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The Right Way to Begin

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Cory arrived at the camp just as the sun was making its way down beneath the horizon. He’d had plenty of other summer jobs before, but the opportunity to spend two and a half months away from all the chaos out here in the woods was the best one yet. Especially since this would be his last year before he left for university.

There were seven other councillors besides Cory. Four girls and three boys. They were all standing in front of two cabins that were separated from the children’s living quarters by a small field. One cabin for the girls and one for the guys. The camp coordinator was standing with the other councillors. His job would be finished by the end of the day and he didn’t look too happy that the last of his summer councillors was late. All he’d have to do is show them all the ropes, which they had all basically been through last week, then he could get on back to town.

Cory walked up to the group and was pointed without a word toward the cabin on the left by the coordinator. He walked up to the door, trying not to let his heart sink. The bitter old man would be gone soon, and although Cory didn’t know any of his fellow councillors, he was sure it wouldn’t take him long to get acquainted.

When he had thrown his bags down on the only remaining bed in the cabin, he hurried back out to the waiting group and joined them for their final orientation.

* * *

Later in the evening, the four boys lay in their beds. There were two sets of bunk beds in the small building. Cory was on the bottom bunk on the set of beds facing the front door. Above him was Lawrence, a short athletic guy with a buzz cut hairdo. The other set of bunks was on the perpendicular wall. On the top bunk was Joe, a tall, dark haired guy that looked like he was trying to get in for auditions for some stupid teen football movie. He was the kind of guy that seemed to do no sports or activities but somehow stayed in great shape. Finally, on the bottom bunk of the second set of beds was Shawn. Cory couldn’t figure out how Shawn had managed to get a job at the camp. He hadn’t said a word the whole evening. He just watched and listened to everything that was going on, but didn’t seem eager to take part. He was about Cory’s size, but Shawn had scruffy brown hair and thick glasses. He was real thin, too. Not exactly the summer-camp-councillor type.

The conversation was basically happening between Lawrence and Joe. They really hadn’t been paying attention to the coordinator’s babbling either. They’d been too interested in the four female councillors that were staying in the cabin next door.

“You get a load of Janine’s tits?” Joe said.

“I remember when she was flat as a board,” Lawrence replied. “Didn’t take long to fill out though.”

“Just in time for the year book pictures. Even under that gown she looks amazing.”

“Sherry’s looking good, too.”

“What?” Joe said. “She looks like somebody just flicked some orange paint on her face. I don’t like freckles.”

“Why the hell not? She’s cute,” Lawrence defended. “She looks kinda like Lindsey Lohan.”

“Yeah, without the implants.”

“Hey, maybe someday.”

Joe laughed. Lawrence quickly did the same.

There was a brief pause in the conversation. Lawrence shifted in the bed above Cory.

“All summer here with Janine,” Joe said, almost philosophically.

“You say that as if you think you got a chance with her,” Lawrence replied.

“I don’t see why not. The only other options she’s got here are you three and I don’t see her choosing any of you.”

“What makes you stand out? You’re not exactly a charmer.”

“I don’t see the point wasting any time doing any charming. A woman who looks like that knows what she wants. It ain’t you.”

“Oh,” Lawrence said, sarcastically, “so you’re gonna give it to her.”

Before Joe could say anything in response, Lawrence said, “I don’t think you’ve got anything to give.” He laughed.

“No? So you think she’s gonna come running to you? Come on little man, you’re probably too little where it counts.”

“You know what they say about guys with big feet.”

“You don’t have big feet.”

“Not really, but all I need is feet bigger than yours.”

Cory couldn’t believe Joe’s next move. Before Lawrence could get anything else out of his mouth, before any of them knew what was happening, Joe hooked his thumbs into the waistline of his pajama bottoms and pulled them down over his hips. In a split second, they were all looking at his large-end-of-average penis, nestled against his left leg. The organ was soft, but they could all see what it would be had it been erect. It lay proudly just outside of a tuft of curly, jet black pubic hair.

“When it comes to girls like Janine, this is all that matters.”

As Joe tucked his pants back up, all eyes turned to Lawrence. He didn’t seem aware of what they were doing at first. At first, he just thought the conversation had come to an amusing, and slightly weird punch line. Then it hit him.

