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The Student

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

It was a warm humid day in late September when I was doing something as mundane as mowing the lawn when it happened.

I became aware of someone on the drive way as I was finishing off the last few bits. At first my only reaction was ‘Let’s get this over first’. I had to turn a few times with the machine and I tried to acknowledge his presence but he seemed to be attending to something on his bicycle. I can’t say I really noticed all that much more then and if he had just gone away I probably would never have remembered about it for more than five minutes. How different it was!

“Hi that’s a good job done then!” He was well spoken and quite extraordinarily handsome. It’s hard to remember what it was then but he had a sort of poise about him which gave him an almost aristocratic air.

“Oh well, thanks! Compliments are always gratefully received!” As I said this I had in mind partly that he seemed to be admiring me. I should say that I had taken my shirt off partly to keep cool and also to catch some of the last of the summer sun.

“I’m sorry to bother actually but …”

“Don’t worry it’s a most welcome interruption!” I said smiling. “How can I help you?”.

“I’m a first year student at the university and I’m trying to find accommodation. Do you know of anyone around here who might have a room to spare?”

“Yea I was reading about this in the local paper, apparently students are sleeping in corridors and lecture theatres. Let me think now ..”

“No please don’t worry it’s just that I thought you might know of someone”.

“Sorry what was your name, mine’s Carl by the way?”

“Oh I’m Rickie, well short for Richard I suppose but that’s what my friends call me.”

I was on the verge of offering him a room in my house right then and I was wondering if there was any reason why I shouldn’t. I had this feeling that I just could not send this nice young guy away without helping him.

“Rickie there’s really got to be something seriously wrong with the system when a guy like you can’t find a room!” I couldn’t help looking into his big blue eyes. He had short fair hair which just covered his ears and his smooth well filled cheeks were so suggestive of something they just made me quite excited.

“Oh I’d better get on and see what I can find” he said firmly and, with a resignation of purpose, turned to bid me goodbye.

“Hang on a minute! Would you consider taking a room in my house? There is a spare room. Would you be allowed to do that or is there some approval system?”

“To hell with any approval system; if they won’t help me why should I care? No of course I’d consider taking it but are you sure you really want to take me?”

“Why shouldn’t I? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you Rickie is there? It certainly doesn’t look like it! I was more concerned that you might not want to commit yourself so quickly perhaps you’d prefer to look around.”

“I just can’t believe it! This is better than anything I could have expected!”

“Hang on! you haven’t seen the room yet. Hey I’d better fetch my shirt and look a bit more respectable for the occasion” I said jokingly.

“No don’t do that for me you look terr.. I mean you’re fine!” He flushed red at his mistake and I grabbed my shirt but simply put it down on a chair inside. There was just a hint of conspiracy about the smile he gave me. I showed him his room but he only looked around very briefly. “Are you really sure you mean this?” he repeated.

I had never before seen such a fabulously attractive guy; in fact I didn’t really consider myself gay and here was this complete stranger who was blowing me over with his most infectious smile!

“I have never been so sure of anything in my life!” I said and briefly without thinking I found myself hugging him. “Now let’s get down to practicalities. Let’s have a mug of something together coffee, tea, what would you like?” I went on unperturbed as he seemed to be steadying himself. We went outside again to put his bike in the garage and he removed a small shoulder bag he had strapped to the rear.

“Is that all you’ve got?”

“Yea well another student, who’s got a hostel room, let me sleep on the floor but it’s not really allowed and I could have got him in trouble. All my other stuff is at my parent’s place. It’s not a lot!” he added hastily.

“I don’t mind , in fact perhaps I can drive you over and help you ferry it.”

“Oh no!” he replied very quickly. “I mean sorry! Thanks! but it’s not much really I can just put it in a bag and take it on the train. I’ve got a student card you see” he added as if to give further credence but I had guessed he thought my appearance would cause him some embarrassment.

“That’s OK Rickie, look um … what are you studying at Uni. then?” I could see he felt a bit uneasy about refusing my offer.

“I’m doing catering and hotel management.” then after a pause, “Don’t say it I know what you’re thinking ‘You can do the cooking’ well yes I certainly would like to help out if you like. I love cooking you see”

“It just keeps getting better!” I replied. “So back to practical matters; I think a trip to the supermarket is required and with such a qualification I’m going have to ask you to accompany me!”

