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When Darkness Falls Pt. 1 Ch. 01

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Part One
Chapter One

A brisk breeze blew across the lawn and Jordan tugged his jacket closer. He hunched down inside it, mumbling various curses he had acquired over the years. If anyone in his clan had heard him, they would have died of shock. Jordan chuckled. What did they expect? Did they expect him to just settle into a normal life in the human world without picking up the annoying bad habits of humans? Jordan knew better. Hell, his sister was worse, having gone through several legal hoops to marry a Marine.

It was late autumn and despite having lived in the outdoors for so long, Jordan was never this cold. Then again, trees always did provide the warmth his people sought in the colder months. Now he was stuck simply trying to exist once winter set in. Sure, he had an apartment with all its usual amenities, but there were no trees. No evergreens for Jordan to climb and sleep in; no evergreens to provide the needed life for an elf in the dead of winter.

Here he had only the dying remnants of his beloved oaks as they stood sentinel along the walkway leading the way from the Liberal Arts building to the parking lot. Yes, he had a car too, and he was getting better with it. He could drive like any adult human could, but it was a matter of getting used to moving without walking that he was working on. As he neared the parking lot, the green top of his truck loomed over the smaller cars in its row. At least he had been able to find green; it was a nice compromise.

Once the truck was running, Jordan turned up the heater full blast. He hadn’t been gone long enough for the engine to go cold, so the heat was a blessed relief from the chill of November outside. As he buckled up, Jordan looked up and watched as a group of students crossed in front of his truck. One of the young men looked his way, and Jordan swore he saw one eye flutter down in a quick wink. He smiled, but the man kept on walking.

Jordan sighed as he put the truck into drive and pulled out. Being an elf in a human world wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Sure, some guys winked at him, getting his hopes up for the possibility of not having to sleep alone, but they never came through. Jordan grumbled. Nothing had changed by moving to the city. Nothing.

Halfway home, Jordan realized he still needed to go grocery shopping. That was another thing he still wasn’t used to: buying his food. With most of the world’s forests disappearing in the name of development and expansion, elves had no choice but to move to the cities and take up living as humans do, which included buying their food. Although he wasn’t quite used to it, Jordan realized it wasn’t all that bad. Much to his family’s chagrin, he had developed a taste for such unhealthy things as soft drinks and alcohol. Eating meat was never an issue, provided a prayer of thanks to the animal’s spirit was said before the first bite was taken.

Jordan paid little attention to the few stares he received as he walked through the grocery store. He had to admit, he did feel a little strange pushing around a shopping cart, but it must have looked even stranger to those who saw him. Most of the younger ones weren’t old enough to remember the first elves. Their parents, however, were, and Jordan often found himself talking about those old days with them. At nearly four hundred years old, he remembered quite a bit.

Jordan took his time walking up and down the aisles. It had been longer than he had originally thought since he had last gone shopping. He ran through his groceries at home, mentally seeing every shelf in the pantry and refrigerator. Soft drinks were one of his guilty pleasures, as was chocolate. Alcohol held its own soft spot in his heart, although he hated drinking alone. As he walked through the liquor aisle, he snatched up a bottle of white wine and set it in the cart. He knew just who to call to share it with too.

“Mommy! It’s a elf!”

Jordan chuckled and smiled down at the little girl who stood beside him as he looked over the selection of potato chips. Her golden pigtails bobbed up and down on either side of her head as she bounced excitedly. Jordan looked up at the apologetic smile on the child’s mother’s face.

“I’m sorry,” the woman said as she placed her hands on her daughter’s shoulders. “She’s never seen an elf up close.”

“It’s okay,” Jordan said. “It doesn’t bother me.” He crouched down and smiled at the little girl. “What’s your name?”


“Well, I’m pleased to meet you, Sarah,” Jordan said as he held out his hand. “My name is Jordan Shields.”

“Do you have any brothers or sisters?” the little girl asked. “Are your ears pointed?”

“Sarah!” The mother’s face turned beet-red as she admonished her daughter.

Jordan laughed and pulled his hair back to reveal pointed ears. “They are,” he said. “And I have one sister named Selina.”

“Wow!” The girl’s eyes grew wide as saucers as she stared at Jordan’s ears.

“We have to go now, sweetie. Tell Mr. Shields goodbye.”

“Bye bye!”

Jordan watched and waved as the little girl and her mother disappeared around the corner of the aisle. He stood and turned around, and just as he started to move his cart forward, he ran into someone. He looked up to apologize, but ended up laughing instead when he realized the person was only Bobby, the only human he trusted implicitly.