“You don’t want to get into a pissing match.”

“Come on,” Joe said, “you were the one saying that the hot chick with the big tits wasn’t gonna want me. What do you have that’s gonna make her pick you?”

Lawrence hesitated for a long moment. Then he laughed and pulled down his pants. He did it slower than Joe, obviously not nearly as comfortable with this game as Joe was. Lawrence didn’t have anything to be ashamed of, though. His penis may not have been as big as Joe’s, but it was still on the big side of average. His pubic hair was more sparse then Joe’s was, and because he was not totally flaccid, it made him look about as big as Joe had looked.

“Even you think I’m hot!” Joe laughed.

“Don’t flatter yourself. You’re the one that started talking about Janine. Maybe I should ask you why you’re not hard at all.” Lawrence quickly covered himself back up.

“Sore loser.” Then they both started laughing.

For a second there, when Joe had exposed himself, Cory had thought the argument was becoming real. Now he started to calm down a bit. That is, until he realized the room had become completely silent. He looked slowly out at the two boys on the top bunks, but to his great relief, they weren’t looking back at him. His relief didn’t last too long though, because they had decided to target Shawn.

Cory immediately felt terrible. The guy hadn’t said anything all day, so what made these two macho jerks think he wanted to play their stupid game. They didn’t seem to care at all. They just kept looking at Shawn, as he looked quietly back up at them.

Cory saw actual fear in his eyes. It was the kind of fear that, in small children, soon leads to tears. Even though Shawn, like all of them, was a recent high school graduate, he still possessed that look of being near tears.

“Come on man,” Joe said.

Shawn didn’t say anything. He only averted his eyes.

“Not fair, us showing you ours and you not showing us yours,” Joe prodded.

“Yeah, man. Gotta play fair,” Lawrence added.

It felt like forever. Shawn had finally lifted his eyes back up to the guys on the top bunks. Then, his hands started their agonizingly slow descent to the waistline of his pajama bottoms. The thumbs fumbled with the elastic for a second, then found their grip. He pulled the fabric slowly away from his skin, then down, toward the foot of the bed. The whole process took several seconds to accomplish, but he did manage it.

And there he was. His skin was so pale it seemed to glow in the moonlight. There were some shadows around his groin, and in the middle of them lay his completely flaccid penis. It was fairly small. Unlike the other guys, Shawn’s penis was on the smaller side of average, and without a bit of erection, it looked a little bit bigger than Cory’s thumb.

Shawn didn’t leave himself out in the open for long. He got his pants back up in a flash and pulled up the bed sheets.

“Wasn’t so hard was it?” Joe said, turning to Cory.

Cory didn’t want any crap from these guys and he wanted this conversation to be over as soon as possible, so as soon as Joe and Lawrence looked his way, he pulled his pants down to let them have a look at his penis. He knew he was almost smaller than average, so he just let them look between his legs for a second, then pulled his pants up and lay back down.

The rest of the conversation overhead was about the girls and the possibilities for summer flings. Cory didn’t hear much of it. He tuned it out and went to sleep.

* * *

It was very clear why Shawn had gotten his job.

As soon as the kids arrived, he proved himself marvelous with them. Cory and Shawn were partnered up and were responsible for organizing some craft time with the children. Shawn immediately took charge. He knew just how to talk to them and how to make the arts and crafts, which most children actually find boring, seem fun. A few minutes into the allotted time, the kids were already coming up to Shawn and eagerly showing him their progress.

Cory had known a couple of people like this in his life. People who seem so painfully shy that you actually feel sorry for them, but who, when they find a place in which they’re comfortable, go straight from introvert to extrovert. It isn’t common, but here was the evidence in Shawn. Cory had trouble keeping up.

About half an hour into the craft session, Shawn came up to Cory and said, “Hey, we’re running out of construction paper. We got plenty of it back in the equipment shed, but I didn’t bring it all down because I thought we wouldn’t need it on the first day. Could you go get us some more?”

Hearing all of that come out of Shawn’s mouth was astonishing. It was more than he had said all the day before. He spoke warmly, too. As if he and Cory had been doing this together for weeks.

“Sure thing,” Cory said, as he turned and went out in the direction of the equipment shed.

