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We Met On The Net

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Karen and I have been together for years, since high school. The sex is amazing, if you’ve read any of my stories on her adventures let me tell you that only the names were changed to protect the innocent. That girl is amazing, if she lost just a little weight she’d be in porn in a fucking heart beat. You never met a girl with her drive. Anyway I digress. We were always open with each other; I knew her desires and she mine. Save for one. One that even tried to keep hidden from myself. I was slightly bi. I say slightly because guys aren’t bi-curious. Guys don’t experiment. They are either fags or they aren’t, and I wasn’t. (I’ve since learned to use less degrading language.)

I’ve always been a net whore. I met the first woman I loved over the net and eventually the first man. It was kind of odd when Karen started joining in though. At first she was just teasing me about the multitude of women I knew but later she had her own stable of studs to tease me about. It was just that teasing though that lead me to get on one of the bi/gay chats when she was sleeping. It was hard to keep myself convinced that I was straight as I was getting so excited by the idea of another man. It started getting harder and harder to keep turning down the potential lovers, keep myself from looking at men that way. It was just a matter of time before I broke down though.

It took about a month before I couldn’t keep myself in check any more. His name was Ken, he was chiseled but not buff. If you’re a wrestling fan then saying he kinda resembled Shelton Benjamin means a lot but if not let it suffice that he was perfect. I wish I looked like that. I hate going behind Karen’s back on anything but I’d rather lie to her on this than have to listen to her taunt me about it. I would never hear the end of how I’d finally sucked dick or what not. The point is that she didn’t know when I met Ken at my local Starbucks for a drink that I won’t repeat here. (I still have some things I won’t let the public know.)

We were only at Starbucks long enough to finish the drink. He looked better in person than he had in his picture and apparently he was impressed with me. For the record I’m not bad looking, five foot ten and little over one hundred eight pounds I’m just not very cut. I followed him to the house parking in his drive way. Once inside I took a pair of double shots of vodka to loosen my nerves.

Ken didn’t really wait for me to get ready. I had just pounded the second shot and turned around when I noticed that he’d stripped down. His body sent a slight shiver up my spine. He had a perfect six pack and you could trace his hip bones (I would later on) and his cock had to be eight inches long. It was the longest I’d ever seen up close. Of course that was really restricted to just a few guys over my lifetime but it still looked kind of intimidating at first. In the good you want to conquer it way, not the bad you want to hide in the corner way.

If I had had any will left in my body I don’t think I would have moved when he beckoned me over. As it was I don’t even remember how I ended up sitting on the edge of his bed staring at his rock hard cock. I knew what I was supposed to do, what I wanted to do. It was still difficult to jump over that last hurdle and actually wrap my lips around another man’s penis. Ken remained silent; I think he already knew that I was fighting with myself so he just waited to see how I would react. In the end I shut my eyes and wrapped my hand around it. I couldn’t bring myself to suck it at first, instead I just gently rubbed it around my lips letting the heady aroma of male musk flood my nostrils. His pre-cum started to coat my lips the taste occasionally gracing my tongue. It wasn’t disgusting at all, it wasn’t delicious either. It did have certain energy in it that can’t be put into words.

The first taste of man on your tongue is electric. (I wonder if it’s the same for women) The first time you realize that his entire body just shivered because your tongue is tracing his cock just gives you such a sense of power that you want more. So then you open your mouth and start slowly inching your way down it. The first time you stop it’s about halfway in and you have to take a breath. (Not to mention you want to see the look in his eyes.) Then you push a little farther onward determined to see just how much of it you can handle. I kept going until I felt him brushing against the back of my mouth tickling my tonsils. (Women make it sound so hard not to gag; you just concentrate a bit and ignore it.) I wish could have taken him completely into my throat like Karen could have. (It’s really weird to be comparing your skills to your wife in certain things. I still lick better pussy than she does though so we’re still tied) the fact is that I couldn’t get the fat head of his cock past my throat and had to back off and use my tongue.

