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Try Me Ch. 01

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Danny is a stripper. Good thing, because he has the body for it. He’s got some nice muscles stretching across hi six-foot frame, from calf to neck he’s cut and tattooed. Tribal on one bulging bicep and a dragon with girl sleeve on the other side. He looks good. Really good; especially now as he sits only three feet from me on the edge of my coffee table. Glistening from the workout he got from the striptease he did for me and from the oil he allowed me to apply to his body, he tightens and relaxes his pecs as he caresses his column. I am completely relaxed yet rigid as watch him; relaxed because this isn’t the first time we have been naked together and rigid meaning my hard-on is raging and in need of a good sucking.

I sit there moving my gaze from his face to his chest, to his cock and back up to his face, watching to see if he is fantasizing with eyes closed or taking peeks at me. What I see that he is taking good long looks at my shaft and licking his lips. This pleases me, because he has tried to tell me on other occasions that he is not gay and doesn’t think that he could get into performing fellatio on another guy. Yet here he sits, three free away from me, jerking off and close to cumming. Besides, he sure doesn’t seem to mind when I’m sucking him off and making his balls blow bigger loads that any of the little hotties he was always dancing for before he started coming to my place. There are his words, not mine!!

“Listen, I love a young girl sucking me off and I need hot moist pussy all of the time, but my nastier fantasies have to be fulfilled too, right?”

So Danny has come to see me on five different occasions. I am a paying customer and he always gives me what I pay for and I’m really glad I called his agency last September to see if they had any male strippers that would dance for men, or in this case just one man.

The first time Danny came over I was treating myself to a birthday fantasy. I have wanted to see what it would be like to have sex with another man, ever since I had first started becoming interested in girls. I was thirteen and in junior high school when I got my first glimpse of an erect cock other than my own. It was in the gym locker room…of course. He was a Latino boy with nice brown skin and his cock was stiff as any I have ever seen since. All the guys laughed at him in embarrassment, but I didn’t. I just looked and soaked it in and tried hard not to get caught doing so. I can still see his beautiful in my lust filled mind; its circumcised head, its gentle curve and tight little sack. So when Danny came over, I was very nervous. To make things worse he brought a body guard, who though he didn’t mean to intimidate me he did; to the point that there was no negotiations as to what I could do while watching him. So I got to see him undress, but my desire to masturbate while he did so, was never fulfilled. To this day, however, I can still remember the way me moved and dances so seductively. I was so turned on by his skin as he exposed more and more of it, until he was naked except for his biker boots and white socks. He was really into it, based on the magnificence of his stiff member.

To this point I had never touched another cock, much less stroked, licked and sucked on one, but god how I wanted to pay very strict attention to Danny’s. He’s circumcised, nine inches when as erect as he can get…like pre-cum time. Big enough in circumference to fill my hand and not allow my fingers to touch my thumb, unless I really squeeze (which I was thrilled to find out that Danny really liked). Even at his biggest, his cock still stands straight up and at attention, with none of the tell tale jack-off curve at all. God, his cock was perfect. I talked to Danny after his show, just before he left, and mentioned that I would like to have a private show with him and asked it he’d be averse to coming without the bodyguard next time. He seemed reticent, but promised that he would give me a call later so that we could talk more about it.

A week or so later he called and after a little small talk, he mentioned that I was his first male customer and that he didn’t know what to expect when he arrived at my place that first time. He said he was glad it was just me and that I wasn’t a flaming homosexual and that I seemed like a regular guy. I told him about my just wanting a little fantasy fulfilled and that he had fit the bill the night he came over; I was just sorry that his buddy had come with him. When he asked why, I told him that I really wanted to stroke off while he danced. He laughed and said that would probably have freaked him out that first night. He’d have been bothered by it when he first started to dance, but that once he found himself getting hard he would have been more open to me joining him in his naked dance. That’s when I mentioned his bodyguard again and he promised that if I ever wanted to see him dance again, he would not bring his friend so that I could “get my moneys worth”. Sweet!!!