To get to the equipment shed, you needed to go out beyond the councillor cabins. It’s the closest building to the forest on that side of the camp. Instead of going on the gravel path around the two councillor cabins, most people had immediately taken to using the small grassy path that went in between them.

When Cory was on this particular grassy patch, he heard something coming from inside the boys’ cabin. It was a sharp intake of breath. The sound could only have been one of two things. The first was a gasp of pain, the kind of noise that you make when you stub your toe or hit your shin.

The noise Cory heard definitely sounded like it was the second possibility. Without even having time to think about what he’d heard or the circumstances under which the sound had been made, Cory’s penis immediately began to stiffen. Cory moved to the rear of the cabin as silently as he could, so as not to alert whoever was inside. On this short trip to the back of the cabin, Cory had time to wonder if Joe had managed to convince Janine to take a “break” with him in the middle of the work day.

That isn’t what he saw. When Cory got to the back of the cabin he stood a few feet away from the building, right next to a tree that hangs over the cabin. Then he looked in the small window.

There, on his bunk, Joe was lying on his back stark naked. His left hand clutched the top sheet on the bed while his right hand was gripped tightly around his rigid penis. It was every bit as big as it had looked last night. His right hand was rubbing rhythmically up and down the length of the organ. From the curly, jet black hair up to the tapered purple tip. Joe’s face was contorted into such an intense mask of ecstacy that Cory couldn’t believe he was only masturbating.

Cory was instantly so hard that his penis began to hurt. Joe was sweating profusely and looked like he was reaching his orgasm. He started to flex the powerful muscles of his ass, which rocked his hips up and down off the bed.

Cory was transfixed. The woods around him were quiet. That is, until he unzipped his shorts. The button came next and the garment fell away from his hips and dropped to the forest floor around his feet. He hooked his thumbs inside the elastic band of his briefs and slid them down off his hips as well. They fell around his ankles on top of the shorts. He immediately grabbed his penis and started pumping his right hand up and down its length. That first touch immediately sent an intense tingle along the organ’s length that he felt in the pit of his stomach.

No sooner than Cory had begun to masturbate himself, Joe came. The white strings of ejaculate leapt out the end of his rigid penis and landed on his stomach. He stopped flexing his buttocks and moments later, stopped pumping his hand.

As soon as Joe got up to clean himself, Cory released his penis and shuffled awkwardly, shorts and underwear around his ankles, to the back of the tree so that Joe wouldn’t see him. He leaned against the tree, his bum pressed against the rough bark and grabbed his penis, which was bobbing in the air after the clumsy move he’d made. The woods were silent but for the sound of flesh on flesh, rubbing faster and faster. The cool breeze caressed his penis and scrotum and then wound its way between his legs. It was all too much.

He pulled on himself a few more times and then drew back his foreskin. His cum didn’t “squirt” or “shoot” the way most people thought it did. Cory’s ejaculate simply leapt a little bit from the tender tip of his penis and then landed quickly, releasing just a hint of visible vapor as the hot body fluid met the cooler air of the forest morning. The muscles of his buttocks flexed a staccato rhythm as his penis released his semen, scraping the flesh of his bum against the rough bark of the tree.

The orgasm was the most forceful he’d ever had. In fact, when he was in its final throes, his body involuntarily bent forward. It was the first time he’d ever seen anybody else naked in real life, with the exception of a couple of public showers at swimming pools. Not only was this other person naked, but he had an orgasm right in front of Cory. One day here and he’d already had more sexual experience, with the exception of simple masturbation, at this camp than his entire life up to that point.

When his breathing began to return to normal, Cory stood away from the tree and brushed his bum with his hands. A few flecks of bark came off, and the pale cheeks were imprinted with the rough pattern. He bent over and pulled his briefs and shorts off the ground and clothed himself. Right in front of him on the ground, his semen had landed in a few tiny clumps. Cory kicked some leaves over those cooling, viscous, pearly white remains of the most intense sexual experience of his life. Then he tried his best to compose himself and continue with the almost forgotten task of getting the extra art supplies Shawn had asked for.

* * *

The cafeteria was the biggest building in the camp. It was designed to house all of the children who were attending the camp at any given moment. In the midst of this faintly structured chaos Cory and Shawn sat together at the end of one of the tables closest to the kitchen.