“Steady on I haven’t started the course yet!”

“You don’t need to, to know more about cooking than I do! Since Suzie left I’ve had to make do and oh! by the way, I should have explained. I had a female partner called Suzie who left me a couple of months ago. We weren’t married and there weren’t any kids thankfully”

“I’m really sorry to hear that!” Rickie interrupted “Why on earth would a girl leave you!? No sorry; I don’t know what I’m talking about!”

“No it’s alright; it’s me really; I’m just no good with girls I’m afraid and that’s it. I’m always saying the wrong thing or not saying the right thing or not doing the right……. Oh I don’t know. The trouble is I’ve had a couple of women sort of throw themselves at me then it doesn’t work and it’s always my fault!… Come on we’ll take the car”

Rickie was full of ideas in the supermarket and I had to restrain him from loading all sorts of exotic things into the trolley. Then we suddenly realised we hadn’t discussed what he would pay for lodgings. In was so unbusinesslike that in most cases any one would have thought we were heading for disaster!

“Come on fajitas are a must! It’s Mexican, have you never had them?”

“Yes of course I have and I have actually helped make them!” There was something about our banter which may have predicted the way our relationship was going because, when as went to pay, the girl on the checkout said something like; “Nice you’ve got a new partner”

“What did she say?” insisted Rickie squeezing my arm till it hurt.

“Oh she’s a hell of a gossip. Suzie always went to her till and would take ages gassing and holding up all the other customers.”

“You haven’t answered my question! Come on!! How the hell can she … well … think that…” Rickie was struggling for words now.

“So what did you think she was thinking?… I think you heard perfectly well Rickie!”

“We are going to dish up fajitas right?” Rickie had found an apron, rolled up his sleeves and looked very professional. He caught me admiring his newly exposed arms. I just couldn’t help it! Once again I was almost mesmerised by him. He started preparing the meat, vegetables and spices while I did the easy bit with the tortillas.

“How’s that?” I said proudly having wrapped the first fajita. “Looks good doesn’t it?”

“Oh well yes” Rickie said. We both looked and for some reason burst out laughing together. “Actually um, I think it’s a bit small!”

“Small? Small for what? Oh too small for you, you mean; well you’re only going to put it in you’re mouth!” I didn’t really mean it to turn out like that but we both fell about laughing.

“I want a full explanation about this joke immediately Mr Chef here, otherwise you fail your exams!!” I said wagging my finger at him.

“What sort of examination had you in mind then?!” said Rickie with a mischievous smile.

“Rickie I never knew you had such a one track mind on such a simple thing as a rather small fajita? Now lets see!” I said picking one up. “Are you not satisfied with that?” Rickie was laughing so much now that he had to grip my arm to steady himself

“Don’t you think it’s time we pulled ourselves together and got on with it.” But it was no good, neither of could say anything that didn’t make it even worse!

After the meal I suggested to Rickie that he might want to retire to his room. It created a slighted awkward moment between us because he thought I was trying to get rid of him and I had to explain to him that I just didn’t want him to feel obliged to be with me all the time if he wanted time to himself.

“Anyway I’ going to watch that series on TV ‘Mon Ami’, it’s the next episode tonight.”

“Oh I love that! Can we watch it together?”

“Yes Rickie of course I would love that. I was going to have a quick shower first because it starts in ten minutes.”

“Yea I’ll do the same straight after you if that’s OK”

So it was. I had gone straight into the living room after my shower with just in a towel around me as usual. I shouted to Rickie that the shower room was free and turned on the TV. Rickie took a little longer and the program was about to start when he came out so I called to him to come straight over.

“I’m only in my towel!” he protested putting his head around the door.

“Just come on in or you’ll miss the start”

“But they’re still on the adverts! Shouldn’t I go and put something on?”

“If you really want to but I have to say you look pretty good as you are!” He did too and fact I had never seen anyone look so utterly sexy as Rickie did, bare from the waste up. He was so fabulously fit and perfectly built with beautifully rounded smooth muscles but without being effeminate in any way. The sight of him like this was giving me a hell of a hard-on and it was hard not to show it with just a towel round me.

Rickie had not responded to my suggestion and but instead returned a compliment to me. I was getting more excited.

