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The Real Thing This Time

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Readers of my story ‘My First Ladyboy’ will know that I was spending a lot of time in the Far East monitoring the activities of my company’s agents from our London base.

The initiative proved highly successful and it came as no surprise when it was decided to establish a small office within the region and I was asked to set it up.

I was instructed to make a recommendation as to where the office should be located and it quickly became clear that the choice lay between Hong Kong and Manila in the Philippines. A further more detailed analysis showed Manila had cost advantages and it was there that I set up office.

Much of my time was still spent travelling throughout the Far East visiting agents with frequent visits to Thailand where I spent most of my evenings with the delightful Tam.

Although I looked upon Tam as a woman, enjoying her boy-pussy as much as I enjoyed any genuine one, I continued to be fascinated by her small cock and began to have thoughts of toying with something larger. But apart from Tam, my sexual liaisons in other countries remained strictly heterosexual.

Not that there weren’t plenty of opportunities to try the alternative, especially when I’d take myself off to an in-hotel sauna at the end of a tiring day. I lost count of the number of towels which were lifted by local guys to display cocks of various shapes and sizes, most at full stand.

On one occasion I came close when I was in the fitness club of my Taipei hotel. Having spent as long as I could stand in the hot pool, I had just moved to the cold pool when in came a young, well built Chinese who sat down on the side of the pool opposite me dangling his legs in the water. Looking directly at me he spread his legs slightly to display a limp but impressive appendage sitting amidst a mass of fine black hair. He smiled and then looked down at his dick which before my eyes grew and stiffened until there was what must have been a good seven inches of thick cock with a pronounced head sticking out in front of him. His smile left no doubt as to what he wanted.

The temptation to swim over and hold it, perhaps even take it in my mouth, was strong and I believe I would have acted if at that very moment a couple of Europeans hadn’t walked in and broken the spell. I climbed out of the pool and left to dry myself, get dressed and go back to my room.

I immediately stripped off and threw myself on the bed my rock-hard cock in hand. Pictures of ‘that’ cock were clear in my mind as I brought myself to a quick, hard orgasm the cum jetting high up my chest. I lay back exhausted part of me regretting I hadn’t taken up the obvious invitation which had been extended to me.

A session with one of the many available hotel girls later that night helped take my mind off the afternoon’s experience but at the back of my mind remained a vision of another guy’s cock.

It was some weeks later when I was back in the Manila office struggling to clear the paper work which always stacked up when I was away. My secretary came in to say there was a young Filipino who wanted to see me. She told me he was selling specialty books and thought I might be interested in buying some.

My first reaction was to say I was too busy to see him but it was nearing the end of the day and I was tired of checking figures so I told her to show him in.

The bookseller was one very handsome boy, late teens, early twenties I thought, slim, black hair, warm coloured skin, wide mouth, perfect teeth and what I could only think of as very kissable lips.

He introduced himself as Randy (all Filipinos seemed to have unusual names or nicknames) and said he was a student at one of the many local colleges who was trying to earn some extra Pesos. Before I could put my brain in gear I’d ordered three of his books two of which I was sure I’d never open.

He told me that the copies he had with him were for display only and that he’d bring fresh copies the next day. He asked me what time would be best. I told my secretary left at 5 but I always remained in the office until around 6.

Randy smiled and said he had classes the next afternoon but would come by soon after 5. My heart was racing at the thought of seeing him again and at a time when there’d be no one else around.

The next day I found it difficult to concentrate and I was relieved, but at the same time jumpy, when my secretary came in to say good night.

5 o’clock passed, then ten past but no Randy. However just as I once again looked at my watch there was a knock on the outer door. I got up from my desk and opened it ushering in the casually dressed Randy who was carrying the three books I’d ordered. I directed him to my office making sure the door was snibbed. I moved to sit behind my desk, Randy settling into one of the visitors’ chairs in front of it.

After some small talk Randy said, ‘Here are your books. You owe me 700 Pesos for them.’

I nodded but made no move to pay. Instead I asked ‘Tell me Randy, how old are you.’

‘Nineteen. Why do you ask?’

‘Just curious. I can remember when I was nineteen. A very good age though rather frustrating.’