Without the presence of Joe or Lawrence, whose group was not done with its morning activities, Shawn was totally at ease. Even around all the girls he was very comfortable, which cannot be said of most people like Shawn. Janine’s presence alone would have been enough to make Joe or Lawrence nervous, but Shawn just conversed at everybody’s level and nobody felt awkward or left out. This group of six would work just fine over the coming summer. Cory was relieved by this. Even though he was excited about working here through the summer, he was nervous about who the other councillors would be. There were always people at any job that wound up taking the fun out of things and making things hard for those around them. These six would be the perfect match for any bullshit Joe and Lawrence might get up to.

The girls were the first to leave. They had already been in the cafeteria with their groups when the boys came in. They all said their goodbyes and then the cafeteria got much quieter and emptier when they were gone. This left Cory and Shawn alone at their table.

“I’m surprised the men’s men didn’t coordinate their day with Janine,” Shawn said.

“They’ll never do it. They talk big, but I don’t think they can really live up to that teen movie image they’re trying to set,” Cory replied. He had a tremendously vivid image of those tight buttocks clenching while that determined right hand rubbed that rigid flesh. He had to try hard to banish it, but he eventually managed.

“Nope. And Janine’s no idiot, either.”

“I feel kinda bad for her. She seems really sweet. I hope if they do try to pick her up, they get the picture fast that she wants nothing to do with them. Just so that she doesn’t spend her summer fending them off.”

“I’d say between her, Carol, Kelly and Susan, the guys wouldn’t be allowed to get any closer than the ladies wanted them to.”

“I know what you mean.”

They talked for awhile about their high schools and how it would be to never have to see them again. Both were excited by that.

“I don’t have any illusions about fitting in there either,” Shawn said, “but at least there, you just go on about your own business. No sanding in crowded hallways waiting out recess. You go to class and you go home.”

“I wouldn’t worry about fitting in though.” Cory said. “My older brother’s been away now for two years and he says there’s basically someone for everyone, no matter how weird.”


“Shut up. I know you know what I mean.”

They both smirked.

Cory continued, “I mean, they have clubs for anime fans. My brother says his school’s even got an anarchy society – if you can figure that one out.”

Shawn laughed at this. “An organized society to promote a disorganized society. I guess calling university a place for ‘higher learning’ is a bit of stretch these days.”

At the next tables the kids were starting to get restless. Shawn noticed immediately.

“We’re supposed to have a half hour for lunch,” Shawn said, “but I guess they’re ready for more now.”

So the guys got up and took the children back outside for the rest of their day’s worth of summer fun.

* * *

Public showers. It was unbelievable that this place had public showers. The councillors’ washroom building had one doorway but beyond that there were two other doorways that let into the building proper. One for boys and one for girls. Once inside this second doorway, you could go to the right and wind up in the washroom or you could keep going straight, to the end of this small building, and wind up at another door. Beyond this door was the shower room. It was just an empty tiled room with four shower heads.

Cory hated public showers. Although he didn’t feel like he had anything to be ashamed about when it came to his body, he didn’t like showing it off either. This was the one thing he knew he would detest at this camp. The whole summer, he would be trying to pick the perfect time to go so that he wouldn’t have to be in there with anyone else.

After the first long day of camp, sun set long ago, Cory finally decided it was time to go in for his shower. He walked down the short hall to the boys’ shower and opened the door. Nobody there. He walked over to the farthest shower head and pulled off his shirt. His shorts and briefs were next. He slipped them off over his sandals and hung them up out of the water’s way. The air in here was cold and he felt his skin prickle. He quickly turned on his shower and moved his nude body under the water’s warm spray.

The water cascaded down his back and flowed over the mounds of his buttocks and down the crack between them. The warmth of the caressing water felt fine. Cory poured some shampoo into one of his hands and then began to rub it into his hair. When he was finished, he dipped his head underneath the spray and began to rinse it out.
That’s when he heard someone enter. Sensing his nakedness once again, Cory took a deep breath and just tried to go on with his shower so that he’d be done as fast as possible.

“Hey,” came the familiar voice.

It was Shawn. Cory only looked up for a second to acknowledge the other boy’s presence, then went back to his business. Shawn left one shower head separating their places. He flicked on his own water and began washing.

