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Who’s Vanilla Now? Ch. 02

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Checking into the hotel with Rachel was at once romantic and slutty. This was no ‘room rates by the hour’ dive. The high end stores attracted tourists with lots of cash. I could tell though that the desk clerk thought Rachel’s Marissa’s Cupboard bag was insufficient luggage. A large advance tip to the bellboy however ensured better treatment from him. In the glass elevator on the way up, I casually unbuttoned Rachel, exposing her slowly to the bellboy. He tried to avert his eyes, but the temptation to glance over was too great. His eyes carefully followed my trail down Rachel’s body. A flush spread up out of the stiff collar of his uniform shirt. He was a young man. Barely more than a boy.

“Ever had one that young?” I whispered to Rachel. I wondered if he heard. His ears turned pink, but otherwise there was no sign. His breathing became laboured and his tongue moistened his lips once I reached the point where only a single strategic button held Rachel’s shirt somewhat closed. Most of the inside slope of her left breast must be visible to him, with only a hint of nipple showing.

Rachel sighed, her nubs tenting out the fabric of her shirt. I ran a hand down her back, caressing the depression at the bottom of her spine where her hips joined above her ass. She wriggled in response, causing my hand to slide lower. This made her whole body arch as she moaned. The bell boy couldn’t help but shift for a better look. Our eyes met briefly, then his gaze drank in Rachel’s loveliness, her tits thrusting forward as if beginning to be kissed. My hand teased her tender asshole, which must have liked the attention, because it gaped open hungrily and swallowed me to the knuckle. Rachel jumped up a bit as it entered, then leaned back into me, rotating her hips. She was well lubed by her own juices, which quickly ran all over my hand and down her thighs. I was sure a trickle could be seen below the edge of her tiny skirt. Certainly, the aroma was filling the tiny space.

“What if someone in the lobby or outside sees us?” Rachel whispered as the elevator rose, first through the multi-storey atrium, then up the outside wall of the tower.

I replied by inserting another finger in the lips of her pussy.

“What if someone saw us in the park, or on the freeway,” I asked, loud enough for the bellboy to hear. “Are you suddenly shy? Who’s vanilla now?”

“I thought we were tired and here to sleep.”

“No reason not to grab a little fun first.” Then I whispered to add, “Or in the case of our bellboy, from the looks of his bulge, some large fun.”

Rachel glanced at the bellboy, a strapping muscular lad, and grinned like a cat about to lick up cream, grinding her hips around my hand, her pussy scrunching around my fingers in a tiny anticipatory orgasm. She reached out, perhaps about to caress his obvious erection, when the car slowed to stop at our floor.

As the car stopped, the bellboy held the door open to allow us to exit first. I left my hand down Rachel’s skirt, making sure he got a good view of our interaction before he passed by to lead us to our room.

“Do you want him?” I asked her.

“Hmmm now. Let’s see how he plays it. . I better not let you claim I’m being vanilla. I definitely will push it as far as possible. But I’m so tired and sore… I’m not sure I can handle much more than a blowjob.”

She turned her head, stretching to lick my ear and nibble my earlobe, exciting both me and our fortuitous voyeur. As he opened the door, she brushed past him into the room. Her final button snagged on the button of his fancy waistcoat, tearing Rachel’s blouse slightly. Her chest was covered only by the loosely hanging fabric. Any movement teased our eyes with fresh exposures of skin. Entering the room, she turned to the youngster.

“What’s your name?”

She spread her arms like wings, exposing her entire breasts. With a twirl, she fell back onto the bed. The shirt fell at her sides, leaving us staring at her nipples pointing to the ceiling. Finally, the bellboy caught his breath and answered.

“Hugh,” he stammered, glancing down briefly at his own name tag.

“As in huge?” Rachel teased, sitting back up on the bed, shirt still wide open, her headlights now staring poor Hugh right in the face. It occurred to me that he was just a shade too tall to see up her almost non-existent skirt.

“Since you already gave Hugh a cash tip, I bet he would rather have another sort of tip from me. Or attention to another sort of tip. How old are you, Hugh?” she asked.

“Seve…” he started, then said, “Eighteen. My birthday was last week.” He blushed crimson.

“Put the bags anywhere,” I said, instantly concerned I might have ruined the atmosphere. Hugh dumped Rachel’s purchases, and my laptop which I had not wanted to leave in the car, on a handy luggage stand.

Rachel stood, and stretched her arms wide as if yawning. “I’m sorry I missed your party, Hugh. Was it a big one?” She stepped closer to him.

“It was in the ballroom here after work. It started late, but ran till dawn. All my school chums plus the younger staff.” Hugh grinned. “We got pretty blitzed.”

Rachel stepped close still, now close enough to touch Hugh. She just gently stroked his cheek. “Was it an orgy, Hugh?”

