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When Darkness Falls Pt. 2 Ch. 07

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Chapter Seven

“Such precious cruelty.”

A slow smile spread over Jordan’s lips and Dorian watched as the elf dipped a strawberry in Angelia’s chocolate glaze. Jordan tipped his head back, laying bare the smooth contours of his graceful neck, as he lowered the strawberry to his lips. His eyes closed, Jordan slipped his tongue out, letting the chocolate drip slowly onto the tip. Dorian shifted on the bed, his leather pants growing increasingly uncomfortable.

As the fruit disappeared between the elf’s lips, Dorian made a sound somewhere between a whimper and a growl. Jordan made no indication of hearing it, but Dorian knew he had. He could sense Jordan’s anticipation. He could smell the elf’s blood as it quickened in his veins, hear Jordan’s heart as it thundered in his chest, pounding out a primal rhythm. It was almost too much. But true to his word, Dorian remained where he sat, leaning up against the headboard of the king-sized bed. He was being good…for now.

Jordan, however, was anything but. He was stretched out across the foot of the bed, the tray of delicacies set between them, taunting Dorian like an obstacle between him and a prize. Jordan’s tunic was somewhere on the floor, and the light from the candles scattered around the room danced across the shimmering emerald fabric of his pants. Dorian’s gaze traveled slowly over the lean, lithe body, taking in the delicate features of Jordan’s face, the beckoning arch of his throat, the movement of muscles just beneath the smooth skin of his chest.

When Jordan moved, Dorian didn’t bother to stifle the tortured groan as the candle flames flickered across his pants. The green material hugged every line of the elf’s calves, thighs, and the sweet silken flesh of his cock. It was there Dorian’s gaze lingered, then drifted lower, his senses taking him on a whirlwind memory of Jordan’s body. He licked his lips as Jordan spread his legs slowly and slipped a hand between them to cup himself.

“You’re being good,” Jordan said. “Maybe a reward is in order?”

Dorian looked back up at Jordan’s face. “And what sort of reward would you give me, love?”

The sound that slipped from Jordan’s lips was a purr, smooth as silk, and he rolled his tongue around the strawberry as he worked his pants off with the other hand. Dorian was no longer sure which part to watch.

Jordan pulled his pants off completely and tossed them across the room. Then he rose up on his knees and turned around. When he bent over and spread his legs, Dorian’s breath left him in a rush. Jordan peered down at him from between his legs, then stuck two fingers into the chocolate glaze. Dorian watched as those two fingers then slid deep inside Jordan. The elf moaned into the bed as he started finger-fucking himself, using the chocolate as lubrication.

“Oh, dear God,” Dorian muttered. Screw being good; he couldn’t wait any longer. He leaned forward and scooped up more chocolate on his fingers, then rubbed them around Jordan’s entrance, pushing them inside him alongside Jordan’s fingers. Jordan whimpered and rocked back, pushing their fingers deeper.


Hearing Jordan’s whispered plea, Dorian pulled Jordan’s hand away, pulled his own fingers out, and dove in. He pushed his tongue as deep inside Jordan’s ass as he could, moaning as the chocolate mingled with Jordan’s natural musk. It was a heady combination, and Dorian had to pull away long enough to remove his pants. As soon as they were off, he knelt behind Jordan, spreading the cheeks of his ass apart to allow his tongue to go deeper. He licked around the outer ring, cleaning the chocolate from the tender, puckered skin, then pushed his tongue inside again. Jordan writhed on the bed and pushed his ass into Dorian’s face, crying out again and again as Dorian flexed his tongue inside him.

“Oh, fuck…Dorian, please…need you.”

Dorian licked his way down Jordan’s balls, sucking one gently into his mouth, then doing the same with the other. Jordan groaned and whimpered, the sounds muffled as his face was buried in the blanket. When he released Jordan’s balls, Dorian turned and slid under him, drawing his tongue down the underside of Jordan’s cock. Jordan’s thighs quivered and his hand threaded in Dorian’s hair, gripping him tightly.

“Yes,” Jordan whispered. “Oh, fuck yes.”

Sliding up a bit more, Dorian flicked his tongue over the tip, licking away the drops of pre-come, then slid his lips over the head. Jordan gasped and thrust into his mouth, driving his cock down Dorian’s throat. As he relaxed his throat muscles, Dorian took Jordan’s entire length in his mouth.

“Oh, my God…” Jordan groaned. “Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck…” His grip on Dorian’s hair tightened as he began stroking in and out, rocking his hips over Dorian’s chest. With Jordan’s ass still slick from his feast, Dorian pushed two fingers inside him, twisting his hand until he touched Jordan’s gland. Jordan’s hips jerked and he whimpered, caught between pushing down on Dorian’s finger and fucking his throat. Dorian hummed low and Jordan cried out as his cock throbbed, pumping hot come down his throat. He pulled his fingers out slowly and Jordan slid down his body to bring their mouths together in a kiss.