The very next Sunday he was at my place at midnight. I list a number of candles and turned on the heater, so that I could see a good sweat worked up. As Danny danced and undressed, I sat on the love seat and watched him intently, and with each piece of clothing he removed I matched him. But before he could remove the g-string, I was already naked, hard and stroking to the beat of the music he was playing. He had his back to me, his hips and muscular ass swaying inches from my face. I wanted to rip the thong from his ass and bury my face in the crack. He started to slowly pull the thing down and my cock went wild as I saw more and more of his hot naked ass checks. When the thong was pulled below his ass cheeks, he slowly turned around to face me and to this day I do not know how that small bit of cloth held his massive erect cock in check. It was clinging to his member, holding on to it for dear life. Slowly he peeled the thong away from the head of his cock, allowing it to protrude for the first time. He then began to thrust his hips back and forth, coming closer and closer to my face; the things sliding down his erect shaft. I took a huge chance and reached out, hooking the thong around my thumbs to slid it down his legs as I slid of the love seat to allow myself to remove it completely.

I tossed the thong across the room and found myself on the floor just under his tight ball sack and quivering cock. Looking up at him, I asked if he would stroke his cock for me. As I climbed back up on the love seat, he wrapped his hand around his cock and started caressing it. For long, long minutes, he stroked his manhood in my face. I joined him in his efforts by working on my own. I was getting so close to cumming and just as I was going to tell him so, he let out a sigh and slowed down to an almost imperceptible stroking motion. His breathing was getting faster, his muscles shaking, his fist concentrating on the huge purple helmet his cock was not wearing and leaving the shaft to its own devices. Momentarily removing his hand, I watched as semen dribbled from the piss slit and down his glistening shaft. As I started to shoot a load of jizz onto my heaving chest, he took hold of his cock again and stroked it until his load of cum fired onto my face, chest and abdomen, there mingling with my own. I could not help myself as I tasted them. Making sure to taste his and mine separately, to compare them. I discovered that Danny’s semen was as silky and creamy as mine, and tasted of salt and cologne. Danny was watching me and said that he never has this intense an orgasm before. Much to my surprise, he asked if I would like to touch him. Assuming he was asking if I wanted to touch his cock, I reached out and caressed his balls, feeling the dampness of his efforts and the stickiness of his cum. He was a bit startled for about half a second, but soon enough was pushing towards me and I found myself touching another mans cock for the first time in my life. After hesitating for only a moment, I began to lick the head of Danny’s still stiffened cock, tasting his flesh and licking every inch of him. I did this until he was finally soft, and even then I continued. So often before, when fantasizing of giving a man head, when I shot my load the fantasy was over. It seams, however, that the real thing us a much bigger turn on than I imagined.

Danny went home soon after we were finished. Embarrassment, I suppose, rushing him on his way. I was as well, but we still took the time to make another appointment for later in the week.

I fantasized for the next three days about Danny’s throbbing member and what I wanted to do with it, so when he came by on Wednesday I was ready to see him. He seemed to be really relaxed, as he walked in. He was wearing a tank top, sandals and a pair of jean shorts. All I was wearing was a silk robe. As I sat down in my chair, he pulled of his shirt, turned on his music and started to dance, slipping off his sandals as his did. His skin was shining in the dim lighting of my living room. His movements were already arousing me and my cock was beginning to peek out of my robe; the silk fabric creating a wonderfully light feathery touch that I was really enjoying.