“I think I’d better draw the main curtains, we don’t want gossips peering through the netting do we?”

“Perhaps the girl from the supermarket would like to? Should we ring her!?” suggested Rickie.

I got up to draw the curtain and as I was doing so it got stuck on the runners so I had to stretch up and free it with both hands. At this point I felt the loose knot in the towel around my waste unravel and in a fraction of a second I was standing there completely in the nude with Rickie shamelessly looking on and laughing.

“Sorry!” I said hurriedly pulling the towel back around me but I detected that Rickie was getting very aroused himself. I walked slowly over towards him.

“You really must never apologise for yourself Carl.” He said rather unsteadily and gazing straight up at me. I was standing right in front of him now and he was staring straight at the bulge in my towel. “I think you’re concealing one of our fajitas down there!” Then as I very slowly and deliberately undid the knot. “Wow you’re huge man!” but then he tried to recompose himself. “This is what I meant by a decent size!” but then he gripped my cock in his hand and started gently squeezing me. I was so hard and having Rickie doing this was sending thrills right through me. I let go of everything and putting my hand gently behind his head I drew him towards me. Rickie didn’t need me to tell him what to do! With my hand in his beautiful soft hairs I felt his lips closing around my knob. It was beyond description! I was going out of my mind! To see this beautiful boy taking me was one thing but to feel his warm mouth and tongue exploring my raging prick! How could I keep any control of myself? I knew I would blow prematurely if I didn’t take a lead quickly.

Rickie sensed I wanted to lie with him on the sofa. We quickly got into a sixty nines position and I wasted no time getting at the parts of him I most wanted. He let me pull his towel apart. I found it even harder to control myself as I started to expose his beautiful smooth white skin around his genitals. Rickie’s dick was long and rather slim but so beautifully full and rounded like everything else in his body. It was all so pink and smooth but I could see little blood vessels just under his tight skin and around his lovely big balls. As I went to lick him he firmed right up and it suddenly got so rigid I realised what an incredible virile young man he was.

Don’t ask me how I held out this long Rickie was certainly not helping by working his tongue around my knob then sucking hard. He was bringing me so close to orgasm he was getting lots of precum from me. But as I sucked him I couldn’t take my eyes off those smooth fair folds of his lower buttocks where they met in a fantastically sexy slit. Suddenly I decided I just had to get at his bottom. At first he seemed to resist my attempts to part his slit and get between his big firm buttocks. I was so desperate to get in there and find his cherry.

“Don’t you like that?” I asked softly.

“Oh no!, Yes! please go on I’m just ticklish!” he said giggling.

His deep sexy slit was all the more exciting as he tried to squeeze his firm boy buns together. I was in a frenzy of excitement as I pulled them hard apart and buried my face in his deep cleft so much that I managed to stretch my tongue in enough to reach his cherry. I could feel it flexing on the tip of my tongue. Rickie was so sensitive and at that point he seemed to surrender every bit of resistance to me. I was licking the most beautiful ripe anal cherry still softly smelling of shower gel and surrounded by the sexiest smooth rounded buttocks you can imagine. I realised why I had found his face cheeks so sexy.

But now as I licked him, he parted his legs a bit and I noticed his sphincter was relaxing so I was able to dip my tongue right inside him. It took me unawares. In seconds I was exploring him and licking his inner sphincter muscle which had opened very slightly suggesting he was ready to take me. The sight of this open pink hole just asking to be fucked was more than I could stand and Rickie was sucking me harder than and seemed to have my dick half way down his throat! In moments the orgasm was upon me. I felt I huge sensation as my sex glands went into spasms and I felt my spunk shooting down my raging cock shaft. I was wishing it into his bum hole but actually I shot my whole load into his mouth.

Then events took a dramatic turn as Rickie suddenly switched his attentions to my bum or, to be more precise, my asshole. He sprung up from the couch vigorously His eyes were blazing like fire. Then he roughly pulled apart my buttocks burying his face in my bottom and I could feel his tongue probing my anus and delivering mouthfuls of sticky slimy cum into my bum hole. It all happened so quickly. Rickie was mad like he was crazy with excitement now. Then suddenly without a word he drove his long slim shaft straight up my slimy asshole. I felt him surging up inside me. I was more wonderful even than anything else I can think of. This beautiful boy was fucking me really hard up my bottom and his cock was so hard inside me and his body movements so vigorous. This super fit guy was really doing me like an Olympic athlete. Looking round I could see his superb body and his boy muscles flexing as he relentlessly pounded my ass; then suddenly he let out a yell and I felt his cock jerking as a huge surge of his warm sperm flooded into my rectum.