Between the caress and the intimate question, Hugh looked ready to pop a blood vessel. For the first time, his eyes darted from Rachel to the door, which still stood open. I moved to close it. “Excuse me, sir,” Hugh said, “hotel policy is we have to keep the door open at all times if with a female guest.”

“I bet that’s only alone with a female guest, and I’m here, so you aren’t alone.”

“Gee, that’s right,” Hugh admitted,” but still…”

“Answer the lady’s question, Hugh,” I said, closing the door firmly. “Did your birthday bash become an orgy?” I shut the door despite Hugh’s protests.

“A lot of people paired off, I guess, but it wasn’t like a porn movie if that’s what you mean. No one was hooking up right in the middle of the room having a gang bang or such.”

“You like porn movies, Huge Hugh?” Rachel said, now toying with his buttons.

“Give the poor kid a break, Rach,” I said, “all guys like porn movies.”

“Maybe we should make one right now. ‘The Lady and the Bellboy’. Catchy title, I think.” She laughed, running her hand down his waistcoat, undoing buttons, and then brushing the back of her hand across the bulge in his trousers. “Oh, darn, no video camera. Well, we’ll just have to do without.”

She giggled, stepping back from Hugh. A shrug of her shoulders made her shirt fall to the floor, totally exposing her excited nipples up close to Hugh’s eyes, which were bulging almost as much as his package.

“Never seen real boobies before, Huge?” she asked.

He was speechless. Rachel ran her hands under her mounds, caressing them, and then cupped them, lifting towards his eyes. He still said nothing, his tongue however ran out along his lips, and his jaw fell slackly open as he began panting. Rachel ran her hand up his crotch, then shrugged and turned to face me.

“Honey, why don’t you show Hugh what he should do.”

Rachel turned and leaned back against Hugh as I stepped up and licked her breasts. I began by giving each a brief kiss, lightly just on the tip of her nipple, sending a shiver through Rachel’s spine. This had the interesting effect of making her hips wriggle, her butt tight against Hugh’s groin. He groaned.

I proceeded to lick the bottom curve of each breast slowly, over dramatizing for effect. I stuck my tongue out of my mouth as far as I could and ran the flat surface around her flesh. As I licked the left tit, I caressed the other. When I switched sides, my hand found that Rachel had guided Hugh’s hand up to cup her left breast.

“I think Hugh is a good learner,” Rachel said between moans. My tongue traced the side of her bosom, until my lips lingered on her nipple, sucking it rather than kissing this time. I drew it in with a little suction, closing my teeth slowly over the tip.

“Can you see what he’s doing, Hugh?” Rachel asked. “There is a real art to striking just the right balance of pain and pleasure in this part.” She laughed. “And even more cruel for you poor men is that each woman’s pain tolerance is unique.”

Her voice was soft, not loud enough to cover over the sound of Hugh’s zipper being nudged open by her fingers. She winced as I closed my teeth around her nipple. I twisted the nub, using my tongue to joggle it while it was still trapped in my mouth. I pulled back slightly, stretching the rubbery flesh away from her body.

I stroked Rachel’s side, my hand tracing her curves to her hip. I grasped her short skirt, already bunched around her waist, and gently tugged it upwards, ensuring that nothing hung between her firm round rear and Hugh’s exposed weapon. Since she was standing on her toes arching her chest to my mouth, her rear slid up and down, no doubt exciting Hugh further. As I switched breasts, taking the other nipple in my teeth, I glanced down. I could not tell if Hugh wore underwear, but his cock was not only out of his fly, it was bare to the air. Rachel’s excitement was moist on her thighs and I could see that she had used her fingers to scoop some of that lubrication onto her ass, which was glistening.

Suddenly, Rachel bounced away from Hugh, knocking me sprawling. She spun and slapped him, a bit more briskly than play would require. “Hugh, that’s naughty. Trying to stick your cock in my asshole without permission, especially bareback.”

Hugh blushed again, deeper than before. I suspected that Rachel’s anger was largely role playing, though some element of it might be her shock at the invasive maneuver. “And here I thought you were a virgin, in need of tender teaching,” she added.

He was staring at the floor. I wondered as I watched if he knew how ridiculous he looked, in his little pillbox hat and archaic waistcoat and striped trousers, with what looked like about nine inches of rock hard thick cock pointing straight out in the air. From what I had learned of Rachel today, I doubted her anger would last long. No doubt within minutes she would have found better use for that meat. Unless Hugh bolted out the door.

To reduce that risk, I stepped over and put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign, and fastened the safety chain. This backfired, shaking Hugh further out of the trance woven by Rachel. “Hey, if my boss comes looking for me, I’ll be in really big trouble,” he said.