Danny unbuttoned his shorts and the only thing that was holding them up was his growing protuberance. Its stiffness was preventing them from dropping to his ankles. Turning his back to me, he moved his hips slowly back and forth. His shorts were now, bit by bit, dropping low enough for his smooth muscular ass to show just a little. I was dying to lick the tiny bit of crack that was showing just above the fabric. The more he danced, the lower the back of his shorts got. All the while, though I could not see his hands, I knew that Danny was touching and pulling on himself. He turned around to face me and I saw that the front flaps of his shorts were pulled aside and his shirt trimmed pubic hairs and the bases of his shaft, were very much in view. The business end of his hammer, poked out of the left leg of his shorts. He was completely erect and I smiled to myself as I wondered how his shorts didn’t just rip open. He pulled his shorts down, and this cock sprung straight up as if spring loaded; engorged with blood and needing attention.

Danny danced and gyrated with his arms above his head, his head bent back, his eyes closed as if to show that he was free of inhibition and loved showing is body off. As he danced as his body began to sweat, I asked him if I could cool him off, and of course he agreed. As I walked to the kitchen, I opened my robe. My throbbing cock had long been standing at attention, now out in the open and glad to be free of the fabric. I wanted so much for Danny to see what he could have if he wanted it.

It the kitchen I grabbed spray bottle that was filled with water and brought it back to the living room. I caught Danny looking at my hard-on as I walked back in. I slipped out of my robe as I sat back down on my chair and saw Danny smile we I waved the spray bottle at him. He began to dance again and moved in close to me as I sat on the edge of the chair. I used the bottle to spray water on his chest and abdomen and worked my way down to his manhood and wet him down until water beaded up on his skin. Water was dripping down from him, glistening in the light; looking to me like he was covered in diamonds. Water had soaked his pubes and u wanted to taste it. I asked if he was cooled off a little and he told me yes, but that in a way he was even hotter now. This did not stop him from turning around and asking me to spray down his back side. His ass swayed back and fort as I sprayed his back, water rolling down his spine and disappearing between his cheeks; which I sprayed liberally as well.

Much to my pleasure he began to gyrate his hips and when doing so he would give me a view of his tight little brown ring; only it wasn’t brown, it was more pink than anything and looked so clean and likable. Then finally he bent over completely, put his hands on his ass cheeks and spread them for me. I wanted to bury my tongue in his asshole. Instead I sprayed his hole with water and I could hear him moan when I did. He was really enjoying himself and I was enjoying it as well. Turning to face me again, his raging erection was bobbing in my face. I could not help but pull him to me and feel his dampness on my skin. I licked and sucked the water form his stomach moving down to his pubes, feeling their silkiness on my lips and the hardness of his cock against my cheek. I licked most of the water from his skin and hair, stopping to lick the dew that was dripping from his tight balls. My head spun as I felt the ridges of his sack with my swirling tongue and hungry lips.

Danny was breathing hard as I looked up at him; his head back and his eyes closed, his hips moving to guide my tongue to were he needed it most. I gazed up at his massive cock, the view reminding me of standing on the street and looking up and the Empire State building. He backed up a foot or so and danced in front of me staring into my eyes; simulating intercourse and thrusting his hips so that the head of his cock was pushed to within an inch of my face. Using his hand, he pushed down on his erection, pointing it directly at my hungry lips. He asked, with a seductive smile, if I had noticed that I had missed licking a bit of the water from his skin. Seeing that the water I had sprayed on his cock still glistened like jewels on its head, I leaned forward to gently lick away its dewiness. Lightly touching the very tip of his cock with my hot tongue; carefully swirling around the head trying to take in every drop. Licking seductively and lightly at the arrow point just below the piss slit, sending my tongue down the shaft leaving behind a trail of saliva. Using my lips to suck the spit back into my mouth; tasting his cock as I did and moving back to the beautiful tip.

Dry of water yet damp from my tongue, Danny’s hard cock quivered in mid air and I gazed at it, caressing it with my fingers. I grabbed his shaft and pulled it down, amazed at the amount of pressure that it took to do so; he was that hard. Then with my chest pounding and the purest since of pleasure, I slowly wrapped my hot moist lips around the head of his waiting erection. Softly sucking and licking, feeling the ridge of his glands against my tongue and lips. I’m not sure which was more eager, my soft lips or his blood engorged cock, but it did not matter for the two melted together in soaring ecstasy.

