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When Darkness Falls Pt. 2 Ch. 06

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Part Two
Chapter Six

Jordan stared out the enormous bay window at the dark city below. Three months had passed, and although it hadn’t been easy, he had managed to get out of the college course. Elves were always eager for work, and it hadn’t been too difficult to find a short-notice replacement. With his final paycheck in hand, what little it was, he boarded the next flight to Rome. Dorian had left two months before, Josef at his side. Despite his previous declaration of wanting to be the only one Dorian was with, he couldn’t help but be grateful for Josef.

The phone on the nightstand behind him jarred him back into reality. He stretched out over the bed on his stomach, and picked up the handset.


“Love. Oh, it’s so good to hear your voice.” Dorian’s silky-soft purr made Jordan smile.

“Dorian.” He rolled over onto his back and stretched. “Where are you?”

“Safe. Josef is on his way to get you now, to bring you to me.”

Jordan closed his eyes, unable to stop the reaction that smooth-as-silk voice brought about in him. “I miss you so much.”

A half pained, half desperate groan sounded on the other end of the line. “What are you wearing?” The question was hopeful, and Jordan smiled.

He smoothed his hand down his chest and over the flat muscles of his stomach. He had worn the outfit once for Dorian; the night before Dorian and Josef had left for Rome, to be exact. Jordan smiled as he remembered the spark of desire, of love, that had shone in Dorian’s eyes. “Oh, just an old tunic and pants,” he said softly, teasing Dorian and smiling even more when he heard the whimper on the other line.

“Is it…emerald green? With threads of silver and gold?”

“Um-hm…” Jordan closed his eyes and bit at his lower lip at the sound of Dorian’s breath catching, the sweetly desperate sound of his whimper.


A catch of breath, sudden and sharp, was followed by a soul-melting cry as Dorian came. Jordan gasped, unable to stop himself from reaching down to slip his fingers over the hard line of his cock. The shimmering material of his pants was cool and slick to the touch, warming as the last of Dorian’s soft moans drifted over the phone line.


“Yes, love. Oh, Jordan…what are you doing? What are you thinking about?”

Jordan arched his back, sliding his hand beneath the waistband of his pants to wrap around the hard length of his cock. “Stroking,” he breathed, gasping as he rolled his thumb over the leaking tip. “Imagining your lips, wrapped tight around my cock…”

“Sucking. Rolling my tongue around the tip, licking away those sweet drops…”

“Oh, gods…Dorian!” It didn’t take much more than that. Jordan shuddered as he came, drenching his hand and the front of his pants. As he fought to bring his breathing under control, Dorian murmured.

“I want so much to taste that, to lick your hand clean.”

A knock sounded on the door of his hotel room and Jordan pulled his hand out quickly, looking for the towel from his shower. “I think Josef’s here. See you shortly?”

“Yes, love. Hurry. I need you.”

Jordan smiled as he hung up the phone. He wiped his hand off, grateful for the dark green of his pants, and tossed the towel onto the bed as he went to open the door. Seeing Josef for the first time in two months did a lot for his worries regarding Dorian. He trusted Dorian implicitly, but he could also see why Dorian enjoyed the young man. Despite himself, Jordan found himself admiring the tall, thin but well-built frame; the golden hair; the pretty blue eyes.

“Is he okay, really?” Jordan asked as he picked up his suitcase and the matching duffel bag. The money he had saved in the bank in the States was now tucked neatly away in his suitcase, enough to buy a decent starter wardrobe.

As Josef leaned forward to take the suitcase from Jordan, he said, “I’ve seen him happier.”

Jordan grimaced. “I guess uprooting isn’t easy for him either.”

“Not really. He had grown quite attached to the States, I think,” Josef said as they walked out, leaving the door to close with a click, the room keys on the dresser. “But this is his real home, where he was born. He always comes back to it at some point.”

Jordan remained silent as they walked through the lobby, only picking the conversation back up once they were outside. “You’ve been with him for a while, haven’t you?” he asked as Josef tossed both pieces of luggage into the trunk of a small, black car. He climbed in and buckled as Josef slid in and started the car.

“Several years at least. I’ll be honest, Jordan,” Josef said as he pulled out of the drop-off area and onto the street. “I was jealous when you came along.”

Jordan looked down at his lap, fidgeting with his hands. He had known this would eventually come up. “I can understand that,” he said. He looked up at Josef, catching the brief blue gaze before Josef had to return his attention to the road. “I never wanted to steal him from you.”