Rachel sighed and slowly shook her head from side to side. “You know, I never thought I was the kind of girl to threaten a man. But, Hugh, look at it this way. If your boss sees me on the bed, your fat red cock head pointing to my face, who does he believe if I cry rape?”

I bit my tongue. By the way the desk clerk had sneered at us when we checked in; my bet was they would peg Rachel as a wanton horny slut. But if Hugh bought it, I was not about to rain on her parade. I also noticed that throughout this digression, Hugh’s cock had never relaxed, and when Rachel threatened to cry rape, it bobbed further up, as if straining to hear more.

She noticed this movement as well, and giggled. Her hand reached out and stroked the nodding end, and then she caressed the length of his shaft. Hugh’s thickness was a challenge for Rachel’s dainty digits. Here fingertips did not meet at the top of his meat. She stroked down then up his shaft, rotating her palm to increase the friction. Hugh slumped back against the wall, groaning with excited pleasure. I could see the slit on the tip of his organ throbbing anxiously.

I relaxed in the chair, releasing my cock from its confinement. I had no second thoughts about exposing myself even in front of another guy. Despite the repeated sexual activities since lunch, rigidity was no problem. Orgasm however was likely to be delayed. ‘So much the better to enjoy the show,’ I thought. Automatically, my hand cupped my member, exercising the love muscle as I watched Rachel. My rubbing quickly assumed a matching tempo. When her tongue licked around Hugh’s corona, I flicked my thumbnail along, triggering my own sensitive spots.

Rachel was in a squat, but as she lowered her mouth to deep throat this fresh meat, her hips shifted up and back, presenting a rear view of her naked cunt to me. As much as I knew Rachel would love to be fucked, I remained in place, enjoying watching the sweet nectar dripping out of her labia, some dropping to the carpet, more running onto her thighs.

Hugh flexed his knees as Rachel bobbed up and down on his cock, her tongue drooling lavish amounts of lubricating saliva. His cock was so fat it filled her mouth, forcing her to flex her jaw almost to the point of dislocation, puffing air out to breathe around the mouthful. I could plainly see the outline of his knob poking against her cheek before she shifted enough to slide it further into her throat. How she did this without gagging is a mystery. Rachel was obviously a woman of unexpected experience as well as depth. Her fingers kneaded his throbbing balls. I had never actually seen a guy’s balls throb before, and had assumed it was just a figure of speech. As my fingers again copied Rachel’s actions, I noticed Hugh’s scrotum shrink, then expand again, changing size like a drum head vibrating to a beat.

My hesitation proved to be fortunate. Hugh had apparently overcome at least some of his shyness, or else he combined good genetics with aggressive hormones. Regardless of the explanation, I watched his hands reach down, out and around. He cupped Rachel’s upraised buttocks, squeezing in time with her fingers massaging his balls. With each squeeze, his fingers travelled closer towards the crack of Rachel’s ass, and his middle fingers soon were tantalizingly near the outer edges of her sodden labia.

‘This is way better than just fucking her doggy style’ my little inner devil said, powering my fingers to flash along the length of my cock even faster. The raw skin just below my cock head was aching from earlier efforts. I paused and spit some saliva into my palms to help the situation. I did not ignore the show in front of me though.

Rachel lifted her lips off the tip of Hugh’s cock long enough to say, “Don’t worry about being gentle, my huge man. I’m no Barbie doll.”

Hugh acted more boldly after receiving that permission. Perhaps he was more experienced than he initially appeared, or else he was an especially lucky beginner. His left middle finger curled less cautiously up Rachel’s anus. I could see it waggling deeper. Her moans were evidence of Hugh’s skill. Once that rhythm was established, Rachel resumed her oral efforts, running her fingers up and down Hugh’s shaft while bathing the crown with her tongue. After a few repeats of that variation, Rachel kept her hand at the base of the shaft, rolling Hugh’s heavy balls in her palm. Her tongue took over the march down his shaft, alternately stabbing at the pulsing top vein and wrapping around his girth. Once she reached the root, she bobbed up and down quickly deep throating Hugh, but just once. Then, she started the tongue from the base and worked up, in an orderly fashion. It was fascinating to watch, a wonderful combination of concentration, dexterity and imagination. The fact that she was cumming with a finger up her ass simply made it more amazing. All in all, it made my cock throb. I knew it wished that it, not Hugh’s digit, was up her rear. My hand flew on my cock, the danger of chafing quickly forgotten.

At the top of one repetition, just before swallowing Hugh’s length, Rachel reminded him,” You have two hands, Hugh; can you put the other one to better use?”

A look of confusion was affixed to the young bellboy’s face. I clapped my hands together to give him a clue. He once again proved a quick study, drawing his right hand back off Rachel’s backside a good six or eight inches, and then smacking her flesh lightly. She moaned and my cock jerked itself in appreciation, but Rachel quickly said. “Didn’t I say I’m not fragile? Spank me like you mean it. I’m not going to suck your fine cock any more until you make me.” She turned her head towards me, grinning happily, and gave me a playful wink. I quickly made things easier for Hugh, stripping the rest of Rachel’s clothes off.