Cory was soaping himself up when Shawn started. He put the bar down and began to rinse. He shifted under the water and his eyes flicked over to the other naked body in this place. Just an instant was all it took. His flaccid penis began to grow. It was unbelievable. Cory’s shyness didn’t have any effect on his ability to gain an erection. He turned away from Shawn to finish cleaning himself.

Shawn’s penis had been soft, too. The skin of the organ, like all the skin on his body, was incredibly white. Almost porcelain white. Cory remembered the way the moon seemed to cause it to glow. Then he remembered he thought he saw shadows around Shawn’s groin when his penis had been exposed in the cabin last night. He was wrong. Some of the darkness had been shadows, but the rest of it had been the other boy’s pubic hair. Shawn had a very thick triangle of dark curly hair above his dangling penis. It was shockingly thick and rich. The patch was no bigger than Cory’s, but Cory’s did allow some of the skin underneath to show through. It was especially shocking since the rest of Shawn’s body was so smooth.

Cory quickly finished off and turned off his shower. He wasn’t even completely dry when he put back on his clothes.

“See, ya,” he said to Shawn as he made his way out of the men’s shower.

* * *

In its own way, this had been a much more intense experience than watching Joe masturbate earlier. This time, the naked man had been only feet away and there was no window separating the two. Cory put his towel down on his bed, along with his shampoo and soap.

There was no way to masturbate now unless he ran out back and dropped his pants. And his absence might seem suspicious to Shawn, who wouldn’t take that long to finish his shower. At least there was no sign of Joe or Lawrence. Cory tried not to touch the painful penis pressing insistently on his shorts. He tried to put his mind elsewhere, so that the erection would just leave, but he wasn’t having much luck.

There was a tread along the gravel path leading up to the door of the cabin and a few seconds later Shawn walked in. He had finished faster than Cory thought he would. He went directly for his own bed and tossed down his shower stuff.

“Not a bad first day,” Shawn said.

“Great day.” Cory hoped he didn’t sound as flustered as he felt. “Won’t take much time for everybody to get into the rhythm of the place.”


Cory heard fabric being pulled off. Shawn had taken off his shirt. He was just getting ready for bed, but Cory felt his nerves kick right back in. Ordinarily, he wouldn’t have felt the situation was all that astonishing. Just two guys getting dressed for bed. But tonight he was flustered. Those damn public showers.

Cory forced himself to do the same as Shawn. It wouldn’t be long before they were both just ready to go to bed and chat before they fell asleep. The situation would return to normal and they’d be talking as easily as they had been this morning. As he pulled his shirt off, he heard the rustle of Shawn’s shorts as they hit the floor. So he kept on with his own business. His hands, which were calming down thanks to his own private pep talk and despite the thought of Shawn’s nakedness across the room, undid the button of his shorts and then slid the zipper down. The shorts fell away. They were soon followed by his briefs. Cory stepped out of the clothes and felt the cool air all over his recently showered body.

Then he noticed something. He didn’t know what it was at first, but something was off. It was a few seconds before he realized that what was wrong was that it was totally quiet in the room. There were no more noises coming from the other side of the room. Cory listened for a few more seconds, then he stole a glance over at Shawn.

Shawn was standing there by his bed. He was totally naked. He was staring Cory right in the eyes.

Cory was frozen. His stomach started doing somersaults and his heart was pounding. He tried to keep his breathing steady. The air all of a sudden felt cold. The moment seemed to stretch out into forever. Cory didn’t break eye contact with Shawn. That is, he didn’t break eye contact until Shawn started moving.

It was barely noticeable at first, but Shawn took a step forward. Then another. The silence was broken by the soft padding of those bare feet on the wooden floor. Cory’s mind expanded to take in the rest of the scene he was now in the middle of. Shawn’s eyes were but one of the parts of that scene. The first thing he noticed was that Shawn’s penis was bouncing slightly with each step. That meant it was becoming rigid. Cory also noticed that his own organ had risen to a mild stand. No full erection yet. He was still perplexed.

Shawn got real close. Cory could now feel the other boy’s breath. The gradually growing penises didn’t touch as Shawn approached, because he was just slightly taller than Cory was. Just as his now almost fully erect penis was about to touch Cory’s pubic hair, Shawn stopped. His right arm came up and his fingers lightly touched Cory’s left arm.