Josef laughed and shook his head. “No, I know that. I love Dorian. I have since I met him in a club one fateful summer night, and back then, the love was very much of the romantic variety. Then we got to know each other, and he…well, he kind of became the older brother that I wish Carl had been. Yeah, I still fucked him–Hell, who wouldn’t?–but the love was different then. And in his own odd way, I think he loves me as well.”

Jordan smiled and looked out at the city passing by in the dark. “So it doesn’t bother you that he and I love each other romantically?”

“You kidding? I’m just thrilled to see him happy!” Josef laughed. He glanced over at Jordan long enough to smile.

Jordan returned it, and found himself liking the young man a little bit more. Perhaps…enough to allow Dorian a bit of variety; provided he could watch…or join in. The thought had him hard within seconds and he had to swallow the groan. It wasn’t something he ever thought about before, but with Dorian? Well, being with a man like Dorian Baptiste tended to bring out parts of Jordan he never realized were there.

“Well, here we are,” Josef announced as he pulled up in front of a towering expanse of ancient gray stone.


“Yeah, it’s been in his family for…well, for ages,” Josef said, leaning forward to look out the windshield. “You’d have to ask him how long for sure.”

Jordan leaned forward and peered out the windshield as well, his jaw dropping open as he took in the entire breadth of the mansion. When he turned his head, however, he found Josef doing the same, bringing their faces–and inevitably their mouths–close together. Jordan swallowed hard and pushed the thoughts of seeing those lips wrapped around Dorian’s cock, out of his mind.

“Um, guess we should get inside,” he said, cursing silently for sounding even the slightest bit out of sorts.

He started to move away, only to be caught by a hand on the back of his neck…and a sweet mouth on his. He gasped, panic starting to rise slowly, but Josef’s kiss was stronger, almost as drugging as Dorian’s. His tongue was insistent, probing between Jordan’s lips, tasting him slowly. When Josef released him and got out of the car without a word, Jordan remained in his seat, stunned beyond sense.

Gods, what would Dorian say if he saw that?

“I would beg to join you, to taste you on his lips, to feel you both.”

Startled by Dorian’s voice in his mind, Jordan got out of the car and looked up. All the windows were dark, save one. When he focused on it, he saw a tall, lean figure looking down at him. Despite the brilliant light backlighting the figure, Jordan knew it was Dorian, and somehow, he sensed a pleased smile on those deliciously full lips.


Tearing his gaze from the window, Jordan turned towards Josef. He nodded and picked up his duffel bag, yielding to Josef’s insistence on carrying at least something inside. Before stepping under the threshold, he looked back up to the window. The figure was gone.

The moment he stepped into the entry hall, Jordan sensed Dorian’s presence. The vampire’s essence was everywhere, as if the stones of the building itself were drenched with it, with him. He looked around, disbelieving of the magnificence in which he now found himself.

Despite the obvious age of the place, the inside looked to be newly renovated. From floor to ceiling, the walls were covered in rich, dark wood panels, and the floor was a glossy black marble laced with gray-white threads. Several doors lined each wall to his left and right, and directly before them, a grand staircase led up to a broad landing, then branched off to the left and the right. A hallway encircled most of the ceiling above, where yet more doors waited.

When a door opened on the left, all thoughts raced from Jordan’s mind. A slender figure, dressed in his trademark leather and silk, padded barefoot into the entry hall. His chestnut hair lay in wispy strands over his shoulders, and in his eyes, a world of desire and love sparkled. When he held out his hand, the duffel bag dropped to the floor, forgotten as Jordan claimed his long-awaited kiss.


Jordan didn’t give Dorian time to say anything more. He pulled Dorian into his arms and claimed the vampire’s mouth, a moan slipping free as their lips parted, tongues meeting in a hungry, sensuous dance. The soft sound Dorian made settled somewhere deep in Jordan’s soul, then sent the message directly to his cock. For a creature that was supposed to be scary and intimidating, Dorian was anything but. In Jordan’s arms, he was pliant and loving, his skin smooth as silk, his kisses sweet. And everywhere they touched, he left a fiery kiss on Jordan’s flesh.

“Gods, I missed you so much,” Jordan whispered as they slowly came up for air.

“Oh, love…need you…” Dorian’s lingering kisses were needy, desperate. His hands clutched to Jordan’s tunic, sending brilliant sparkles from the silver and gold threads skittering across the marble floor.

“Dorian, do you need me for anything tonight?”

His mind muddled by the effects of Dorian’s kisses, Jordan almost forgot Josef was still there, watching them. An idea came to him and he leaned down to whisper in Dorian’s ear. “I want to watch.”

“Watch?” Dorian looked back at him, confusion creasing his brow.

