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February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

I was at Chad’s house, in his bedroom, playing a game on the computer, when he came in. I was staying with his family for the summer. He walked over to the desk by the chair and hit my elbow, making me miss my shot. I pushed him and he jokingly shoved me back, giggling.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah, shut up Brodie!”

“Make me.”

I laughed, punched his arm and ran as fast as I could for the kitchen.

“Hey Chad, what’s good to eat?”

Chad chased after me, skidding across the kitchen tile in his socks, almost knocking me over, as I looked in the fridge.

“Well, we’ve got some hot dogs, pizza, mac & cheese and that’s about it.”

“Um, you can have the hot dogs, Brodie,” hogging the last slice of pizza, poking my ribs. Chad headed for the living room. I plopped down on the couch beside him, taking the remote and surfing the channels on his big screen.

“Fuck that! You go eat hot dogs.”

I jabbed his arm yanking the pizza from his hand, just as he was about to take a bite. He jumped on top of me and I let him pull me onto the floor. Straddling my waist, holding the pizza, squishing it in his fingers, he wiped it over the front of my T-shirt. I punched him fairly hard this time in the shoulder. Rolling over I pinned Chad down on his back, lying on top of him.

“Get off of me!”

I did, then sat on the floor beside him laughing. I pulled my T-shirt off, and threw it at him, hitting him in the face. He stood up, licking the sauce from his slender fingers. Taking off his shirt, he tossed it to me.

“Here put this on.”

“I don’t want your shirt.”


He got up and walked to his room. I followed him, standing in the doorway watching.

“Why are you following me?”

“No reason. I’ll go back in the living room and put your damn shirt on. I wouldn’t want you popping a hard on, because I was walking around half naked.”

He leaned out the door yelling, “Good call dick licker!”

After a few minutes he came out of his room with a clean shirt on, walked into the living room with an arm load of clothes.

“Laundry time.”

He was on the way to the laundry room, and I went too.

“Let me help,” I reached out taking clothes from his arms.

“Don’t forget to separate the colors and whites in the load Brodie?”

“Shut up fuck face!”

I crammed all the clothes, his and mine into the washer in one big clump. I hated doing laundry, but since they were nice enough to let me stay, I figured I better help out.

“Now I know why your clothes look like shit.”

“Huh? Well excuse me. You do it then.”

Chad stopped the water, and picked through, carefully sorting everything. Now instead of one nice big load, he had three smaller loads that needed to be done. He was frustrating the hell out of me.

“Chad, you are anally retentive.”

“Haha! I didn’t think you could even say the word anal with a straight face.”

I crossed my eyes, and stuck my tongue out at him.

“I can’t. See, anal retentive boy.”

I went to see the score of the game, when he came back into the living room and sat on the couch. I noticed some sauce on his arm from the pizza. I ran my finger over the spot, then licked it suggestively and laughed.

“I know you’re gay Brodie? You just licked me.”

I took his scrawny neck in the crook of my arm, pulling him to the floor. We wrestled for a few minutes. My out weighting him by at least forty pounds, I easily had him pinned to the floor, his chest in the tan carpet, sitting on his arse.

“No man, I didn’t lick you. You just wished I would lick you, dick weed.”

I let him up. Breathlessly, I sat back on the couch. He climbed up and sat with me. His top lip was covered in nothing but sweat and sporting a big grin. Unlike myself, already having shaved this morning and needing it again, he couldn’t grow facial hair if he wanted to.

“Oh, you just got me good,” he laughed, punching me in the knee, “Dumb ass.”


Seizing his arm as he swung again, twisting it behind his back, I pushed his face down on the couch, my knee in the center of his back.

“You like it rough, eh?”

“Oh yeah baby, stick it in me.”

Leaning in, joking in my most girlie mocking voice, “I will if you really want me to.” I grabbed his ribs, tickling, then jumped off and ran for his parent’s bedroom, trying to shut the door.

“I felt your pecker poking my back Brodie!”

He shoved his arm in the door, just as I was about to slam it shut. Reaching in, he tried to grab me.

“Get the fuck out of there.”

“No way Chad.”

“Why not. Afraid I will see your raging cock. You want to bend me over and hump my ass, don’t you?”

Still pushing against the door and laughing, “No man. Stop screwing with me Chad.”

He stopped trying to get into the room, so I opened the door. I walked as quickly past him as I could, keeping my back to him. I could feel myself blushing, not knowing why our usual joking and rough housing seemed to be on a different level.

“Dude, stop and look at me.”

I just kept walking, then stopped in the hall, in front of his bedroom.

“Turn around. Prove to me that your dick isn’t as hard as a rock, because you want to fuck me.”

“Come on man, stop this shit.”

This game Chad was playing was getting old, and wasn’t so funny anymore. Looking back over my shoulder, he was slyly grinning. He walked up behind me, extending his hand.