Cory’s nerves were firing wildly. He’d only experienced this tingle in his stomach in the past by touching his penis. General physical contact with another man had heightened everything he felt. The fingers gained a light grip on Cory’s upper arm.

Before Cory could process the information, Shawn leaned in to kiss him. At first, their lips just rested peacefully against each other. As the kiss went on, mouths opened slightly and lips began to open, push, caress, squeeze. Finally, tongues began to intertwine and explore. Cory finally closed his eyes and went with it. His nerves were melting away. He inclined his head and gave just as much as he received.

Cory’s eyes snapped back open when Shawn moved in closer and pressed his body fully against Cory’s. Their penises were pressed snugly against bellies and nestled warmly in pubic hair.

The kiss continued. Now, Cory’s arms finally found their way around Shawn, the way Shawn’s had found their way around him as soon as they stood together. Cory pressed his palms against the smoothness of the other guy’s back. The touching skin between them was getting very warm now. Shawn’s hands were starting to roam all over Cory’s back and neck. The coldness in the air around them seemed to have evaporated. Finally, Cory managed to start his hands moving. They slid very slowly back and forth across the warm skin and the rigidity of the spine.

Shawn’s hands had made their way slowly down the small of Cory’s back until finally, his right hand gently allowed its fingers to brush the peak of Cory’s smooth right buttock, then through the top of the crack that had now begun to develop a coating of sweat. Then the lightly sweat flecked fingers finished their journey on the peak of the left buttock. This movement brought a slight, involuntary moan from Cory.

Shawn broke the kiss. Cory opened his eyes and looked at Shawn, who was starting very seriously (and slightly fearfully) back from behind his glasses. Shawn released Cory and Cory did the same to Shawn. Another of those moments passed in which both boys simply stood and stared. Cory was wondering what Shawn was doing, why he had stopped.

Then, with an enormously gentle touch, Shawn put his left arm on Cory’s right upper arm and pulled toward him. This pulling from one side had the effect of suggesting that Cory turn around. And Cory let Shawn’s arm persuade him to a position in which he was facing his bunk, his back to Shawn. Then he felt a hand on his back between his shoulder blades and one on the front of his hip. The one on his back pushed with almost no force and the one on his hip pulled with that same lack of urgency.

It was a suggestion.

Oh my God! He’s bending me over. He wants to make love.

Cory bent over until his hands were on the bedspread. Then he saw Shawn’s hand come before him and pick up his wet soap. Behind him, he heard the squishing of soap being run between hands. After a few seconds of this, he felt something that almost made him jump.

Shawn placed a soapy finger at Cory’s anus and began to push it in. Though it felt awkward, the finger slid in without much of a problem. Cory had never felt anything inside him before. The instinct was to flex and push it out, and he suppressed it. The finger felt around for awhile, then pulled out. Then two fingers were placed at Cory’s anus. They went in much more slowly. Cory felt his sphincter starting to stretch in order to accommodate the inserted digits. Cory found he could feel the contours of the fingers as they pushed into him. When they were all the way inside, he felt better. Stretched, but better. Then Shawn removed them. Three fingers were next. This one was hard. Shawn moved slowly, but it still hurt. Cory’s anus was being pulled in all directions. He clenched his teeth as Shawn pushed in. He started to feel full when the fingers were almost all the way in. Just when he was certain his anus could take no more, the fingers stopped. He gripped the bed sheet in his hands, trying to relax and get past the pain. His rectum felt filled. Shawn rubbed Cory’s bum with his free hand.

The fingers finally receded. Shawn actually felt empty when they were gone. His anus tingled. His breathing relaxed. Then he heard the squishing sounds of the soap again. This time they were from Shawn’s hands as they used the substance to lubricate his penis. Shawn’s hand put the soap back onto Cory’s towel on the bed, then he stood back up straight. Cory waited in the silence of the room for what would come next.

The first touch was totally unlike the fingers. This touch was incredibly soft, but much more rigid, less flexible. It rubbed up and down just a tiny bit over his anus, then it began a pushing motion. The tip of Shawn’s penis was now making its way past the sphincter and into Cory’s body.