The next blow was delivered with a bigger backswing, and no hesitation before flesh struck flesh. Hugh was a muscular lad, the football type and Rachel gasped at the force he brought to the task. She recovered quickly, and rewarded him with a teasing lick, removing precum from his pee slit. With his other finger still rotating in Rachel’s anus, Hugh alternated blows on each of Rachel’s buttocks, each blow faster and harder than the one prior. Before long, I saw that her ass looked warm and pink.

“I think she’s really tingling now, Hugh,” I said. “But she’s not overly sensitive. She craves the intensity that comes quicker than the pain.”

Rachel was unable to comment. Once again, she had filled not only her mouth but her throat with Hugh’s monster member. She was grunting and moaning like the soundtrack of a porn movie, her juices oozing down her thighs. I watched her tiny rosette asshole collapsing clamped around Hugh’s finger. I deduced that she was experiencing yet another long intense orgasm. I was unable to tell whether Hugh was pumping his goo directly down her throat. There was no discernible alteration in the suctioning action of her cheeks.

Throughout Rachel’s writhing, Hugh continued his spanking of her, the slaps tattooing her backside steadily. He varied the angle and direction, some blows coming from the side, others from above, the hardest upwards from below her ass. I lost track of how many blows he struck, lost in admiration of his tempo and her ability to concentrate while taking this punishment. Rachel’s ass now burned bright red.

Hugh grunted forcefully. Finally, he spoke for the first time since this assault on his cock had become a painful episode in Rachel’s experiences. “I don’t want to just pump my ooze down your slut throat.” Again, he blushed, despite his dominant behaviour. “I might be a virgin, but girls have been blowing me for a while. I want something new.”

Rachel lifted her head to reply.

“Oh, Hugh, I’m so happy you are learning to take charge, now that you’ve taught me that slutty girls need discipline.” Now I knew Rachel was role-playing. She needed no teaching. “But my ass is too sore to fuck, if that’s what you have in mind. And my sweetie is a straight guy, no matter how much he likes looking at the size, shape and texture of your mighty manhood. So all I can offer is a straight fuck. And …” Rachel blushed, “…there’s good news and bad news. The good news is I’m already so well fucked today I’m stretched big enough for your monster cock. The bad news is, as badly as I want to fuck you, because I do love fucking, and owe it to you, I am just so darn tired that…”

She was interrupted by a rap on the door. Was it security? Had we been seen by the wrong people as we rode the elevator? Had someone heard us? Or was it Hugh’s boss searching for his lost bellboy? I saw that my two playmates looked as instantly tense as I felt.

“Housekeeping,” announced a whiskey tinged voice, “turn down service.” Apparently, she neither saw nor obeyed the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. I began to tell her we did not need help with the bedding when her pass key rattled in the keyhole and she swung the door open forcefully, banging it against the wall, missing Hugh by inches.

The woman who entered with the armful of fluffy towels could be put in an illustrated dictionary beside the word ‘crone’. She was bowlegged and stoop shouldered, unnaturally thin, each tendon and joint visibly stretching her mottled skin. Her hair was grey and textured like a scouring pad. Despite no smoking regulations, a lit cigarette dangled from her cracked lips beneath her jagged nose.
“Fresh towels,” she croaked, ignoring the scene before her. Rachel was frozen in time, Hugh’s huge organ micrometers from her lips, a strand of saliva bridging the gap. Hugh was hardly breathing, pressing back against the wall, and no doubt willing himself to dissolve into the wallpaper. I was the only occupant moving, my hand, with a will of its own, resumed stroking my shaft despite the intrusion.

The maid waddled into the bathroom and deposited her burden. Next, she crossed to the bed, and literally turned down the covers as she had announced, anointing each pillow with a tiny but expensive chocolate.

“You kids have fun,” she commented as she walked towards the door.

“Don’t worry, Sonny, I won’t rat you out,” she advised Hugh, “because you got the goods on me smoking.” She punctuated this with a hacking cough.

“In fact, since you look like a nice boy, I’ll cover for you,” she grinned. This was even uglier than her usual grimace. “I have pictures of the Bell Captain with…well, let’s just say he won’t trouble you.”

She sighed as she passed the lovers near the doorway. “You know, that’s one dandy cock. Long time since I’ve seen one so fine. And I saw plenty in my time, I’ll tell you. Why, not so long ago, I would have stripped down in that washroom and shocked you all by coming out naked to join the fun. These days if I did that, the shock would be how funny my saggy tits look hanging half way to my knees.”