“Damn.” Jordan collapsed, burrowing his face in Dorian’s hair.

Dorian chuckled and rolled them over onto their sides. Jordan draped his leg over Dorian’s thigh and snuggled close, sighing softly.

“Something just occurred to me,” he said.

“What’s that, love?” Dorian asked as he nuzzled Jordan’s hair.

“You never got off.”

Dorian rocked his hips forward, rubbing their cocks together–his, hard as a rock; Jordan’s, quickly getting that way. “And what should we do about it?” he purred as he shifted, propping himself up on his arm so he could reach Jordan’s ear. He sucked the tip into his mouth and Jordan shuddered in his arms.

“I think,” Jordan said as he rolled them back over, “I’ll start with my mouth.” He pulled away, only to turn completely around and straddle Dorian’s face. Then he leaned forward, swallowing Dorian’s cock in one breath.

“Oh…” Dorian gasped and his hips jerked, sliding his cock deeper into Jordan’s throat. Above him, Jordan’s balls presented a temptation he could not resist. He kneaded the soft, supple flesh, spreading Jordan’s buttocks to reveal a well-tongue-fucked, pink hole. He licked his lips, unsure which part of the elf he wanted to devour first.

Unable to tear his gaze from Jordan’s balls, his mind was made up. He grabbed Jordan’s hips and pulled him lower until those irresistible balls of flesh were brushing his lips. He stuck his tongue out, tracing the crease of skin between them, then gently sucked one into his mouth. Jordan moaned around his cock, sending ripples of warm, teasing pleasure through Dorian’s body. Dorian released him and moved to the other, rolling his tongue around it before sucking on it.

“Oh, fuck…” Jordan panted as he slid his mouth off of Dorian’s cock. His grip tightened around the base of the shaft and Dorian groaned. “Mm, like that?” Jordan squeezed again and Dorian released him.

Dorian’s head fell back onto the bed and he thrust his hips up. “Don’t stop…”

Jordan licked around the head, sliding his tongue through the slit as he squeezed and released the shaft continuously. Dorian’s vision became fuzzy and he closed his eyes with a soft growl.

“Gods, I love to hear that,” Jordan murmured on his cock.

“What?” Dorian’s throat was dry and if he’d had a heartbeat, it would have been racing.

“You growling,” Jordan said as he flicked his tongue over the head of Dorian’s cock. “It’s fucking sexy.”

Dorian opened his eyes and a deep, guttural growl rumbled through him. Jordan shivered seconds before Dorian pulled him down, sitting him on his face. With a hand on either buttock, he spread Jordan open, plunging his tongue inside as he started fucking the elf’s fist.

Jordan whimpered and his fist tightened and released on Dorian’s cock like a vice. Dorian bucked his hips, fucking his hand with quick, hard thrusts. Jordan rocked against his face, forcing Dorian’s tongue deeper. Then he pulled away. Dorian’s protest died on his lips as Jordan spun around and sank down onto his cock.

Dorian drew his legs up and planted his feet firmly on the bed. Gripping Jordan’s hips tightly, he growled as he thrust hard, ramming his cock deep inside Jordan’s ass.

“Oh, fuck!” Jordan screamed as his head fell back. He started grinding on Dorian’s cock, sliding back and forth with his hands on Dorian’s chest for leverage. Dorian guided him, keeping the hard rhythm as he pulled and pushed Jordan’s hips. With every stroke, he rocked his hips, thrusting deep. Jordan sat up quickly and grabbed his cock, jerking his hand up and down the shaft.

“Fuck me, Dorian,” he pleaded breathlessly. His eyes widened and his dark gaze locked onto Dorian. “Oh, God!”

Dorian started piledriving his cock into Jordan, marking every thrust with a growl. With one particularly deep thrust, he sent Jordan spiraling over the edge. Jordan screamed his name as his come shot over Dorian’s chest. Dorian followed quickly after, burying his length in Jordan as he came hard, his body shaking with every pulse of his cock.

When it began to subside, his legs slid down and Jordan collapsed on top of him. Neither of them cared about the sticky mess coating Dorian’s stomach and chest.

“Did I break you, love?”

Jordan chuckled. “No, but my ass is sore as hell now.”

“Mm,” Dorian purred softly. “But such a sweet one it is.” He ran his fingers down Jordan’s spine, smiling as the elf shivered. “Love you,” he whispered as he licked Jordan’s shoulder.

Jordan lifted his head and looked down at Dorian with glazed eyes. “Love you too, Dorian. Never thought I’d tell a vampire that.”