Jordan smiled slowly and slipped a hand between them, stroking over the front of Dorian’s pants. “You…and Josef. I want to watch, Dorian.” He gave the hard bulge a squeeze and his smile widened with the catch of Dorian’s breath. “Please.”

“Anything…for you, love,” Dorian murmured, his eyes closing slowly. “Josef…” Dorian opened his eyes and gave Josef a look that made it very clear what he wanted.

Jordan looked to Josef, remembering the stolen kiss in the car. He reached out to Josef, meeting the young man’s hesitant gaze. The invitation set, Josef walked over to them, but instead of kissing Dorian as Jordan had expected, Josef kissed him. Jordan moaned softly into Josef’s mouth when he felt Dorian’s lips on his neck, the vampire’s tongue licking a slow path over his skin.

“Want you both,” Dorian murmured against Jordan’s throat. The statement brought an end to the kiss, and Jordan stared down at Dorian in disbelief.

“Both of us?” he asked, not quite sure what Dorian was asking.

Dorian starting backing up into the room he had come out of, pulling Jordan and Josef with him. “Yes, both of you. I need it. Please…”

“How?” Jordan sat down on the couch and Dorian straddled him, grinding against him, breathless and shaking.

“In me,” Dorian panted in a whisper. “In me, Jordan, please…”

Jordan met Josef’s stunned but lust-glazed stare over Dorian’s shoulder, and it dawned on him what Dorian was asking for. “Oh, gods,” he groaned.

“Jordan, please!” Dorian begged, his movements becoming more desperate, more erratic.

“Too many clothes.”

Jordan looked up to see Josef hovering behind Dorian, stripping down as quickly as possible. Seconds later, he felt Dorian’s fingers work beneath the waistband of his pants, wrapping tightly to his cock. Dorian pulled it out as Josef worked the leather pants down and off, Dorian shifting to let them slide off of his legs. Then came the cool, slick feel of a hand coating his cock in lube. Jordan looked down, but both of Dorian’s hands were on the back of the couch, holding him up enough for Josef to slick Jordan. When Josef pulled away, Jordan gripped Dorian’s hips and lowered him onto his cock, groaning as the vampire’s body enveloped him in tight, slick heat.

“Jordan! Love…oh, God…” Dorian whimpered and squirmed, driving Jordan deeper until he was fully inside him. “Yes,” he purred. “Oh, yes…Josef…”

Jordan bit his lip and watched as Josef slicked his cock, a slender length of hard flesh gliding through his fist. Then he set the lube on the table by the couch and moved closer, the couch dipped between Jordan’s legs as Josef positioned himself. The sensation of another slick cock touching his was wonderful, and then Josef began to push. Dorian cried out, his body shaking uncontrollably as Josef’s cock slid alongside Jordan’s, burying deeply inside him.

“Oh, fuck,” Jordan breathed. He was lucky he could do that much. The tightness of Dorian’s body pressed his cock hard against Josef’s, increasing the sensations tenfold.

“Don’t move,” Dorian begged. “Just…oh, God…” His forehead rested to Jordan’s shoulder, giving Jordan full view of Josef behind him.

Josef propped himself against the couch, his hands on either side of Dorian’s hands, his mouth only inches from Jordan’s. Meeting his gaze, Josef closed the small distance between them, his tongue darting between Jordan’s lips. Dorian began brushing soft, sweet kisses over Jordan’s neck and shoulder, purring in his ear.

“Slowly,” Dorian murmured, “very slowly.”

Josef broke the kiss and shifted gently, getting in a better position. Then he started to move, slowly at first. Jordan’s head fell back against the couch, the sensations rippling through him like quicksilver. It wasn’t until Dorian started moving in response, grinding gently on his lap, that Jordan dared to move. With his hands firmly gripping Dorian’s hips, he started moving, his cock sliding in and out, in tandem with Josef’s, gliding across Josef’s slick hardness as they both moved inside Dorian.

“Don’t stop,” Dorian pleaded breathlessly. “Oh, love…” He rocked on Jordan, driving the cocks inside him harder, faster, deeper. “Jordan…oh, God…”

Jordan knew Dorian was getting close and he slipped his hand from Dorian’s hip to his cock. He stroked it quickly; varying the pressure until Dorian was shaking and pleading, sobbing against his throat.

“Come for me, Dorian,” he whispered. “Come hard for me.”

That. Did it.

Dorian’s body tightened from the inside out, constricting around the two cocks inside him. He screamed Jordan’s name over and over as the tears streamed down his face, his cock pulsing hard in Jordan’s hand. Seconds later, Josef groaned, and the throbbing of his cock set Jordan off, both of them pumping liquid heat deep inside Dorian’s body.

