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When Darkness Falls Pt. 2 Ch. 08

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Chapter Eight

Dorian led the way down the spiral stairwell, looking back occasionally to see if Jordan was still with him. It was a long descent, and the light from the flashlight lit only a small circle before them. He hadn’t been down here in what felt like ages, and perhaps it really had been ages. He had known that walking into the chapel would trigger memories, painful and good, but it was necessary. Going through the chapel was the only way to get down to the catacombs beneath the mansion.

After several minutes of descending into the bowels of the earth, Dorian’s foot finally touched time-worn, flat stone. He breathed a soft sigh of relief and turned. “Stay close. I don’t know what’s down here.” Jordan gave him a look somewhere between worry and skepticism; Dorian chuckled. “That’s not what I meant. I mean, I don’t know how well the construction has held up all this time.”

“That doesn’t make me feel much better, Dorian,” Jordan grumbled.

Dorian reached down and took Jordan’s hand again. “Just stay close, love.”

Time had been about as kind as one could expect. He had long forgotten just how far down the catacombs were, but if the constant drip of water in the distance was any indication, it was deep. The air was moist and rich, water and earth and stone. As they walked, Jordan’s hand tightened on Dorian’s. Dorian couldn’t quite blame him. Coming down here had always been nerve-wracking. He and Viktor used to explore these tunnels when they were children, and as they got older, their ventures grew more intense, exploring deeper passages…in more ways than he cared to remember.

Deeper into the catacombs, the air grew heavy with moisture, until it was almost choking. Recesses in the walls held the decayed remains of the Baptiste family, but Dorian had long ago lost any sort of connection to them. His destination was straight ahead–a small room with two sarcophagi and an empty burial recess. It was that recess he was determined to face once more.

When they reached the archway of the room, he stopped. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard, fighting an internal struggle of wanting to go forward, and wanting to go back. But this had to be done, if Jordan would know his past. He stepped into the room and Jordan walked in behind him.

“Over there,” Dorian said, pointing to the empty recess. “That’s where it all started.”

Jordan walked over to the recess, which was large enough for two grown men and had harbored the dark secrets of two young boys so long ago. “Where what started?”

“Viktor…” Dorian closed his eyes and clenched one hand into a fist, while the other tightened around the flashlight. “He was the first, Jordan. He took everything in one night, for many nights.” His vision went hazy as he finally stared at the recess. “For many years.”

“I don’t quite understand. Are you saying…that Viktor and you…”

Dorian nodded, and when he spoke, his voice gave away the tears he refused to let fall. “Four years,” he whispered. “And his drive to possess me is what keeps him going. It is why I run.”

Silence settled in the room for so long that it grew painful. Dorian leaned back against the wall and slid down, the tears escaping down his cheeks as he went. For several minutes, his quiet sobs were the only sounds. Then he felt a hand touch his cheek, then his chin, lifting his head up. He met a soft gaze, and an even softer smile.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“For what?” Jordan pulled Dorian’s hands off of his knees, pushed his legs apart, and slid between them, pulling him into a tight embrace. “There is no reason in this world for you to apologize, Dorian. Were you afraid of how I would react?”

Dorian nodded. “I was so scared…”

“Shh,” Jordan murmured on his hair. “We’ll get through this, Dorian. And he can’t have you now. Know why?” When Dorian didn’t answer, Jordan cupped his face, drawing Dorian’s attention to his eyes. “Because you’re mine, and I won’t let you go without a fight.”

“I need you,” Dorian whispered. “Take these memories away, Jordan. Please.”

Jordan stood and helped Dorian to his feet. “Then let’s go back upstairs. I’ll give you anything you need.”


Jordan turned and lifted an eyebrow. “Here?”

“Please. I want…” Dorian sighed as he closed his eyes again. “I need this, Jordan. I need to erase those memories, and only you can do it.”

When he felt lips against his, Dorian whimpered softly. Taking his hand, Jordan pulled him across the room and Dorian opened his eyes. There it was, that recess in the wall full of memories he fought to forget. Jordan crawled inside and with a tug on Dorian’s hand, Jordan pulled him in with him. Dorian laid back and looked up, meeting Jordan’s calm, loving gaze.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Jordan asked him. “Right here?” Dorian nodded. Jordan’s hand settled over where a heart once beat. “I am here, Dorian. And when I’m inside you, I want you to keep your eyes open. I want you to see that it’s me making love to you, here.”