“Okay man, no hard feelings?”

I reached my hand out to shake. Chad clasped my fingers tightly, pulling me into him, grabbing my crotch. It was a very uncomfortable moment for me.

“I knew it, chump.”

I shoved him aside running to the kitchen for the back door to leave. I didn’t want to leave, but felt embarrassed. Not because I was hard, but because it was a pleasant experience having had his hand there. He came up from behind and took hold of my shoulder.

“Stop Brodie.”

I didn’t turn around.


“I was just giving you a hard time dude. Come here.”

I pulled out of his grasp. I backed away, wiping the sweat from my face. I turned looking him in the eyes. He stepped forward, dropped to his knees and started to unbutton my jeans. I just stood there stunned, but let him.

“Holy shit! What the fuck are you doing?”

Chad just smiled and winked at me, reaching in and pulling out my penis. He wrapped his pink warm lips over it. I closed my eyes, feeling my knees get weak. I held onto the counter top.


Chad’s tongue worked over the tip, twirling over my swollen shaft, as he bobbed back and forth. I couldn’t help myself, thrusting my hips forward. He gagged, as I pulled his head closer.

“Holy fuck Chad!”

Holding my ass cheeks he pulled me toward him, as I ran my fingers in his shoulder length golden hair. I bit my bottom lip and looked down at him, as he looked up at me with his big blue eyes. He pulled off my peter, smiling, then sucking my shaven balls as he stroked me. He kept up his constant assault on my cock and sack for several minutes. I couldn’t believe the words that next came out of my mouth.

“You want me to fuck you?”

He didn’t answer, but nodded his head. I lifted him up by the arms, shoved him into the cupboards and we kissed passionately. Pulling a handful of his hair, I dragged him over to the kitchen table. My large hands met his, fumbling to undo his belt and unzip his jeans. His pants at his ankles, I slapped his ass hard twice. Hunching over the table, he held his arms out to steady himself. I spit in my hand and rubbed it over his hole, he flinched at my touch.

“Do you have protection Chad?”

“Sorry. No. Do me bareback Brodie.”

“You want me to pull out before I cum?”

“Make me your bitch. Do what you want with your cum.”

I shoved his face down into the pine table, leaning in, licking his ear, breathing in his scent, rubbing my cock over his crack.

“Fucking stick it in me.”

“Are you sure? You ever been screwed before?”

“No. . . But, I want you to fuck me.”

Grinding his very white ass against me, I slapped him, slipping my cock past his ring. Squeezing my legs around his, he started to whimper as I slid all the way in. We just stood there for a moment, his body shaking. Pulling out, holding his hair, I pushed in, then out, over and over. My eyes were closed. The sound of my balls slapping against his ass and our groans filled the room.

“I love the feeling of your cock in me.”

Caught up in the moment, the words brought me back to reality. I was now having sex with a guy, with Chad, my best friend. I pulled out and backed up. Chad stood and turned, looked up at me, his face red, perspiration on his brow. He was breathing hard, his lithe body glistening in the midday sun that shone in the window. All the years I had known him, and all the times I slept beside him camping and hiking and I had no clue, that we would end up like this. I was seeing him for the first time. He was looking at me with an expression of pure panic. He knew I was having second thoughts, that my brain had finally gotten enough blood away from my cock to think straight. I pulled my pants up and looked down at the floor. Chad did the same and ran from the room.

I stood in front of the bathroom door, afraid to knock. He had been in there for a while. I had cleaned up in his parent’s bathroom and packed my clothes in my duffle. I wasn’t sure, but I had thought I heard him crying before the shower had started. I tried the handle, but the door was locked. It was probably for the best, because I didn’t know what to say.

I jumped as a finger tapped my shoulder. Turning around I saw that it was Chad’s mom, home from work.

“You’re packed. Are you leaving Brodie?”

My face flushed as my eyes glanced up from the floor. I had known his mom for years and had never been shy around her before, but really I didn’t have an answer for her. I wasn’t sure where to go. My parents weren’t expecting me home. They were vacationing in Europe. Even though I insisted that being 18 and a legal adult I would be fine home alone, they had asked Chad’s folks if I could stay with them. We were both glad when they said yes, because it was going to be one of the last times we saw each other. Although we had applied at the same schools, he had been accepted on the east coast, and I was going west.

“Um, back home, I think.”

“Okay, what’s going on? You guys have a fight?”

Swallowing hard, my thoughts went back to the kitchen. I kept looking down at the rug, and wondering if we left any clues behind as to what had really happened.

“No. Not exactly.”

Just then, Chad stepped out of the bathroom in his robe.

“He isn’t going anywhere. Come on Brodie,” he motioned.

I picked up my bag and followed him into his room. The two of us were never at a loss for words, but as I stood there in the doorway, eternity had seemed to pass before Chad had spoken.