“Come on, I’m sure you look better than that.” It registered on me that this was my voice teasing the woman, but I had no recollection of meaning to say it. My urge to keep up with Rachel in the kinky games had a mind of its own. My weak compliment stopped her short, standing just inside the doorway.

“You don’t really mean that.”

“Of course he does,” Rachel spoke for me, her hand still caressing Hugh’s cock, maintaining his erection, precum dripping on the carpet. “In fact, we’d all like to see just how wonderful a woman can look despite having gained the knowledge that only time allows. Wouldn’t we, Hugh?”

“Uh huh” was all the embarrassed erect youth could manage, as Rachel tugged his cock. My hand again mimicked her movements with no independent thought on my part. Despite the haggardness of our new playmate, the added sexual charge was undeniable.

“I’m Rachel, this is Hugh and Mitch. What’s your name?”

“Frida,” she replied, hand on the top button of her uniform, “Pleased to meet you.”

“I think you’ll be especially pleased to meet Hugh’s meat. We were just trying to figure out where he should pump his virgin sperm. I’ve been fucking Mitch all day, and playing with some friends too. My poor pussy feels ancient – oops, I mean tired.”

“Don’t worry about offending me sweetie. I know I’m old. That boy does have a mighty fine hunk of manhood there. It looks like you’ve done a real fine job of readying it for the big bursting too. Except my pussy is drier than a desert. How will we get me lubed up real quick?” She quickly began undoing buttons, revealing a shiny cheap slip, worn from long and hard use.

“Mitch….would you do the honours?” asked Rachel. This roused me from my dissociate state, drawing me back into the moment. My mind turned quickly to the question of what means to employ to achieve the task.

“Since you asked so nicely, I’d be honoured, indeed. Frida, you look like a very kinky wench. But you are still overdressed.”

Before anyone could speak further, I leapt off the chair. With one smooth grab, I ripped the slip clear off Frida’s knobby frame, knocking her dress off her shoulders to the floor in the same swipe. Hugh was still speechless, his cock throbbing in Rachel’s grip, but she and I both laughed loudly at the next layer of Frida’s clothing. I had exposed a purple demi-cup underwire bra, which used dainty lace to frame perfectly respectable tiny mounds of breast, each topped by a nipple the colour of coffee – a Hershey’s kiss chocolate.

I reached into Rachel’s shopping bag and pulled out the handcuffs and whip. Agreeing to Rachel’s request that I prepare Frida was fine, but I needed to come on strong to avoid a wimp label. There was an ornate light fixture on the wall by where Frida stood, I spun her around and looped the chain of the cuffs through that metal before closing the bracelets around each wrist, her hands extended above her head. I used the handle of the whip to tease her into a position where her arms were slightly flexed, her legs a bit wider than her shoulders, just far enough from the wall that her back was bent at about a thirty degree angle.

I began by rolling the leather covered butt of the lash across the dusty old flesh above her cunt. Glancing to my left, I saw that both Rachel and Hugh were frozen, admiring my actions. “It won’t do Frida any good if Hugh loses power while I ready her. Make sure you keep him fluffed, Rachel. Just don’t push him over the edge. My cock is almost as tired as your cunt, so I would hate to have to fuck Frida as her reward for being such a sport. If I wasn’t so sore, Frida, I’d be fucking you myself, of course, because you are incredibly sexy. Your nipples scream to be eaten, and once that flows down to your cunt, you’ll be eminently fuckable.”

“Has Rachel got a strap-on to fuck me with?”

“She’s too busy fluffing Hugh. I have something else in mind.”

I rained hard blows with the whip on to the tough skin of her back. Unlike Rachel’s play with Monique, this was meant to hurt. The first dozen blows barely raised redness. I paused after the first half dozen and ran my hand roughly into her cunt. I slid inside with only a modest effort, but her inner walls were as dry as dust. I expanded my fist inside her, but the cavity was so stretched out from decades of use that she accommodated me without any problem, without lubrication. Although I knew this meant Hugh could fit inside already, it would be like sandpaper on skin for his young love muscle, so I continued working towards moistening Frida.

Rachel and Hugh both had their eyes glued to my actions. Rachel had one hand busy toying with her own clit. Hugh’s tongue busily licked his lips as his breathing became panting. Rachel fondled his scrotum with her other hand. Unexpectedly, Rachel stood as I fisted Frida, and pressed backwards up against Hugh. Straining up onto the tips of her toes, she ran the crevice between the cheeks of her ass along the length of his shaft. She reached back and drew his hands to her tits.

“Be careful he doesn’t blow before I’m ready for him,” Frida warned, “though licking his cream off your bum might be fun. Heck, I’d even enjoy licking it out of your asshole, but that boy is too much like a horse cock to fit there in a little gal like you.”