Dorian smiled and slipped a hand through Jordan’s hair, pulling him down into a soft kiss. “Sleepy?” Jordan nodded. “Then let us sleep, love. It’s nearing dawn.”

“This is a fucked up schedule; you realize that, don’t you?” Jordan asked with a chuckle.

“Not my choice, but I manage.” Dorian sat up slowly and eased Jordan down onto the pillows. He released him long enough to crawl off of the bed and move the tray, then he returned, slipping under the covers. He sank down beneath the thick layers of blankets, slipped an arm around Jordan, and pulled him close. Jordan rolled over and snuggled against him, and soon, they both slipped into sleep.

* * *

When Jordan woke up, the first thing he noticed was that he was alone. He had reached over, expecting to drape his arm over a hard-muscled chest, but when he moved, there was no one there. He opened his eyes and found that Dorian was gone. As he sat up, he heard the sound of a shower, then found the bathroom door open. With a grin, he slid out of bed and stepped into the doorway, pleasantly surprised to see that Dorian preferred clear shower curtains. For several minutes, all he did was stare. He loved the way the water cascaded down Dorian’s back, then over his ass. Dorian’s hair was slicked back and he stepped under the spray, tipping his head back as the water poured over his neck chest.

“Care to join me, love?”

Jordan was startled momentarily, then smiled. He grabbed a towel out of the linen closet and laid it on the edge of the sink counter, then he stepped in as Dorian held back the curtain. Dorian immediately pulled him into a warm, wet embrace.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

Dorian nosed his cheek and moved a fraction of an inch until their lips were touching. “Because you looked too peaceful,” he whispered.

“Are you hungry?”

Dorian’s tongue snaked out to lick Jordan’s lips. “Starving.”

Jordan pulled back enough to see his eyes. “Then you definitely should have woke me up,” he said, lifting an eyebrow. The cold of the tile wall shocked him when Dorian backed him against it, but the vampire’s kisses as they trailed down his chin to the hollow of his throat, warmed him within seconds.

“Want you,” Dorian purred as he licked the nape of Jordan’s nape.

“I’m all yours,” was all Jordan could say. He threaded his fingers through the slick length of Dorian’s hair, pulling him closer. “Pleasure,” he whispered.

“As you wish.” Dorian cupped him, rolling Jordan’s balls gently in his palm. Jordan groaned and spread his legs more, allowing Dorian to settle between them. “How are you feeling?”

Jordan hiked his right leg up, locking it around Dorian’s hip. He reached between them and ran his thumb over the head of Dorian’s cock, smiling when the vampire gasped against his throat. “In me. Please, Dorian.”

Dorian lifted him up and Jordan locked both legs tightly around his waist. When Dorian lowered him slowly onto his cock, Jordan shivered, biting his lip as his body stretched around it. Once Dorian was completely inside, Jordan closed his eyes, panting as he willed his body to relax.

“You okay?” Dorian asked, keeping his hands under Jordan for support.

Jordan swallowed and nodded. “Just a little sore,” he said. “Give me a sec.”

“Anything, love.” Dorian kissed his chin. “You tell me when to move.”

Tilting his head slightly, Jordan met Dorian in a kiss, moaning into Dorian’s mouth. He whimpered softly and tried to move, his body wanting more. As if sensing what he wanted, Dorian began moving, withdrawing slowly, then pushing back in, taking his time and making the strokes gentle. Jordan tried rocking against him and found it difficult in their position; but he was unwilling to move. Gods. He could get used to this.

Every stroke Dorian made sent ripples of sensations through Jordan. In this position, Dorian’s cock stroked over his gland, and before long Jordan was caught between the wall and Dorian, writhing and making pleading sounds into Dorian’s mouth. Dorian pulled away from their kiss and held Jordan’s gaze as he started thrusting in earnest. Jordan’s body shook and every slide in took his breath away.

“Oh, gods…” He closed his eyes and Dorian kissed his neck softly. “Now,” he whispered as his body began to tighten around Dorian’s cock. “Dorian!”

The second he cried out, Dorian’s fangs pierced his throat. Jordan gripped his hair, holding Dorian against his neck and bucking against him as wave after wave crashed over him. A moment later, Dorian growled against his neck and buried his cock deep inside him as he came. As Jordan fought to catch his breath, Dorian licked his neck and pulled back, catching him in another kiss. He let Jordan down slowly, keeping a tight hold around his waist to steady him.

“You’re going to spoil me, Dorian Baptiste.”

Dorian chuckled softly as he rested his forehead to Jordan’s. “Can I?”

Jordan nodded. “I could easily get used to this.” He slid his arms up to circle them around Dorian’s neck.