As Dorian tangled his fingers in Jordan’s hair, pulling him down for a kiss, Jordan’s hand drifted over his stomach. When they reached his thighs, he parted them, gasping as Jordan began to massage him through his pants. He moaned softly into Jordan’s mouth, arching into that touch. Jordan pulled away from their kiss and licked the hollow of Dorian’s throat.

“Please,” Dorian whispered. “Make love to me, Jordan.” Jordan’s hand slipped beneath the waistband of Dorian’s pants and wrapped to his cock. “Oh, God…” Dorian’s breath left him as Jordan stroked him slowly, circling his thumb over the tip, spreading the pre-come lazily.

Before he realized it, Dorian’s pants were gone and so were Jordan’s. Jordan knelt between his legs, parting them slowly while keeping a steady gaze on Dorian’s eyes. Dorian bit at his lower lip as Jordan nestled against him, his cock pressing against Dorian’s entrance. Dorian whimpered softly, lifting and pushing. Jordan smiled and hovered over him, and with a gentle, steady push of his hips, his cock slid home. Dorian’s hips rose, meeting him and driving him deeper. He gripped Jordan’s arms, shoulders, anything he could reach, as his body pulled Jordan deeper.

Then it all hit: the memories, the anger, the fear, the need, the desire. It all flooded Dorian like a tidal wave, dragging him under. He cried out and could no longer stop the tears as they streamed down his face. Jordan didn’t move, only leaned down to kiss him, softly. Dorian dug his fingers into Jordan’s biceps, clinging to him as tightly as he could.

“I love you, Dorian,” Jordan whispered on Dorian’s lips. “So much.”

“Love you. Please, Jordan…make it go away.”

“Open your eyes, Dorian.”

Dorian opened his eyes, and only then did Jordan begin to move. His strokes were slow and gentle, and Dorian rocked his hips, meeting every one. He wanted a kiss, wanted to lose himself in Jordan’s mouth, on his tongue. As if reading his mind, Jordan’s lips opened over his, taking him in another soul-consuming kiss. That was all Dorian needed. His cry died out in their kiss as his body shook beneath Jordan’s; every pulse, every ripple, echoing Jordan’s promise of love to him.

“Dorian.” Jordan’s whisper sent chills through Dorian’s body. Dorian reached up and gripped Jordan’s head, forcing them to look at each other. “Oh, gods… Dorian!”

Dorian was breathless, utterly breathless, as he watched the sudden flicker through Jordan’s eyes as he came. The intensity of Jordan’s gaze sent lightning through Dorian’s body and his own eyes grew wide as a deeper orgasm bolted through him.

“Yes… Come for me, Dorian.”

Dorian trembled for several seconds, then collapsed, exhausted and his face tear-streaked. Jordan kissed first one cheek and then the other, brushing the tears away. Dorian slid his arms around Jordan’s neck, and for the first time, he found happiness in this dark place.

* * *


“Dorian? Where have you been?”

Dorian sighed heavily into the phone. “Around. Listen, I’m in town again. I…I need help, Gabriele.”

Silence reigned over the phone line for several minutes before Gabriele said a word.

“It’s Viktor again, isn’t it? Oh, Dorian. Just let us do away with him, give you some peace for once.”

As he stared out the window and onto the city below, Dorian considered letting them do it. Gabriele was right; it would bring peace in his life. But how could he kill his own brother? His own flesh and blood?

“Dorian. We love you. We want you to be happy. Let us take care of Viktor. You don’t have to be involved. Just tell us where he is.”

“I think he knows. I think he can feel that I have someone new, someone more important than him in my life now.”

“Ah, yes. Angelia told us about your new love. She said he’s cute. Jordan…right?”

Dorian nodded, then remembered he was on the phone. “Yes, and he knows everything.”

“We will be there soon, Dorian. Lucca is home and positively dying to meet this new amante of yours.”

“The door is always open for you, Gabriele.” Just as he hung up the phone, Dorian looked up to see Jordan sitting in a chair in front of the desk. “I didn’t even hear you come in, love.”

Jordan chuckled and stood up. He walked around to Dorian’s side of the desk and sat on top of it. “It’s an elven trait,” he said as he pressed a bare foot against Dorian’s crotch. Dorian sucked in a breath when Jordan began massaging him with his toes. “So, who is Gabriele?”

Dorian shook his head quickly to clear the fog. The thin silk of his pants was little protection from the elf’s ministrations. “Um…” He cleared his throat, blushing when Jordan gave him a knowing smile. Dorian finally grabbed the elf’s foot in an effort to give himself a chance to think straight. “He’s an old friend,” he said finally. “Gabriele and Lucca have been together almost as long as I’ve been alive.”

“So they’re vampires,” Jordan said. “Do you trust them?”