“Did I say you could speak?” I asked, twisting the whip across her back with extra sharpness. I could see from her expression that she was beginning to feel the burn. “Do you like how he is mauling her tits? Do her excited nipples make you wish it was you with those big fists gripping your nubs? You may speak now.”

“Yes. At first, I only saw the size of his cock. Thirty years ago just seeing such fine meat would have made me soaked to my knees. But yes, I see his hands. Not only do I want them squeezing my saggy tits like they were over ripe oranges, I want one of them stuffed up my swollen stretched out cunt.”

“It may be swollen, but is it wet?” I asked. Stepping closer, I brushed my hand across her belly, as if to finger her cunt. Instead, I stealthily slid my other hand up and roughly squeezed a tit, enthusiastically pinching her hard nipple. Only then did my finger enter between her lower lips. “Not there yet,” I commented, noting that the outer lips were quite moist, but the inner reaches of her cavity were still unyielding.

I resumed the stimulation of Frida, taking time to diddle her clit with my thumb as my fingers grazed her slit. Hugh and Rachel watched, enraptured, his cock working almost into her rear passage in time with my flicks across Frida’s button. I knew I had to ready the maid quickly, or Hugh would enter Rachel from the rear, and end my control of the situation.

I kneaded Frida’s breast brusquely, forcing my finger further inside, fucking with it like a little cock. As her passage relaxed, I started twirling my digit around.

“After all these years, it finally feels like a real screwing,” Frida cackled.

“Been playing with the power screwdriver at home Frida?” Rachel asked. In response to a nod from me, Rachel eased upright, taking Hugh’s cock firmly in her hand. She tickled his balls with a few fingers to maintain his interest.

I released Frida’s boob just long enough to hold a finger to my lips to signal the two others to be silent in their approach. Returning my hand to her nipple, I pinched with extra emphasis, making her clench down around my finger. I began to feel real wetness oozing along her crack, coating her walls inside and gradually drenching my finger. For good measure, I stroked a stiff finger up deep inside Frida, counting ten bottomless plunges. Then I inserted a second finger, and repeated my count. For the third set of ten, I pulled the fingers apart as they rose, stretching her pussy open, and ready to accept all of Hugh.

Just for distraction, after the thirty finger fucks, during the fourth set, I started teasing her anus with my thumb. I sensed a protest about to escape her lips, so I silenced her with a fierce squeeze of a nipple. I was the one shocked by the next reaction; however, as her anus opened easily over the tip of my thumb and suctioned it greedily into her colon, drawing my hand too far around to continue fingering her slit.

Frida ground back and down on my thumb, rotating her hips vigourously. For a second, I considered the thrill of watching Hugh’s hugeness butt up against her asshole, like a battering ram trying to enlarge a breach in a castle’s defenses. I knew however that Rachel’s plan was better. I flattened my hand and curled my fingers, gripping Frida’s pelvis from below, my rear penetration acting like a handle. Squeezing her chest tight in the other hand, I lifted her smoothly. She was as light as a feather. I had no problem tossing her onto the bed she had just turned down. She bounced softly after her butt landed, arms akimbo, then lay spread eagle across the sheets, smiling. I bent forward and briefly brushed my fingers across her pussy. “Good and wet outside,” I announced.

I slide three fingers deep inside, finding that I needed no effort and met no resistance. “Good and wet inside too.”

“Better taste test the old bird,” Rachel suggested.

I bent closer and ran my tongue once up her slit, sampling her ooze. I rewarded her with a fast bobble of clit on tip of tongue. “Well done but still juicy,” I joked, dramatically smacking my lips. “Salty with just a hint of garlic.”

Rachel piloted Hugh on the altered course. Quickly, so as to use speed to achieve surprise, Rachel shoved Hugh on top of Frida, never relinquishing her grip on his stiff cock. I distracted Frida by lowering my lips and suckling her aching nipples. They were as hard as rock candy, with none of the pliability of young teats. These were dry vestigial reminders of milk glands, devoid of fertility. The nerve endings still worked through. Raking my teeth across the surface of each point in turn caused Frida’s hips to hump up off the bed. Her hand went automatically to her own clit.

Placing her hand on the bell boy’s back, Rachel steered his manhood to Frida’s waiting gash. After all the build up, the actual moment of contact was undramatic. Frida was indeed stretched wide enough that Hugh’s enormous pole slid smoothly into her soaked slit. I doubted she even felt him.

“A virgin no longer,” cheered Rachel, marking the occasion.

Rachel retained her grip on the bottom few inches of this giant shaft, controlling the tempo at which Hugh fucked Frida. After the first four or five strokes, satisfied he had a good rhythm; Rachel slid behind Hugh and fondled his balls. His first load would obviously burst forth quickly, and Rachel was intent on making the experience memorable for all of us. Hugh slid his meaty hands under Frida’s hips and started lifting her pelvis up, pulling her body off the bed to meet his thrusts. The older woman began screaming through her orgasm.