I was almost exhausted by this time but Rickie had rushed off into the shower slamming the door behind him. At first I thought he had to go to the toilet in a hurry but when he didn’t come back for a while I went to investigate.

“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry, I’ll have to go! I’m really sorry I completely lost it. This will never work out I’ve just got to go!!” He was shouting at this stage and terribly upset.

“OK Rickie! I’m sorry too but I’m not going to keep you against your will. We’d better go and get your bike out of the garage. This is awful I hope you are not going to do anything stupid. Come on promise me Rickie!!” I insisted. I was desperate to persuade him to stay.

When he started to wheel his bike out of the garage it was obvious that the front tyre was completely flat.

“You can’t go like that I’ll have to repair it for you. Come on it won’t take long!”

I soon found some tools and undid the wheel nuts and removed both tyre and tube. I knew it would not be long before Rickie recovered from his reaction.

“Hey Rickie can you run me a quick errand? Go up to the kitchen and get a bole of water. We will need it to find the hole. In fact it probably wasn’t necessary but it helped to calm him down. I pumped up the tube put it in the water and showed him where the bubbles arose. Then I applied solution and pressed on a patch.

“You’re so good at it. I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that!”

“Look Rickie, as far as I am concerned there’s only one thing that matters here and that’s you! I really don’t like the idea of you going off into the night. I really love you Rickie! Don’t you know that!?”

“I sorry really I just lost my head”

“Is this ‘sorry about being sorry’ then? Oh Rickie you’re a funny guy!” I had taken my shirt off to do the tyre and now I pulled him against me and he sobbed on my shoulder. “There’s always a first time for everyone and you performed perfectly.”

“Oh I don’t know! just watching you smoothing that inner tube and plugging that hole that seems to be sending me all in a tizzy again. I don’t know how I can control myself again ever!” he said rather unnecessarily.

“Well Rickie this is my workshop and this is where I get things like that done. Plugging holes in smooth surfaces! But you are admittedly much better in the kitchen and the living room.” We both laughed. “How about another little errand so I can do some more unfinished work”

“What do you mean?” he asked innocently.

“Rickie I want you to go up to the living room and, do you remember there was rug folded on one of the chairs, bring that down and a little olive oil in a cup from the kitchen and some soap and then I can do my next job!”

I think Rickie guessed what I had in mind but he did it all the same. So when he returned quickly with the rug we spread it on the floor and I calmly undressed him removing first his shirt then pulling his jeans and his pants down till he was once again superbly naked. His slim cock was filling like a rubber hose swells as water passes through it and so I gently felt him and squeezed it a little. It readied him for what I wanted to do next so I pulled my pants down in front of him to reveal my cock which was now quite large and felt very tight. I loved it when Rickie gazed at me and I got a huge thrill as he gently felt me. But this time I was going for his bottom make no mistake!

I knew from licking him that he was quite tight. It was one thing to dip my tongue in but quite another to insert my cock without hurting him so I knew I had to be patient and dilate him gradually. Above all I knew that to keep Rickie I had to do him really thoroughly, then there would be no more running away!

I had a selection of screwdrivers of various sizes with smooth rounded orange handles so I used the soap to wash them well in the water bole then gently applied some Olive oil to Rickie’s sensitive asshole. I couldn’t resist licking his oily cherry first and soon he started opening up as before. Thus time I gently pushed the handle of the smallest tool and, applying a gentle pressure on his anus, watched him yield and gradually take it in. Then I slowly slipped it up inside his bottom. I loved the sight of the skin around his sphincter as it stretched to accommodate the girth of the handle and to see the whole tool disappearing into that lovely smooth sexy bum! He groaned with delight as I worked it up inside him and teased his prostate. He had never experienced anything like this before and he gasped as he threw his head form side to side. This was what he really needed doing to him. Having someone control you sexually by his physical presence inside your rectum is the most powerful experience any man can have.

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