At first, just the tiniest bit of the tip was in him and it was okay, but it got bigger fast. The flared purple head began making its way into his bowels and his anus was immediately pulled taught again. He gripped the bed sheet. This was just the head and it seemed to go on forever. The skin of his anus was as strained as it had ever been in his life. Shawn’s penis may not have been big, but it was more than big enough for Cory’s backside.

Cory’s clenched his teeth and started to breath deep, and then the pressure on his anus dropped. The flared head of Shawn’s penis was inside him. He relaxed just a little bit.

“How are you?” Shawn asked.

“I’m . . . I’m okay.” Cory tried to get his voice under control.

“Just tell me when you’re okay to go farther.”

Cory took his time. He let his bum get used to the new situation and after awhile his anus felt better. It was still stretched, but the pain had receded.

“Okay. I’m ready.”

He grabbed the bed sheets again. Shawn placed his hands on Cory’s hips and began to apply a gentle pressure with hips, pushing him gradually inside Cory’s rectum. The pain began to flare back up when Shawn started going in again. This time, there would be no more relief like he got when the head went in. It was just increasing girth until the end. The pace Shawn was setting was going to make it possible, though. Cory knew he’d be fine.

Then there was a crunch of shoes on the gravel path outside the cabin. Both boys froze for a split second. Their hearts, already beating fast because of the experience, began racing now. Cory reacted instinctively and flexed his rectal muscles. Shawn took the hint and his paralysis broke. He pulled himself out of Cory and ran for his bed. Cory did the same.

They just made it into their beds when the door opened and Joe and Lawrence came in. The other guys talked noisily, ignoring their supposedly sleeping roommates. They got ready for bed and didn’t seem to notice that Cory and Shawn were not in fact asleep.

Cory just lay there. He pressed his hand to his anus. It was tingling after the exertion. He ran two fingers over it as Joe and Lawrence began to talk in their beds. Cory didn’t hear a word of their conversation. He just rubbed his anus and thought of Shawn.

* * *

Cory and Shawn didn’t speak to each other all morning. It had nothing to do with any shame or regret. What prevented them from talking was the sheer size of what had happened. They felt the awe that any virgins feel when it comes to sex. Not fantasies or porn or masturbation, but honest to God sexual intercourse. Cory still had butterflies in his stomach.

They finally managed to speak to each other when they were in the cafeteria and had the table all to themselves.

“Um. How are you?” Shawn asked.

“Okay. I guess.”

That was it for a few seconds.

“It was tingling all night.” Cory said.

“That’s because you’re not used to stretching like that, I guess.”

“Have you ever. . .?”

“No. I’m a virgin, too. I don’t know what I was doing last night. I was in bed thinking about how it all happened.”

“Me, too.”

But neither one had a logical explanation for how bold they’d been so soon.

“So. . .” Shawn looked like he was about to break out into a sweat, “do you, um, do you want to try it again?”

“What about Joe and Lawrence?”

“I heard from the girls that they’re going into town tonight. I guess Joe struck out here and wants to try again elsewhere.”

“Well. Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I kinda liked it.”

Shawn smiled. “Me, too. You, uh. . .”


Shawn hesitated for a moment before finishing, “You have a, nice butt.” He turned blood red.

“Thanks. You do, too.”

They both started to chuckle. With the ice broken, their comfort restored and their true feelings laid bare, they started to talk again in their old comfortable rhythm.

* * *

The rest of the day was a mix of heaven and hell. They worked easily together and had a great day with the kids, but they were living with an anticipation that they hadn’t known since they were children waiting for Christmas.

* * *

The girls were right. As night wore on, Joe and Lawrence prepared to head into town. They lingered for awhile, making sure they had everything they felt they needed. They didn’t want to wait too long before getting going because they knew they would have to get up early the next morning with the kids. And it was already getting late.

“Get your ass in gear,” Joe said to Lawrence as the smaller guy was searching in his bag for something.

“Hang on, I’m looking for. . . got it.”

He took his wallet out of his bag and pocketed it. Then, in a flash, the two of them were out the door.

Cory and Shawn got up and went to one of the front windows to watch the others walk out into the night. They needed to be sure that neither one was going to forget anything and come walking back. Neither one slowed his pace; they just kept walking.