“I can’t let you do that to me any more or I’ll cum. I want to suck you too,” he groaned.

Reluctantly I let his lovely cock slide out of my mouth and breathed in his musky aroma. Ken laid me on his bed and kneeled on the floor. He then caressed my balls and kissed my inner thighs. I lifted my legs and he licked my balls. His lips and tongue slid up my shaft and the tip of his tongue began to lick the underside of my prick near the head. That always drives me up the wall. (Thought not quite as much as I love having my asshole licked.) It was more than enough to drag a moan from my lips and curl my toes till they popped. Then wet lips took the head of my cock in and plunged down to my balls. I didn’t think he’d be able to get me all the way down, certainly not in a single stroke. (Even my slut wife Karen usually gags once if she tries that.) If I wasn’t starting to feel the liquor in my veins I would have busted right then. Ken slowly backed off though and started bobbing his head up and down on my cock, spiraling his tongue expertly on my flesh. I had all I could do not to cum right then! He slowly backed off and began a rhythmic, back and forth movement while his tongue licked all around my shaft.

“Stop.” I whispered pulling away from his warm mouth and positioning myself on my hands and knees. Just way my wife normally gets I laid my head down on the pillows ready to cover my mouth if I needed to. I couldn’t see the look on Ken’s face as he leaned over behind me and spread my cheeks open inhaling my aroma. I was fresh and clean from a show I’d taken earlier so it wasn’t a dirty smell so much as an earthy aroma. He must have liked it because his tongue was the next thing I felt. (If you’ve never had your asshole licked you’re missing out.) He was definitely an expect, he could probably teach Karen a few things as he swirled around my puckered anus. He wasn’t quite touching it but just teasingly close. Close enough that I kept moving my hips trying to get him to touch it and he kept moving away. I nearly came when he finally started licking my ass, coating it with spittle.

I wish he’d kept that up all night but instead the next thing I felt was the tip of his cock pressed against my sphincter. (I play all kinds of games with Karen’s vibrator so this was easy.) I took a deep breath and relaxed (the liquor helped a lot) and he pushed in. The first part is always the worst, even when you’re used to it always stings a little to have your backside stretched. It just normally takes more than a second to start feeling good. I imagine it had something to do with the fact that this was a warm piece of flesh and not cool metal inside me this time. This was definitely something different from what I’d had in the past. It only took me a second before I felt myself pushing back against him, clutching the pillow in my fists.

I don’t know which one of us was moaning louder but I know that I was the first to cum. I just pushed back against him completely pulling him into my ass. At the same time my hips spasmed and I shot my load onto the bed beneath me. I’d barely finished orgasming when he started. He fired off what felt like the hugest wad of cum in the world into my bowels. (Hats off to you ladies, I don’t think I could ever get used to that part.) He collapsed against me leaning his hot sweaty body against mine. It felt great I wished he stay against me forever, not only because it was warm but also because I didn’t want to feel cum running down my leg. (Yup, I understand now why you tell us not to pull out. You can quit feeding me that you want to cuddle bs.) He did though, I heard it pop free but worse I felt it. Like a river of molten cum oozing down my leg. I’m not a woman; I don’t have the self control to just stay there while that happens. I got up and ran as fast as I could to the bathroom.

When I got back Ken didn’t keep me long. We exchanged a few brief words and he told me he had a great time. He let me keep it as traditionally “masculine” as possible. I had to get home before Karen anyway so I quickly gathered my clothes and ran out the door.

I felt a sense of relief as I drove home. My male sex urge was fulfilled and there was more to come. I was a bit worried and kind of scared to face Karen though. In my vivid imagination I could see her spot the difference in me, and suspect something. (In reality women really aren’t psychic, they might try to convince us but really they aren’t.)

There really isn’t anything to tell about it. It wasn’t for another several months that she finally caught me. And that was mostly because I wasn’t paying attention and remembering to delete all of my emails that I got from him, which was of course a common practice for me.

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