and cried out as he came inside her, simultaneously I released my cum into her mouth, she screamed and I could see my load dripping from her lips. Rose collapsed to the floor, and curled up into a ball. I sat back still holding my twitching cock. Bill got up and returned with a robe, he gently covered Rose’s naked form.

“Are you OK darling?” Asked Bill.

“Yeah, I’m OK, thanks darling. I just need to rest for a few minutes.” Replied Rose.

Bill smiled at me.

“Between the two of us, I think she is well sated. She will sleep well tonight. Any chance you could stay tonight, if you would like to that is?” Asked Bill.

I thanked Bill for the offer but declined.

“I have to get back for Julie, as I said before she isn’t well and needs me there tonight.” I said.

“Well, thanks for coming over, I hope you enjoyed the evening.” Said Bill.

“I think it should be me thanking you and Rose.” I said as I gathered my clothes up and started to get dressed.

I went over to Rose and knelt beside her. I gently stroked the nape of her neck, and she raised her head to look at me.

“You were superb Tim. Thank you for coming.” She said with a devilish twinkle in her eyes.

I bent forward and kissed her on her lips.

“Perhaps we can do this again sometime?” She asked.

“I do hope so.” I replied.

I said my goodbyes, and thanked them both again and drove home to Julie.

Julie wasn’t around and she’d left a note which said she hoped I’d had a good time, but she still felt like shit and she’d gone to bed early. I wasn’t sure if I could tell her about the evening, she wouldn’t have approved, so I decided it was best not to.

Within a few days Julie had recovered from her cold, and was looking forward to meeting Bill and Rose for another dinner date, her first and my second. I hadn’t told Julie about what had really happened, I’d just said it was a pleasant evening, a bit of laid back chat and a few drinks. I was getting quite nervous about the whole thing, and had warned Bill on the ‘phone that she may not want to get involved. Bill had said they would take it slowly, and just see what happens. Just go with the flow, I thought again.

We arrived at Bill and Rose’s house and I feel my heart thumping in my chest as we were welcomed by Bill at the door.

“Ah….. I’m glad you are better now Julie, we had such fun last week with Tim, it was a shame you had to miss it.” Said Bill, as he ushered us into the lounge.

The log fire was already alight, and I looked at the rug with fond memories. I was really nervous about how the evening would go, but kept thinking about my mantra… just go with the flow.

Rose entered the room, as she just looked simply stunning. She was wearing a short tight black dress which sparkled in the fire light. She came straight up to me and kissed me fully on the lips, much to my and Julie’s surprise.

“Lovely to see you again Tim, and wonderful that you are here too.” Said Rose as she kissed Julie on the lips.

Julie flinched back, and pulled away from Rose’s embrace.

“Er… well thank you.” Said Julie. I could see she was a bit taken aback by Rose’s fulsome welcome.

“Well, sit yourselves down, and I’ll get the drinks. What can I get you both?” Asked Rose.

“Red wine is always good for us.” I replied.

“Make yourselves at home, I go and open a bottle. I won’t be long.” Said Rose, as she went into the kitchen.

Julie looked at me.

“Are you OK? You seem very jumpy tonight.” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just always get a bit nervous and shy around new people I don’t know very well.” I replied. Although I wasn’t sure how I could know Rose more intimately when I thought about it.

Rose returned with two glasses of red wine, and handed them to us.

“Bill’s right on the button with dinner tonight, he suggests we sit at the table as it’s just about ready.” Said Rose.

We sat at the table which had been beautifully set for a dinner for four.

“Mmmm, it smells absolutely devine.” Said Julie.

“I’m very lucky to have found Bill, he’s an excellent cook, and there are other things he excels at too.” Replied Rose with a suggestive smile and a giggle.

It was very hot in the room. It was one of the few days during the year when one didn’t need to put on any heating, and although the log fire was a superb focal point, and added a lovely atmosphere, it really was getting too much. I asked Rose if she could open some windows. She agreed it was getting too warm, and opened the patio doors to allow the heat out, and cool air in.

Bill came in balancing four plates on his arms and served our starters to us. He refilled our glasses with red wine and encouraged us to start.

Julie tucked in, she was ravenous as she had not eaten much whilst she was ill.

“This is just lovely Bill, thank you ever so much for inviting us.” Said Julie.

“That’s my pleasure Julie. Perhaps there is a way you can repay me later.” Replied Bill.

“Well I’m sure we will invite you back to ours for a meal, we will arrange a date later on, a date when we are all free.” Said Julie.

“Oh right.” Said Bill. “Then I suppose giving me a blow job is out of the question?”

There was a stunned silence, Julie looked as though she was in freeze frame, Her fork poised in the air, and her mouth half open.

“Oh silly Bill, always teasing. You are embarrassing our guests.” Said Rose, giggling, and she gave Bill a pretend slap on the arm.

I started to laugh along with Rose, Bill joined in, and then Julie nervously did too, obviously thinking it was a joke. Bill refilled our glasses again. I noticed that Julie was getting a little tipsy, she hardly ever drank so it affected her more than most people.