Bending closer, Rachel said, for the benefit of Frida and I, who could not see her, “Hugh, has any girl ever licked your balls and then suck them into her mouth?”

Hugh could only grunt in response. He was still pistoning into Frida, who was like a little limp rag doll. My sucking and biting her nipples was doing no good whatsoever, so I started to sit up and back away, uncertain what my role ought to be next. Frida shocked me by reaching over as I slid by and grabbing my revived cock. “Not so fast sonny boy. It’s a long time since I was filled by two at once.”

She swallowed my entire cock smoothly, as if from long experience. I had to straddle her chest as if feeding my sausage to her. Her head bounced up and down off the bed in a rhythm matching Hugh’s fucking action. After a few gulps, I started fucking her face, making it easier for her. I was shocked to feel more seed bubbling up in my aching balls. I must already have passed my record for orgasms in one day, but I had long since lost count.

“Are you about ready, Mitch?” Rachel asked, “because Hugh is about to blow.”

I never had a chance to answer because Frida took matters out of my hands. She took Rachel’s warning as a cue to insert a finger in my rectum and massage my prostate. She really wanted to receive the two loads simultaneously. My sperm chugged down her throat as she kept sucking my cock. With her hands now on my ass, she forced me to keep pumping my shaft into her mouth until every drop was emptied. Amazingly, I had produced enough cream that it was oozing over her lips and flowing across her chin. Recalling how Rachel had shared with Gwen, I expected more of the same. What I failed to factor in however was the effect of Hugh’s goo flooding Frida’s pussy.

Having shot his wad, Hugh collapsed next to me on the bed. My tired member was wilted, resting on my thigh leaking a tiny trail of after cum onto my skin but his still stood tall and proud. Frida reached over and stroked it, and then twisting her torso to lick Hugh clean. This was awkward, because Rachel was busy licking the excess cum off Frida’s thighs, occasionally teasing the older woman’s clit.

Suddenly Frida bolted upright and sprang off the bed. “Ohmigawd,” she said, “I’m running way late. I might have pictures of the bell captain, but not the Head Housekeeper. I gotta get going.” She hurriedly gathered her uniform around her body, straightening her appearance.

This startled the rest of us, Hugh in particular. He realized our tryst had gone on for at least a half hour. “Pictures or not, I’ll be lucky not to get fired.”

“Here’s a hundred for you, and a fifty to pay off your boss. If that doesn’t work, tell him you were kidnapped by aliens. If that still doesn’t work, send him up for a blowjob,” Rachel advised, digging money out of my wallet. She helped her young lover get his uniform back together, teasing him with a shower of kisses, laughing as he struggled to stuff his resurgent sausage into his pants.

Frida was at the door about to leave. “I bet those weren’t vanilla flavoured chocolates you left on our pillows,” I said, handing her my last hundred. She looked both ways in the hallway before leaving. Hugh was right behind her, still blushing at his good fortune.

Rachel closed the door. As I booted up my laptop, she walked over to the windows, still naked. Upon opening the curtains, she discovered that the full length full width windows overlooked the lobby atrium, which soared majestically all the way past our room. She spread her arms wide, as if shouting “Hey, world, look at me, I’m the bitch queen of the world. I fuck, I suck, I rule!”

She pressed her naked body against the glass.

“Is that see through or one way so no one can see in?”

“Well, there is a guy across the courtyard fucking his woman doggy style. If I can see them, they can see me. And one floor up, I see two guys going at it. A blond guy sucking a darker one’s cock. There’s a woman sitting on the bed with a cocktail watching. Oh, and there’s another woman just walking in from the bathroom.”

Rachel moved her hips back from the glass just enough to insert a few fingers into her pussy, fondling her clit. I watched her, amazed at her ravenous appetite for all things sexual, and especially for watching.

“Is she naked?” I asked, stepping up behind Rachel to join in watching. Both ladies were nude. I assumed, unfairly, that the thin one on the bed matched the darker guy. They both had olive skin and black hair. She sat with her legs crossed at the knees. I strained to tell whether I could make out a hint of untrimmed black bush surging over her thighs.

The other woman was blond, with a fuller softer body. She seemed a stereotypical match for the kneeling cocksucker, who was a blond Nordic sort with a pumped gym rat body. Her pussy was clean and hairless. Her full breasts swayed as she bent over beside the dark woman, who was sipping a cocktail. They leaned together for a brief, intense kiss, broken by the dark one, who gestured to her friend as if to say “watch the boys”, and resumed sipping her drink. The blonde settled next to her on the bed. After a few minutes watching one man swallow the other’s very average looking cock, she snuggled closer to her friend. As the blond male swirled his slowly, pleasuring his pal, she casually dropped her hand on the thigh next to her. The dark guy started gripping the blond’s hair, holding his head close, fucking his face. The blonde gal’s fingers crept into her partner’s pubic hair, which I could now fully appreciate.