“It’s still really fucking weird to see you grocery shopping.”

Jordan rolled his eyes and grinned. “Yeah, but it’s necessary. Didn’t expect to see you around.”

Bobby fell into step beside Jordan as they walked towards the checkout. “Had to go to the doctor this morning.”

Jordan looked over at him, worry etching across his face. Bobby was always the epitome of health. “Why? What’s wrong?”

Bobby chuckled. “Not me. Your sister.”

Jordan stopped dead in his tracks. “What?”

Bobby’s grin broke through. “Selina’s having a baby, Jordan. We just found out this morning.”

Jordan knew he had to look insanely funny as he stood in the middle of the grocery store with his mouth hanging open. When he finally regained his composure, he blinked several times. “You’re kidding.”

Bobby shook his head. “Nope. She wanted to tell you herself though, so you didn’t hear a damn thing from me.”

“Not a word.” Jordan got in line and leaned onto the cart as he waited. “You in town for a visit? Or for good?”

“For a visit,” Bobby said as he picked up a tabloid newspaper and chuckled. The headline touted a global take-over by gnomes. He set the paper back down and shook his head. “Not sure for how long though. Selina wanted to come visit, so we’ll be here for a little while at least.”

As Jordan started putting the groceries on the counter, Bobby leaned down and picked up the wine. Jordan didn’t bother to look at him; he knew how Bobby was switching his gaze between him and the bottle. Jordan pulled the wine from his brother-in-law’s hand and set it on the counter. As he watched the clerk scan each item, he pulled his wallet out.

“What’s the occasion for the wine? You never drink alone,” Bobby asked.

Jordan shrugged. “Matt will drink with me.” He handed the money to the cashier and pocketed the change a few seconds later.

“Among other things,” Bobby quipped.

Jordan couldn’t help but lick his lips slightly at the images Bobby’s words brought to mind. “Yeah, among other things.”

“You thinking of getting serious with him?” Bobby asked as they walked outside.

Jordan looked over at him and laughed. “You kidding? I don’t think Matt even knows how to spell ‘commitment.’”

“Yeah, I’ll give you that,” Bobby chuckled. “So why screw around with him then?”

Jordan began loading the groceries into the cab of his truck, but he stopped long enough to give Bobby a look that clearly said: ‘why do you think?’ Bobby opened his mouth and then promptly shut it again.

“Don’t answer that.”

“Hey,” Jordan said as he closed the door, “you asked.”

“I need to get back home. You gonna come over tonight?”

Jordan shoved the cart into the cart return space and climbed up into the truck. “If I’m not getting laid, then yes.” Bobby just shook his head. “Tell Selina I love her.”

“Will do,” Bobby yelled over the rumbling of the truck’s engine.

* * *

Once the groceries were put up, Jordan collapsed onto the couch with a can of soda in one hand and the cordless phone in the other. He hit number two on speed dial and took a drink.

“Hello?” a sleepy male voice answered.

“Come over. I’ve got wine and an empty bed.”

“What time is it?”

Jordan looked at the digital clock sitting on top of the television. “Nine. I know it’s early, but I…” He trailed off for a moment, falling silent as he closed his eyes. He hated this part. He hated admitting that he needed anything.

“Nuff said. I’ll be there in about twenty minutes, man.”

Jordan hung up the phone and leaned his head back against the couch with a sigh. It was one aspect of his kind that not many were aware of: the need for warmth, in whatever form they could get it. It was why winter was always so difficult, why elves remained physically close to one another during those harsh, cold months. It was why Jordan bit back his pride every time he picked up the phone to call Matt. Matt was the only friend Jordan had who knew it went far beyond simple sex. The heat generated would sustain Jordan for a full month, so long as he didn’t take to standing outside in the middle of the night, which wasn’t likely. Besides, Jordan had to admit; the sex was pretty damn good.

Before he realized twenty minutes had passed, Jordan heard a knock on the front door. He set his empty can on the coffee table and got up. As soon as he opened the door, he found himself pressed against the wall, Matt’s mouth descending on his before the door could even close.

Jordan groaned and slid his arms around Matt’s neck, pulling him closer as Matt’s tongue slid between his lips, teasing him with promises of blissful warmth. Jordan spread his legs as Matt’s knee wedged between them, pressing hard against his crotch. If there was one thing Jordan loved about Matt, it was the man’s blatant moves. Matt never wanted to wait until they got to the bedroom. They had known each other for nearly six years, and since moving into his apartment, Jordan surmised that he been fucked on nearly every feasible surface Matt could find.