“Well I suppose as I started the conversation on sex, I should really continue it. But we will make a game of it. We can all ask one question to each person, and if someone doesn’t want to answer, then the questioner can issue a dare, all agreed?” Asked Bill.

We all mumbled our agreement. Julie looked at me questionably, but I just nodded to say it was cool.

“OK, I’ll start.” Said Bill. “Tim, have you ever had sex with another man?”

I noticed Julie knocking back her wine, and pouring another.

“Well, I suppose, sort off. The usual boy exploration sort of thing at boarding school, but nothing since then.” I replied.

“Ah… OK, Julie, have you ever had sex with another woman?” Asked Bill.

Julie looked at Bill then at me.

“I did once, when I was at university I had a close female friend, and one Sunday afternoon we decided to have sex with each other, and it was one of the best experiences I’d ever had.” Replied Julie.

Now this was a revelation from Julie. She’d never told me about this before. I was quite shocked. She was slurring her words slightly under the influence of the wine.

“But it was a one off, and I’ve never thought about doing it again.” Julie continued.

“That’s cool. Rose, can you envisage having sex with Julie?” Asked Bill.

“I’ve thought about nothing else since we first met.” Said Rose as she looked straight at Julie.

Julie looked at us each in turn. She poured another glass of wine.

“Oh…” She managed, and shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

“OK Rose, your turn.” said Bill.

“Tim, have you ever fantasised about sucking on another mans cock?” Asked Rose.

I think most men had thought what it would be like at some time or other. But I couldn’t answer that question.

“I’d prefer not to say.” I replied.

“Mmm interesting.” Said Rose. “Well, my dare to you is to strip naked.” She continued.

I stood up and took all my clothes off. Julie giggled as I sat down again.

“Julie, do you find me attractive?” Asked Rose.

“I’d also would prefer not to say.” Said Julie, and to my utter amazement stood up and took her clothes off.

“Can you both stand up for me please?” Asked Rose. So rather self consciously we held hands and stood in front of Bill and Rose.

“So Bill, which one do you find the most attractive?” Asked Rose.

“Oh…..fuck it. I’ll just take my clothes off.” Replied Bill, and then there was three of us. Once again I marvelled at the size off his cock. Although flaccid, it still put me to shame. I noticed Julie’s eyes widen as she looked at it.

“Your turn Tim.” Rose said to me.

“My question to you Rose, is if I asked you, would you take your clothes off?”

“No problems.” Said Rose, and with hardly a shrug of her shoulders, she was also naked.

I gazed at her beautiful body, memories of the previous week with Rose flooded back, and I felt my cock begin to react. Julie gasped as she stared at Rose.

“Oh my God! Rose, you are simply stunning.” Said Julie.

“Thank you Julie, you are stunning yourself honey.” Replied Rose.

“There’s not much in the way of dares here. Would every one be OK with me taking charge?” asked Rose.

Everyone was uncertain what should happen next, so we all agreed that Rose should conduct the proceedings from here.

“Lets move to our bedroom. We will be far more comfortable there.” Said Rose, and we all followed her upstairs.

The bedroom was huge. A king size bed with a wrought iron headboard stood against one wall, and opposite was a large leather sofa. The ceiling and the left hand wall was completely mirrored. A small bedside light emitted a soft glow, and to add to the atmosphere Rose lit a couple of large candles.

“Julie, come and lie on the bed, on your back.” Said Rose.

Julie lay on the bed and Rose sat beside her. Bill and I sat next to each other on the sofa.

“If at anytime you feel uncomfortable, just say. We won’t mind.” Said Rose.

“I’m OK.” Julie replied.

Rose stroked Julie’s hair and ran her fingers around her neck and shoulders. Then onto the top of her breasts, just missing out Julie’s nipples, which were now engorged at the tips and fully erect. Her hand drew circles around her breasts, then using her thumb and first finger of each hand, Rose gently tugged at the nipples, while Julie lay there quivering at her touch.

“You’ve beautiful breasts honey.” Said Rose as she leaned over to kiss them.

Rose’s lips parted and she licked then sucked on Julie’s breasts, and trailed a hand down towards Julie’s crotch. Julie gasped as Rose probed a finger between the folds of her pussy lips. Rose’s tongue traced down Julie’s front until she reached Julie’s clit, and she started to suckle there, and inserted an second finger. Using one hand, Rose spread apart the lips and dove her tongue deep into Julie’s pussy.

There was no doubt from the sounds Julie made that she was enjoying the attention Rose was giving her. It was weird for me seeing her with another woman, but I was very sexually excited and started to stroke my hard cock. Beside me Bill was doing the same.

Rose sat up on the bed, but kept slowly finger fucking Julie. She looked at Bill.

“Come here honey and let Julie feel your big cock in her mouth.” Said Rose.

Julie was looking quite dazed as Rose sat her up on the edge of the bed. Rose knelt on the floor between Julie’s legs, and once again inserted her tongue. Bill stood over Rose and moved so his massive bulging cock was just an inch away from Julie’s mouth.

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