“Good,” Dorian whispered on his lips. “Because I’ll be damned if I’m letting you go.”

“Love you, Dorian.” Jordan felt Dorian smile against his mouth.

“I love you too.” Dorian kissed him softly. “So very much.”

“The water’s getting cold.”

Dorian laughed and kissed him before pulling away. Jordan stepped under the spray, shivering but determined to get at least moderately clean. Dorian stayed behind him, combing his fingers through Jordan’s hair. When Jordan was done, he turned off the water and Dorian stepped out first. As Jordan dried, Dorian tucked the corner of his towel and headed into the bedroom.

“I’m not entirely sure where your bags ended up,” Dorian called from the other room. “You’re welcome to wear something of mine until we find them.”

“Do they smell like you?” Jordan asked with a grin as he walked out of the bathroom, tossing his towel into the clothes hamper by the door. He sat down on the bed and watched Dorian rummage through several drawers.

Dorian chuckled. “Clove seeps into clothes and tends to stay, no matter how many times you wash things.” He pulled out a pair of black silk pants and a dark green T-shirt. “How’s that?”

Jordan slid off the bed and walked over. “Mm…” He ran his fingers over the silk. “You really are going to spoil me.”

As Jordan took the clothes, Dorian leaned in to steal a kiss. “Good.”

“So, what’s going on today?” Jordan asked as he dressed.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been here,” Dorian said. “First thing I need to do is beef up security.”

Jordan looked up. “You’re worried about Carl, aren’t you?”

Dorian sighed and sat down on the bed after buttoning his pants. “Yes, I am.”

“You know something? I know hardly anything about you.”

“Come.” Dorian held out his hand and Jordan took it. “Hang around with me and feel free to ask anything you wish.”

Lifting an eyebrow, Jordan asked, “you’ll answer anything?”

“Anything. Some questions might take longer, whether it’s because the answers are difficult to remember, or too painful, but I will answer them.”

“Okay,” Jordan said as they left the bedroom. “How old are you?”

“You want the short answer? Or the full details?”


As they started down the stairs, Dorian said, “I was born here–Rome–in the winter of 1372, the 13th of December, to be exact. I was turned on the 3rd of January in 1405.”

“So how did it happen?” Jordan asked as they walked into Dorian’s office. He looked around the room, stunned at the countless shelves of books. Dorian’s desk was situated in front of an enormous bay window that overlooked the city. In the not-so-far distance, Jordan saw the city wall marking the boundary of Vatican City. It was bigger than he ever imagined it to be.

“The turning?” Dorian asked as he sat down at his desk.

“Yeah.” Jordan tore his attention away from the view and Dorian pulled him onto his lap.

“Now that, love, is an interesting–and somewhat complicated–story. In 1404, Cosmo Migliorato was elected Pope Innocent VII. At that time, I was a humble priest in the service of the Roman Catholic Church. I was thirty-three when I was struck down with an unknown illness. Fever, hallucinations, you name it. On the night of January 3rd, I was near death. That is when I had my last visitor–Lorik Sabina. He offered me a choice: die, or go on. I had a lust for life; I wasn’t ready to stop. I chose to go on. That night, he made me what I am now, and out of fear and possibly shame, my family buried a bundle of blankets in the place of my missing body.”

“Damn.” Jordan wasn’t sure what else to say to that. “Were you married?”

Dorian chuckled and shook his head. “No. I lived and ‘died’ under a vow of celibacy. It took Lorik quite some time to convince me to sleep with him.”

“Have you always liked men?” Jordan asked. He leaned back a bit and was surprised and a bit amused when he saw Dorian blush.

“Yes. No one ever found out, thankfully, but I had a young lover for some time. He died when he was seventeen; I was twenty-two. After that, I became celibate.”

Jordan grinned and kissed Dorian’s hair. “I’m glad you didn’t keep that vow.” Just as Dorian looked up and Jordan leaned down for a kiss, the door opened. Jordan sighed and a sound greatly resembling a growl came from the vampire beneath him.


Josef looked back out into the hall before closing the door. Jordan could feel the man’s tension from across the room. When Josef turned towards them and moved closer, worry was etched across his handsome face. “We have a problem, Dorian.”

Within seconds, Dorian stiffened. “What?”

“Viktor is in town.”

Several minutes passed in silence so tense, it made Jordan’s skin crawl. “Who’s Viktor?”

“An old…adversary,” Dorian said. The even, almost dead calm of his voice made Jordan’s skin crawl even more.

Jordan looked up at Josef, and Josef tilted his head towards the door. Jordan kissed Dorian’s head, then got up to follow Josef. They stepped out into the hall and Josef pulled him into a small, darkened alcove.

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