“Implicitly. I would trust them not only with my life, but with yours.”

Jordan slid off of the desk and onto Dorian’s lap. “You know,” Jordan said as he started to unbutton Dorian’s silk shirt, “as much as I love you in leather, silk suits you very well.” He slipped his hand inside, then parted the shirt, letting his fingernails graze over Dorian’s nipples.

Dorian sucked in a sharp breath as his hips left the chair slightly. Every touch from Jordan sent sparks shooting along his spine. “Qualche cosa che desideriate.”

“I have no fucking clue what you just said, but it sounded sexy as hell,” Jordan mumbled against his neck.

“I said: ‘anything you wish.’” Dorian tunneled his fingers through Jordan’s hair as Jordan’s teeth grazed his throat.

“Say something else Italian.”

When Jordan bit down, Dorian let out a pleading whimper and pressed Jordan harder against his neck. “Più duro…” He knew Jordan didn’t understand him, but the implication was there as he tipped his head to give Jordan better access to his throat, wanting him to bite harder. When Jordan bit down, Dorian shuddered beneath him, whimpering softly as he came without a single touch.

Jordan groaned and rocked on his lap, the movements of his hips grinding their cocks together through their pants. “Oh, fuck…Dorian…”

“Venuto per me, amore,” Dorian whispered. That seemed to do it. Jordan caught him in a hard kiss and Dorian felt the elf’s cock throb against him as he came.

When Jordan pulled away from the kiss, he slumped against Dorian, panting as he laid his head on Dorian’s shoulder. “Holy fuck.”

Dorian chuckled and stroked his fingers down Jordan’s spine. “Ti amo.”

“Now that one I do know. I love you, too,” Jordan murmured in his ear.

The sound of a voice clearing pulled Dorian’s attention from the elf in his lap, to the door. He smiled. “Gabriele.”

“Dorian, il mio caro amico,” Gabriele purred as he swept into the room. He stopped when he saw Jordan. “Oh…Dorian, sweet. You didn’t tell me he was so…pretty.” A distinct spark flickered in the elder vampire’s eyes as a playful but predatory smile curled his lips.

Dorian felt Jordan shudder and he smiled. “Careful, Gabriele. I think he’s taken a liking to Italian,” he teased.

Gabriele’s grin turned positively devilish. “Or is it because of the sweet things that come out of your mouth?”

Dorian narrowed his gaze on Gabriele. “È dolce, il mio amico.”

Gabriele’s hungry gaze slid slowly from Dorian’s face to the exposed bit of flesh of Jordan’s neck. “Is he, now?”

Jordan whimpered softly as he buried his face in Dorian’s hair. “You’ve got to stop,” he whispered.

“Stop what, love?”

“Stop with the damn Italian,” Jordan grumbled. He rocked his hips just enough for Dorian to feel the swelling cock rubbing against him. “Is he cute?”

Dorian nipped at the tip of Jordan’s ear and whispered, “he’s beautiful. No one compares to you, love, but Gabriele is an angel made flesh.” Jordan moaned softly and rocked in Dorian’s lap. “He wants to taste you, but he will do nothing without my permission.”

“Oh, fuck,” Jordan murmured. “Please…”

His words held a quiet desperation that made Dorian shiver. Dorian nodded and Gabriele moved closer, brushing a silky swath of hair from Jordan’s neck. Dorian licked his suddenly-dry lips as Gabriele’s fangs dropped and pieced Jordan’s throat. Jordan gasped and ground down hard on Dorian, waking his cock.

“Oh, gods… Dorian,” Jordan breathed. His movements sped up, every slide of his body taking Dorian’s breath away. When Gabriele reached up and brushed his fingertip over the hollow of Dorian’s throat, Dorian cried out, thrusting hard against Jordan as he came again. Jordan followed quickly after, clinging tightly to Dorian as his body shuddered.

Gabriele chuckled as he licked the wounds on Jordan’s neck. “You were right, Dorian,” he whispered as he leaned over Jordan’s head to swipe his tongue across Dorian’s lips. “He is sweet.”

Whatever Dorian was going to say in response died on the tip of his tongue as Gabriele’s tongue swept over it. It had been quite a long time since he had felt that kiss and his body remembered every stroke well. He arched up against Jordan, his moans dying out in Gabriele’s kiss. Jordan turned his head and licked the side of Dorian’s neck.

“Fair play,” Jordan whispered. “And I would love to watch him slide his cock in your ass.”