Unlike Jordan’s thin but strong frame, Matt was muscular, built like any football player would be. Jordan loved to run his fingers over those biceps, over those thighs. He delighted in the way the muscles moved beneath Matt’s smooth, tanned skin when Matt had him pinned to the bed. Elves weren’t built like that. Elves were graceful and thin, but just as fit. Jordan loved nothing more than to trace each muscle with his tongue as Matt writhed beneath him.

“I want,” Matt whispered gruffly as he kissed his way to Jordan’s neck, “to watch you come. I want to see you with your legs spread wide open and your cock in your fist.”

Jordan shuddered. Dear gods, but this man had a way with words. A lack of commitment sucked, but the sex with Matt was enough to make up for it for now. Jordan pushed those thoughts away, however, and concentrated on the muscled thigh pressed tight against his denim-covered cock. Matt’s breath caressed his skin, drawing another shiver out of him. He clung tightly to Matt’s shoulders as his body took matters into its own hands.

“Oh, yeah,” Matt groaned as Jordan began rubbing up and down his thigh. “Fuck, you’re sexy when you’re horny.”

Jordan’s head fell back against the wall and a soft whimper escaped him as Matt pressed harder. Sweet shocks of pleasure and pain shot through Jordan’s body and he bit at his lower lip as the movements of his hips sped up. Gods, he had never been this fucking desperate. Not desperate enough to dry-hump Matt’s leg in the living room, at least.

“Fuck me, please.” His grip on Matt’s shoulders tightened as he continued to rock his hips, grinding against Matt’s thigh. “Please, Matt,” he pleaded. “I need it.”

The faint sound of a zipper was the immediate answer and Jordan wiggled as his jeans slid down his legs to the floor. His underwear quickly followed, leaving him bare to Matt’s touch. A large, strong hand wrapped tight around his cock, taking his breath away as Matt squeezed. Jordan gasped and thrust forward, his head swimming with the sweet, warm friction of flesh on flesh.

“I want you to come for me, Jordan,” Matt whispered close to his lips.

Jordan shook his head, closing his eyes tightly to stop that very thing from happening. It had been entirely too long. “Not yet. Please, not yet.”

He heard Matt chuckle, which told him that he had no say in the matter. He never did. No matter how much he protested, Jordan knew he would give in; he always gave in to Matt. A single stroke. A well-placed kiss. Those were all it took. Jordan’s cry died out in Matt’s searing kiss as his body shook between Matt and the wall. Warmth spilled over Matt’s fist, yet he didn’t stop milking his hand up and down Jordan’s shaft. Every stroke brought out another tortured whimper and Jordan dug his fingers into Matt’s shoulders.

“More, Jordan,” Matt coaxed. “If you want it, you’ll have to work for it.”

“No more,” Jordan said breathlessly, despite the lingering effects still buzzing through him. He could come again, but his legs were growing weak after that first one.

As always, Matt was insistent, knowing Jordan like no one else did. Jordan felt the first touch of green, edging just out of his field of vision. It was something no one else could see, but its effects could be felt, like a warm summer breeze that carries nature’s sounds on it. It was to feel the color green, cool and crisp to the touch, and to taste the sweetness of the new grasses of spring. That’s what Matt wanted. Jordan’s elven magic.

“Bedroom. Now.”

Jordan stepped out of his jeans and led the way to the bedroom. Matt closed the door and moved over to the bed, stripping as he walked. He crawled onto his hands and knees between Jordan’s legs, then dipped his head down without warning, licking a trail from Jordan’s balls to the tip of his cock. Jordan arched off of the bed, curling the sheet into his fists.

“Turn over.”

Without wasting a single second, Jordan did as he was told, flipping over onto his hands and knees. It was how Matt liked him; how he liked it too. From this position, Jordan could jerk off and back up onto Matt, driving his fingers, tongue, cock, whatever he put inside Jordan’s body, deeper.

Jordan sank down and rested his head on his forearms, leaving his legs parted and his ass in the air. He shivered when he felt Matt’s hands on him, caressing his skin slowly, slipping a single finger down the crease to tease him. Then Matt gripped his buttocks and spread them apart, diving into Jordan’s ass with his tongue. Despite knowing what Matt was going to do, it never failed to make Jordan cry out in surprise. The movement was sudden and Matt kept his tongue rigid as he pushed it inside. Jordan backed up and ground against Matt’s face, wanting to feel more, wanting to feel something bigger and deeper.