The butterflies were back big-time when Cory and Shawn turned to look at each other. Shawn leaned in for a kiss and they wrapped their arms around each other. The kiss began sweetly and softly, but as they moved away from the window and toward the beds, the kiss grew insistent. Finally, the boys could stand no more, and they separated.

Shirts were pulled off, and shorts and underwear were soon to follow. The naked bodies moved close, but did not come into contact. Shawn stroked Cory’s chest and smiled at him. Cory wrung his fists with a little in nervousness (a nervousness that was with him ever since that shower) and smiled back. Cory’s eyes flashed over toward the bed, where his shower supplies were lying. He walked slowly over to the bottom bunk and bent over, placing his hands on his towel. Shawn picked up the soap and began the lubrication of penis and anus. Without any further hesitation, Shawn grabbed his slick organ and placed it between the cleft of Cory’s buttocks, at his anal entrance.

Cory felt it begin all over again. The stretching of his anus was just as painful as it was last night, but the insertion of he head took less time. Almost as soon as Cory felt himself being penetrated, the head slipped in and the tension of the sphincter relaxed. Tonight, however, Shawn didn’t need to ask for an okay to move forward. They’d come this far last night, and now both were prepared to finish.

As the first inch made its way into his rectum, Cory felt the intensity of the pain return. This time, however, he also noticed other things. Since they were past the insertion of the head, Cory could now feel that flared part of the member inside him. The walls of his rectum seemed to be hugging the incoming organ, giving him a feel for its outline.

The pain grew worse. The bed sheet was clenched so tightly in his hands that he’d pulled it askew on the bed. That full feeling in his bowels was intensifying. And he noticed something else. Shawn’s penis was emanating its own warmth inside him. The rigid shape traveling his rectum was almost hot.

His sphincter was now numb. Even though the penis in him was only in his rectum, he could feel full even in his stomach. The contours of Shawn’s penis were more perceptible. He could gauge its shape just from the feeling. The flared head, the increasing girth of the penis as it ran its way back into Shawn’s body.

Then he felt a tickling on his lower back. That beautiful, thick thatch of pubic hair was grazing the top of his butt. He was almost there. And with one final, gentle movement of Shawn’s hips, he was there.

Everything below his stomach felt full and there was a pressure deep in his lower back. The skin of his buttocks was snugly pressed against Shawn’s groin. Shawn didn’t move. He simply held in place.

“Just tell me when you’re ready,” he said sweetly.

And Cory took his time. He let his body adjust to this new feeling. This first night was going to hurt, but he knew that. His body wouldn’t be able to do this smoothly for some time. He cast his mind on the delightful tingle that Shawn’s penis was causing deep in his back and stomach.


That’s all Shawn needed.

The penis in Cory now withdrew a little bit, then pushed its way back in to the hilt. Cory clenched his teeth against the pain in his anus and had to suppress a yelp of pleasure when Shawn’s penis once again found that sweet spot inside him. Shawn’s thrusts became slightly longer and his pumping became slightly quicker. Cory felt the flared purple head rubbing the walls of his rectum. His insides were gripping that loving penis tightly.

He could feel Shawn’s hands gripping his hips as he pumped his hips in and out. With every stroke in, Cory was tickled by Shawn’s pubic curls. There was a light fleshy rubbing sound when his butt came into contact with Shawn’s groin.

Both boys were breathing heavily. The numbness in Cory’s anus was total now and all that was left was the pleasure and the fullness of having Shawn’s penis in him. Smooth warm skin touching smooth warm skin. The pumping hips behind him had picked up enough strength to begin rocking him back and forth gently.

“Unh, unh, unh, unh.” It was Shawn. It took Cory a second to notice the room had gotten noisier. On top of that, he realized when he heard Shawn’s moaning that he too was making noises, and had been for some time. “Mmf, mnn, mng.”

The smells in the room had also changed. The air was thicker and saltier. Their bodies were starting to sweat. Shawn’s penis was now soaked in precum. Both boys’ groins were hot. Cory didn’t have to put his hand near his penis to know that the whole area, from pubic hair right in under his legs, had heated up and begun to smell of sex. He’d never taken much notice of this thick, salty smell when he masturbated but now it was intensified greatly.

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