‘Why frustrating’

‘Oh you know, lots of hormones running through my body but not many opportunities to let them loose. Mind you that was in England. I’m sure it’s different here where there are plenty of available girls. No doubt you’ve got many girl friends.’

‘I’m too busy with my studies to bother with girls. In any case I’m not really interested in them.’

‘So what do you do about sex? You don’t look the sort of guy who isn’t interested in that.’

‘Well I do what most guys do, use my hand.’ He paused and then added ‘ And occasionally I get lucky and link up with a special friend. But special friends are not easy to find.’

‘What do you mean by a special friend?’

‘Someone who is willing to look after my needs, someone I enjoy being with but who is also prepared to help me meet my financial commitments.’

‘And how big are they?’

‘Nothing that someone in your position would have to worry about.’ Clearly he’d concluded, correctly, that as an expatriate I was being paid handsomely. It was also clear he understood what lay behind my questions.

‘Interesting’ I commented. ‘Perhaps I could become a special friend, assuming of course that I liked what you have to offer.’

‘I don’t think you’d be disappointed with what I’ve got.’ Again he paused and when I didn’t comment he said in a lowered voice. ‘ Perhaps you’d like me to show you. If you don’t like it you can just forget it and I’ll go.’

‘I’d like very much to see what you’ve got.’

Randy stood up, unbuckled, unzipped and in one movement dragged down his trousers and underpants kicking them off along with his shoes. He wore no socks.

Dressed only in a short T-shirt Randy moved around the desk and stood between it and my chair. Leaning back he presented his semi-stiff cock to me, a thick foreskin partly covering a distinctly red head.

‘Hold it’ instructed Randy.

I reached forward and lightly gripped the spongy shaft and immediately felt it start to grow in my hand. The feeling was beyond description.

As Randy’s cock filled out the skin covering his knob gradually drew back until a sizeable head stood clear, the colour deepening as the shaft lengthened and thickened. Finally I was holding a rigid length of thick young cock, a good seven inches long, arching up, the cock-head, now a deep shade of red, stretched and shiny,

I had never seen anything so sexually exciting in my life.

‘Feel my balls’ instructed Randy.

With my free hand I reached down and hefted Randy’s two largish surprisingly heavy eggs. I fondled them as I squeezed his now straining erection, the piss-hole slowly leaking pre-cum.

‘Do you like?’ asked Randy.

I nodded in reply.

‘Your hands feel good on me. Wank me a little.’

While continuing the gentle manipulations of Randy’s balls I slowly slid the taut cock skin up and down his rigid shaft watching for his reaction.

‘You do that well. But stop now. I don’t want to cum yet.’ I removed my hands and leant back in my chair.

‘Take your clothes off. I want to see you naked ‘ Randy instructed.

I stripped and as I did so Randy removed his T shirt. I returned to my chair Randy’s eyes fixed on my now fully erect prick.

Randy smiled and said ‘You have a very horny cock, nice and thick. I like it.’ Then ‘Do you like to kiss?’

‘Of course.’

Randy moved and straddled my legs bringing our rampant cocks together. Drawing me to him he placed his slightly open lips on mine in a light but very sexy kiss. Slowly he slid his tongue out to brush my lips and then enter my mouth. Our kiss intensified.

‘You kiss like a woman.’ I said. ‘Very tenderly, very sexily. I love your lips.’

‘I want to suck your cock’ whispered Randy. ‘Lie down on the floor.’

Again I complied with Randy’s instructions and stretched out on the carpet. Randy quickly positioned himself over me in a 69 position, his head above my cock, his arsehole close to my face.

‘Rim me while I suck you.’ instructed Randy.

Parting Randy’s globes wide I saw a somewhat damp crinkled opening not dissimilar to the one I now knew so well, Tam’s. Randy’s hole though was completely hairless as was his ball sac, both obviously shaven.

‘Tongue my hole and make it wet. Stick your tongue up it.’ ordered Randy.

I did as instructed savouring the bitter-sweet taste of his hole, licking, sucking and trying to jam the tip of my tongue as far up his chute as I could reach.