Dorian whimpered and his body began to shake uncontrollably. Gabriele’s tongue plundered his mouth, drawing needy sounds from deep within Dorian’s throat. Then Gabriele pulled away. Dorian gasped and swallowed, fighting to slow his breathing down once more. He glared at Gabriele, and Gabriele smiled demurely.

“Tease,” he growled.

Gabriele licked his lips and Dorian watched that tongue slide across them. “Tell me, Jordan,” Gabriele said, ignoring Dorian altogether. “Do you play?”

When Jordan pulled away and turned to look up at him, Dorian felt his cock twitch in response to the dark hunger that darkened the elder vampire’s eyes.

“Oh, you are pretty.”

Jordan blushed and bit his lower lip. “I play,” he said. “But only if Dorian’s included.”

Gabriele’s wicked smile sent chills through Dorian’s body as their gazes met. “Oh, believe me, pretty one. He will always be included.”

“Taking all the kisses and leaving me none?”

Dorian watched in silent amusement as Jordan turned more. As Lucca stepped through the doorway, Jordan’s mouth fell open. Dorian chuckled as Jordan looked from Lucca to Gabriele, then to him.

“They’re twins!”

Dorian nodded. “Yes, they are. Identical, to be exact, but they couldn’t be more different in personalities. Now that we’re all here, introductions are in order.” He patted Jordan and Jordan slid off his lap. Dorian stood and Lucca pulled him into a tight hug.

“Gentlemen, this is Jordan Shields, my lifemate. Jordan, this is Gabriele and Lucca Rossi. They’ve been dear friends for quite some time.”

Lucca stepped closer and grinned. “Very nice, Dorian,” he said, his voice deep and sultry. When Lucca turned towards Jordan, Dorian met Jordan’s somewhat nervous gaze. “And a pleasure it is, Jordan.”

“Likewise,” Jordan said, looking up at Lucca. Dorian smiled as a shiver slid up Jordan’s spine. “I thought they were lovers.”

“But they are, love. And very guarded ones, at that. Does that bother you?”

“No. It’s just…different.”

From the knowing look on Gabriele’s face, Dorian knew the fairer twin knew exactly what was being said silently. He was grateful when Lucca broke the somewhat awkward silence.

“Now, Dorian. Tell us what’s going on.” Lucca asked as he sat down in the chair in front of the desk. Gabriele walked around and settled in his lap, leaning back against Lucca’s chest as he straddled Lucca’s legs. For several seconds, all Dorian could do was stare, letting his gaze follow the smooth contours of Gabriele’s thighs as they parted over Lucca’s muscular legs. One of Lucca’s hands found its place at the crease of Gabriele’s hip. Dorian’s cock sprang to life immediately.

“Dorian, you’re staring,” Jordan whispered in his ear with a chuckle.

Dorian cleared his throat, then jumped slightly as Jordan’s hand found his cock and began stroking the length of it. “You’re not helping,” he mumbled.

In answer, Jordan flicked his tongue over Dorian’s neck. “Never said I would help. I want to see them both fuck you, one in your ass and the other in your mouth.”

A shiver bolted through Dorian’s body like quicksilver. When he looked up, he saw two sets of hungry blue eyes watching him and Jordan. He had been with them both several times, but the thought of doing it with Jordan had him fully hard within seconds. But, first things first. He gripped Jordan’s hand to still the strokes.

“Soon,” he whispered. Then he looked back at the twins. “Viktor is in town. I don’t know where he is yet, but it feels close.”

“Let us deal with him.”

Dorian opened his mouth to argue, but the tone of Lucca’s voice made it clear he didn’t stand a chance. He snapped his mouth shut and nodded slowly. “All right. He’s yours.”

“Very good,” Gabriele purred softly, although whether it was in response to Dorian, or the fact that Lucca’s thumb was stroking his balls through his silk pants, was anyone’s guess. Lucca nipped his twin’s neck and Gabriele shuddered. Dorian shuddered in response. “Oh, love,” Gabriele whispered as he reached back, threading his fingers through Lucca’s hair.

Jordan’s moan tickled Dorian’s throat and Dorian brushed the hair from Jordan’s neck. He stroked his tongue over the soft skin, then sank his fangs into the elf’s throat. Jordan gasped and shuddered, clinging to him as he ground hard on Dorian’s lap. When Dorian rolled his eyes up to watch the twins, he found Gabriele writhing on Lucca’s lap, Lucca’s hand stroking the hard length of his cock through a layer of silk while his fangs were imbedded in Gabriele’s neck. All three sets of eyes locked onto each other, and Dorian felt the need and desire radiate from the twins.

“Upstairs,” Lucca growled against Gabriele’s throat. “Now.”

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