“Close the door dude. Sit.”

I put my duffle bag down and sat on his bed. I tried to keep my eyes off of him. Didn’t know if he really wanted me to stay, or was just trying to keep his mom from pumping me for information? Awkward was the only way to describe things now. He went to his dresser and pulled out a cigarette and lit up. Holding it out to me, I shook my head declining. Taking a long drag, he blew the smoke toward the ceiling. I couldn’t help but notice that drops of water were still beaded on his well developed pecs. Sighing, I leaned back on the bed, trying to think of anything that would stop the reaction seeing him was having on my body. We both were aware that the tension in the room was sexual. I kept thinking, this isn’t happening, because I am not gay, and neither is Chad. Is he?

“If you really want to leave . . . “

He didn’t finish what he was saying. Keeping my eyes shut, I thought maybe he would think I had fallen asleep. I concentrated on keeping my breaths shallow. I felt the bed give, as he lay beside me. Still I tried not to flinch. If I can just believe hard enough, today never happened, and it will all go back to the way it used to be. Our senior year, we planned our lives around each other. We shared a limo with our prom dates, and we laughed at the same silly jokes. None of it had seemed strange to me until now.

With his finger he traced along my forehead, pushing back the dark-brown hair that was dangling in my face. I know he must have seen my eyes move under the lids, as he did so. I felt his warm breath and smelled the smoke as his lips lightly met mine. Again, I fought the urge to respond.

His soft hand ran up my right arm and down to my broad chest, over my stomach, lifting up my shirt. He stroked up along, flicking my nipple ring, as my breathing quickened. There was no stopping the way I was feeling, my body covered in goose bumps. My cock started to ache it was so hard. But I stayed quiet, until I gasped, as he rubbed my erection over my pants. Pressing firmly, his hand worked slowly over my hardness, stopping only to unbutton my jeans. Peeking, I watched as he pulled my cock out of my boxers, as it stood up fully engorged. Chad kissed the tip, then went to the end of the bed. He pulled my boots off, then my pants and shorts, as I lifted my shirt off over my head. There was no longer any point in feigning that I was asleep, for my body had clearly signaled how I was feeling.

Locking the door, Chad came back to the bed, both naked, lying beside each other, staring up. He reached out feeling for me and I took his hand. Fingers intertwined, not speaking, he rolled over on top of me, his head on my shoulder, our arms to our sides. Just lying there, the weight of his body on mine, I felt his chest heave with each breath. Nuzzling my neck, he started to grind his hips, the feeling electric as our pricks rubbed together. Kissing my lips, I opened my mouth as his tongue probed inside. The more feverishly we kissed, the faster our hips swirled together. Holding his head, blonde hair still wet with water from the shower, my tongue collided with his as my hips thrust off the mattress. His breath was hot on my cheek, and I swear I could feel his heart pounding with the sound of my own echoing in my ears.

We stayed together, our sweat mingling as our bodies writhed over the sheets. Reaching under his bed, he slopped a big glob of lube on my penis. I lurched at the cold feel, and it became warm as his hand stroked over me. Still on top, he turned over, as I held my cock. He sat down over it, moaning as it slid inside his rosebud. His legs spread, mine between, he supported his weight, his arms back under him on the bed. My hands on his ass, we worked together, sliding him up and down on my prick. Amazing is the only way to describe how I was feeling. I knew he was feeling the same, as he moaned each time on the downward slide, as my meat went up his ass.

Chad was getting tired in this position and so he stopped, just laying back, with me still inside of him. We rolled to the side, and I started to pump him, feeling the walls of his chute undulating over my penis. My hands now working with his, stroking over his six inch slender hardness. Then I left him alone to do the job, my calloused hands massaging over his hips. He trembled at my touch. We were the only two people that ever lived. Now no other thoughts crept into my mind but that of the feeling of our bodies joined in passion. Loving the feel of him tightly squeezing in on my nine inches, each time I worked my hips pushing and pulling my thick shaft in and out of his splendid recesses. My head in the crook of his neck, my tongue playfully licking his ear, I moaned and exhaled each time I pumped. With one final groan, shooting my cum inside of him, his tail milked my dick until limp. It wasn’t long before he shot too. Not saying a word the whole time, we spooned, my arm over his chest, my fingers caressing his nipples.

We could finish each others sentence, but now I couldn’t find the words to say how I was feeling. I couldn’t find the courage to even speak. My head propped up on my arm, I watched as a single tear left his eye and slid down his cheek. Catching it with my finger. I put my finger to my lips, as he turned and looked up into my brown eyes.

“We have two months to figure things out. Together, Chad. I’m not going anywhere.”

He ran the palm of his hand over my cheek, and we kissed. Not a kiss of sexual passion, or of friends, but of lovers. The kind of kiss that didn’t linger on the lips, but in our hearts.

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