As Matt pulled away slowly, Jordan expected a cock to press into him, but then he felt fingers. From the stretching of his body, he knew Matt had two fingers buried deep inside him, twisting and stroking as he slid them in and out. A soft moan escaped Jordan’s lips and he rose up onto his hands. He rocked back, impaling himself on Matt’s fingers as they glided in and out of his body. Gods, he needed more. He needed to feel the heat of Matt’s body, slick with their sweat. He needed the heat of their combined releases, warming him inside and out.

“Please,” he begged. “Just fuck me. I need this.”

He felt Matt pull away, and then came the sensation of cool liquid. Matt’s fingers slid back inside. Then the fingers were replaced by something larger, hard and thick. Impatient and near desperate, Jordan backed up, impaling himself hard on Matt’s cock. The entry was quick and brutal, and Jordan cried out, fisting the sheet in his hands as his body began to shake.

“Feel good?” Matt gripped Jordan’s hips, pulling him back as he ground against him.

“Yes!” Jordan cried out. “Gods, yes!” He reached under him and started stroking his own cock furiously. “Fuck me,” he ground out through his teeth as his orgasm grew near.

Matt pulled out until only the tip remained, then thrust back inside, jerking Jordan hard against him. He wound his hand in Jordan’s hair, holding his head back at a near painful angle. Every thrust he made sent shockwaves through Jordan’s body, and within seconds, Jordan’s body went rigid and he cried out Matt’s name. Matt made several rapid thrusts before burying his cock deep inside Jordan’s body as he came.

The heat was immediate, an intense rush of energy that singed along Jordan’s spine, waking every nerve in his body. A lush warmth enveloped him, surrounding him in green brilliance. Only when the light began to fade, did Jordan move.

“Holy hell.” He collapsed onto the bed, face first. Matt quickly joined him, slipping out and stretching beside him. He stroked his fingers along Jordan’s spine and Jordan groaned softly.

“Did I break you?”

Jordan chuckled. “No, but damn…” He turned his head, which was next to impossible considering how limp the rest of his body felt.

“I need to get ready for work,” Matt said. He kissed Jordan’s shoulder before sliding out of bed. Jordan could only nod.

“Parker and Jess were talking about heading over to Elixir this Friday,” Matt said from the bathroom. Jordan barely heard him over the sound of running water. “Wanna go?”

“This Friday?” Jordan rolled over onto his side with a groan and watched Matt clean up. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“When is your class today? Maybe we can catch each other for lunch.” Matt turned off the water and tossed the towel into the clothes hamper by the door. He walked over to the bed and sat down, stroking his hand slowly over Jordan’s cheek.


“You wanna do lunch?”

Jordan shrugged and closed his eyes, turning his head slightly into Matt’s touch. He knew Matt cared about him as a friend and occasional lover, but it never went beyond that. He couldn’t help but feel the slightest twinge of relief. He cared greatly for Matt as well, but he couldn’t imagine spending a lifetime–well, a human’s lifetime–with the university’s star quarterback. Matt might be open about his sexuality, but commitment was something he simply wasn’t into. Jordan sighed and sat up, needing more than anything to take a shower.

“Yeah, we can do lunch.” He slid off of the bed and made his way to the bathroom. He felt the soft press of lips on his shoulder as Matt left. When he heard the front door close, Jordan closed his eyes. “Someday,” he said to the empty room. “I swear I’ll find him. Whoever him is.”

* * *

“Come to Elixir with me.”

Jordan sighed and sat down at his desk. The last of his class was filing out of the door, leaving him alone with Jessica Merchant. He looked up at the young woman and couldn’t help but notice the glimmer of hope in her eyes. “I told Matt I’d be there Friday.”

Jessica looked back to the door as it closed behind the last student, then knelt down beside Jordan. “Come on, Jordan. Parker won’t be here until Thursday night, and I need to get out of the house.”

“None of your sorority sisters are into that sort of thing, are they?” Jordan asked her.

Her gaze narrowed. “Are you kidding? They’d be too afraid of breaking a fucking nail. Heaven forbid they should be witness to a mosh pit.”

“Okay, I’ll give you that,” Jordan laughed.

“Please? There are lots of cute, single guys there.”

“If I really wanted to get laid, I’d call Matt again,” Jordan said as he stood. He gathered the essays and slid them into the backpack on the floor. “Fine. I’ll go, but I can’t stay out late. I really do need to catch up on my sleep.”

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