When the last tremors faded away, Josef pulled out first, falling back down to the floor on his heels. Jordan was barely aware of anything…except Dorian, and the soft whimpers in his ear. Dorian had been so caught up in the pleasure that he had forgotten to feed. Jordan chuckled and tipped his head, baring his neck. Dorian struck swiftly, his fangs piercing Jordan’s skin painlessly. In fact, it had much the opposite effect. Jordan gasped as he felt himself growing hard again, his cock still deep inside Dorian. With a slow grind of his hips, he made slow love to the vampire as he fed.

“Love,” Dorian whispered as he licked the wounds closed. “Jordan…”

Jordan turned his head, meeting Dorian in a slow, deep kiss. Dorian rocked his hips, sliding Jordan’s cock in and out in an easy rhythm. When the heat started to build inside him, Jordan gripped the back of Dorian’s head and eased him onto his back on the couch. Dorian’s legs circled his waist and Jordan’s thrusts inside him increased, driving them both to the edge quicker this time. Dorian was the first to come, and Jordan quickly followed, catching the vampire’s mouth in another kiss as their bodies shook together. Explosions of green filled Jordan’s vision, blinding him to everything but the beautiful creature beneath him. Dorian’s cries echoed inside him, his name falling from the vampire’s lips in breathy whispers.

As they both started to come back down to Earth, Jordan sighed contentedly. His body ached, and he was sure Dorian’s did as well, but right now, nothing mattered.


The half-groaned, half-panted exclamation from Dorian made Jordan chuckle. He kissed Dorian’s cheeks softly, first one and then the other, kissing away the drying tears. Never in his existence, did he ever think he would find such soul-deep love; beauty so real, it was almost painful. He pulled back and looked down, finding his thoughts reflected back at him from the depths of Dorian’s eyes. If there really was a place called Heaven, Jordan was sure he had found it.

* * *

“Nice house,” Jordan said as he turned back to Josef. “So this is all his?”

“Yep, every single crack, every single stone.” Josef ran a finger down the staircase banister and grimaced at the film of dark gray dust that came off on his finger. “Although it’s going to need a lot of work.”

“How long has it been since anyone’s cleaned it?” Jordan looked around, noting the cobwebs hanging from parts of the ceiling and walls that no human being could even think about reaching without a good bit of scaffolding.

“Much too long,” Josef chuckled. “Dorian isn’t the most trusting person, so it’s rare anyone is in here when he is not.”

“Can’t say that I blame him.” Jordan turned to Josef, then stared down at the floor. “Is there…any chance of your brother, Carl, making trouble all the way over here?” There. He’d said it. The thought had been nagging at him since leaving the States, and although he honestly couldn’t imagine Carl doing anything, the idea just refused to leave him alone.

Josef stopped halfway down the steps and sighed. “My family is originally from Italy,” he said. “We still have relatives, and a few friends, here.” He turned his head to look back up at Jordan. “And to be honest, I wouldn’t put it past him, Jordan. Carl is…dedicated.”

“Dedicated to causing significant trouble.”

They both looked down as Dorian emerged from the doorway of his office.

“Do you really think Carl would come all the way over here?” Jordan asked as Dorian began climbing the stairs.

“Like Josef said, I wouldn’t put it past him.” Dorian stopped one step below him and reached up to run his hands slowly over Jordan’s arms, smiling as he pulled him down for a kiss. When they parted, he sighed. “I need to find the others.”

“The others?” Jordan lifted an eyebrow; he wasn’t entirely sure if he liked the sound of that.

“Ah,” Dorian said with a broad smile. He didn’t often flash his teeth, but when he did, it sent chills scurrying up Jordan’s spine. “You see, love; we are not alone here. Not like we were in the States. Yes, I have my enemies here as well, all vampires have enemies, but here, in this grand city, I have allies as well.”

Dorian slipped an arm around Jordan’s shoulder, then the other around Josef’s. “Come. You both must eat. Angelia arrived while you were upstairs. I hear she has expanded her recipe collection considerably while I’ve been away.” He ushered them both downstairs and steered them into the kitchen.

Jordan blinked several times as a flurry of activity greeted them. “Looks like more than just Angelia.”

Dorian chuckled and nipped at a spot on Jordan’s neck, just below his ear. “You taste…exquisite,” he purred softly. A shiver slid up Jordan’s spine in answer. “Perhaps later, I will sample her new chocolate glaze recipe as it covers your body.”

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