Danny slowly began fucking my mouth as I stroked my aching cock with the same rhythm, hoping for mutually timed orgasms. Deeper and deeper, he plunged his inflamed manhood into my mouth; god if I could have swallowed that cock I would have, but he is just to massive. As I stroked myself off with my left hand, I grabbed Danny’s with my right hand and began sucking and licking at his balls, hard shaft and purple knob; doing so with a delight I had never felt before. It was a culmination of a long lived fantasy, my inhibitions melting away and my desire mounting to a point that was too hard to contain.

Danny was controlled completely by me, and by the look on his face he was enjoying his blowjob and it didn’t matter to him at all that he was receiving it from a man. I sucked on his nuts and licked them and sucked on them some more. My tongue swirled around them, moving from side to side, licking where the met his inner thigh and underneath where it blended in to what we all call the “taint”. Tasting the slight bitter muskiness associated with ones asshole. Licking back up his ramrod, kissing and sucking on it as if to glean every bit of flavor from it and up to its swollen head to lightly lick and suck at all those little nooks and crannies that a cocks head fortunately has. Savoring the taste of him, the very idea of what I was doing to him and for him; wanting to do more, as much more as I could. Once again, I found myself wishing that I was able to swallow him whole. Just to be able to give him the pleasure that I wanted him to have and to feel. It was the same pleasure that I wanted him to give to me.

I slid his cock back into my mouth, and sucked and sucked; in and out of my mouth Danny slid. His moans were getting more frequent and louder, making me come closer and closer to my own ecstasy, my own orgasm. I wanted to come so fucking badly. So I did. Waves of pleasure undulated through my groin, semen gushing and splashing onto my pumping fist. I could feel its heat dribbling down my knuckles and fingers. I wanted a taste; no I needed it, so I brought my hand to my lips. Reluctantly I released Danny’s cock from my mouth; I continued the motion of bringing my hand to my lips. Licking and tasting my own semen, wishing that it was Danny’s that I was tasting. Priming my taste buds for Danny’s eventual second course, I swallowed every drop and never stopped stroking Danny’s cock.

I was ravenous by now and was turning into an animal. Sucking on Danny’s gorgeous and delicious cock with total abandon; dying to complete him, to finish him and to make him cum. He mumbled something I couldn’t make out, but based on the now familiar muscle shake let me know that the reward of my efforts was on the way. I needed it. I coaxed it. I licked and sucked his knob while I stroked his shaft and tickled his balls; which in his delirium had almost disappeared into his abdomen.

His cock was now a bright red. I swore I could see steam come from it like from a runaway freight train that couldn’t be stopped. Like when it’s headed to Dead Man’s Curve, obviously close to losing its load, and then he stopped. Holding his breath; convulsing, quivering and exploding. His orgasm erupted in my mouth, cum filling me, fulfilling me, satisfying me; satisfying my desire, my need and my want. Over and over he squirted, each shudder adding more and more cum to my happy mouth; burying my tongue deeper and deeper in semen.

Finally he stopped and I managed to slide his cock in and out of my nearly filled orifice. I withdrew slowly to show Danny what I held for him, held for me; opening my mouth to show him how much cum he had given me. Showing him how much pleasure he had given me, swirling my tongue around; pushing it out onto my lips and sucking it back in again. Savoring it, I then swallowed for him, for me; loving the taste in my mouth and wanting more. Sliding his cock back into my mouth to clean him and to taste any cum that might have been left there; wanting to eat it all. Finding more on the tip, a little jewel, like an after dinner mint. There was also more on his shaft and on his ball sack. As it was not distended, I sucked the sack into my mouth; licking his balls with my swirling tongue.

When I was done I was sure that no bath or shower had ever gotten his package as clean as my mouth had. I would suck his cock all day, every day if he would let me. That’s how much I licked it. That’s now much I loved sucking this mans cock . . .

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