Randy too was busy. Bending down he took my cock in his mouth making it jump as he used his tongue and lips to work me to a state of arousal. Soon l felt I was close to blowing my load but just before I reached the point of no return Randy lifted his head, turned around to face me and then lowered himself so my cock head was nudging his arse hole.

Randy reached down and took my swollen shaft in his hand and rubbed the head around his hole. I could sense I was leaking pre-cum adding to the wetness of his opening, the result of my enthusiastic rimming.

Randy lowered himself slowly and gradually slid his dilated hole over my very hard cock until he was sitting on my pelvis.

I was in deep and I was in heaven. My cock ached in a way I’d never experienced before, even when embedded in Tam’s delightful hole.

Both of us were now sweating despite the air conditioning and our breathing had become more ragged.

Randy remained silent, his mouth slightly open as he looked at me intently. Then he leaned forward and kissed me as he slowly raised and lowered himself on my cock. The feeling was fantastic but the pressure in my balls began to build until I knew they weren’t prepared to hold onto their load much longer.

‘I’m going to cum.’ I said, disengaging from Randy’s lips with difficulty.

Randy sat back and as he continued to ride my cock he began masturbating his own swollen tool. I then felt him flex his arse muscles and at the same time I felt the rush of cum from my balls erupting jet after jet of cock-cream deep into Randy’s bowels.

The feeling throughout the whole area of my cock and balls was so intense I couldn’t stop crying out. I’m not sure what I said but it was something like ‘Oh fucking hell.’ I just lost it, lost in the intense pleasure my iron-hard cock was experiencing, embedded in the tight anal passage of this beautiful young man.

As I lay there, spasming, almost convulsing, my eyes remained fixed on Randy’s hand stroking his own rigid prick, now slick with cock-juice.

Randy’s stroking quickened and as I watched fascinated, his cock seemed to explode, jet after jet of his cum shooting over my face and neck. As he continued to stroke his engorged shaft I felt Randy clamp his arse muscles firmly on my cock causing it to deliver one final burst deep into Randy’s now very slushy hole.

It must have been all of a minute before we managed to calm down sufficiently to stop gasping and get back to some state of normality.

I was the first to speak.

‘That was one hell of a fuck.’

‘There’s plenty more where that came from, if you want.’

Randy lent forward and kissed me lightly on the lips.

‘As you must have noticed I also enjoyed our fuck very much. Your cock is just the right size for me, lovely and thick. I’d like to get to know it better and find out what your cum tastes like too. I’ve also been told I’m a very good fucker if you’d like to try receiving as well as giving.’

‘I’ve never been fucked but I’ve thought about it. I’d like to try sometime but I don’t think I could take your oversized cock; it’s just too big.’ I replied.

‘Perhaps next time you’ll let me show you it’s not too big for you to enjoy. Am I right in thinking there will be a next time? I very much hope so.’

‘Of course there will be a next time, more than one I hope.’

‘Good. I’ve already got your phone number here and I’ll call you to arrange a time. We can enjoy each other again and also discuss the future. You’ve shown me what you want and you now know I can give it to you. You also know what I want. If we can work out an arrangement which suits us both we can have a lot of fun together. As for today, well I leave it to you decide how to reward me. You still have to pay me the 700 Pesos for the books.’

With that Randy rose, disengaging my semi-stiff prick from his arse hole releasing a mini-flood of my own cum onto my belly to mix with Randy’s own contribution. I too got up from the floor and while Randy was dressing I went to my desk and took out two 500 Peso notes and gave them to him.

‘I’m afraid I don’t have any change’ I said smiling.

‘Neither do I,’ replied Randy also smiling. The understanding between us was clear.

Now dressed Randy kissed me lightly and then quickly left the room leaving me to ponder on what had just happened and where I wanted it to go. It was clear I had crossed a line and no longer could persuade myself that my enjoyment of Tam’s arse hole was not really a homosexual act. I’d just enjoyed a regular guy’s hole every bit as much as I had any cunt I’d ever fucked. I’d also kissed him as I kissed a woman and loved it. Deep down I knew I wanted more of the same.

As I lay there, one question kept going around in my mind – were there to be as many arse holes in my future as cunts, perhaps more? Obviously only time would provide the answer to that. But of one thing I was certain; it was going to be very exciting finding out.

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