“At this distance it’s hard to tell. Is she tweaking her clit yet?” asked Rachel, rubbing her butt against my quickly reinvigorated cock. She reached down and drew my right hand up and held it over her breast. My palm cupped the warm flesh, her nipple digging into my skin. My left hand automatically joined in, kneading the other side. The blonde and I both buried our noses in thick black hair, licking earlobes in unison while the Nordic guy was exploring a stiffer treat.

My left hand migrated down Rachel’s tummy, imitating the blonde and playing with her clit. Rachel sighed, leaning back harder against me. My hard cock rode smoothly in the crack of her ass, which was well lubricated by her fresh excitement, if not still wet from playing with Frida and Hugh. We watched fascinated by the show across the atrium.

“Have you ever watched a guy suck cock before?” Rachel asked.

“Not really. On a basketball bus trip, I overheard the water boy blowing the point guard, but they were well behind me at the back of the bus. Plus, it was dark. Then once, after gym, I walked in on two guys in the shower, but they were very embarrassed and stopped.”

“Are you as excited by watching as those gals and I am?”

“What excites you about it? I thought gals disliked fags.”

“Oh. Bad word there. I think it’s because they look so macho, and really, straight guys giving head is just the squaring of the foursome circle, isn’t it? Guys always want their girls to play with each other’s cunts. Why not reciprocate with a little cock sucking show?”

“Frankly, the girls watching are the big turn on for me. I don’t know if I could suck cock, but if I did, it would have to be as a show, because the thought of turning you – a woman I mean – on so much that she blows past her boundaries is a big thrill. Not that you seem to suffer from boundaries.”

“Well, I think those ladies have done this before,” Rachel said, directing my attention from nibbling her shoulder to the show. The two gals had slid off the bed onto the floor next to their guys. The blonde had produced a strap on from somewhere, and was preparing to mount her playmate doggy style.
“Does that excite you?” I asked.

“It would excite me more to be the one bent over on all fours on the floor. It would be so hot to have Gwen doing that to me while you fucked Monique right beside us. Me on top of Monique fucking her would be hot, but not quite as hot.”

As the blonde pressed the rubbery fake cock hard against her friend’s awaiting labia, Rachel shifted onto tip toes, trapping my cock just at the opening of her cavern. She pushed down slowly, copying the woman we were watching. The two men also watched. The kneeling one even paused briefly, his friend’s erect cock still grasped in his hand. After a moment, he resumed flicking his tongue across the tender bulb at the top of his treat, but his eyes stayed focused on the strap on play.

“Oh look, the Latin guy is waving at us,” Rachel pointed out, still nuzzling the head of my cock along her slit, not quite allowing me entry.

“Now they are all watching us,” I replied, planting Rachel’s cunt firmly in my cock and pushing fully into her. The blonde smiled at us, make an “ok” sign with her fingers, and plunged her fake cock straight into her chum, who was unprepared, watching us. The dark woman was buried face first into the carpet. The blonde was unrelenting, fucking her furiously, still staring at us, as if daring us to match the fury of her sex.

Hard fucking was no problem. Rachel braced her hands against the window and pumped her pussy in powerful strokes, swallowing my shaft fully each time, and then pulling off so only my tip remained between her lips. I picked up the tempo, grabbing her tits and using them as handles to double the excitement. Her rock hard nipples were like stilettos digging into my palms.

“Fuck me harder, make me cum so loud they hear me all the way across the atrium,” Rachel screamed. Droplets of spittle flew out of her mouth, speckling the glass.

The blond guy on the floor chuckled in appreciation, and starting jacking his partner’s shaft while licking his balls. Suddenly, whether in tribute or one-upmanship, a great gob of goo flew out of the cock, splattering their window. The blond man licked his chum clean, which was interesting to watch, and, though not straight, somewhat expected. What happened next was bizarre, and beyond any experience I had imagined up to that point. He crawled across the carpet, still on his knees and licked the glass clean, not allowing even a speckle of semen to remain. Rachel and I slowed our fucking to a leisurely pace, or attention across the way.

Not only was he licking, he flattened his tongue, extended it fully out of his mouth, hanging down his chin. Pressing his nose flat on the glass, each lick became a small act of theatre. Rachel laughed at his performance. “I hope he doesn’t buff it with his naked ass.”

“Well, it looks smooth enough from here.” Now I laughed. “Ohmigawd, did I just say that about another man’s ass?”

“Don’t go all vanilla on me now.”

“Well, he may be blonde, but he sure ain’t vanilla.”

“Neither is she,” added Rachel, gesturing across where the busty woman was now lifting her partner’s shoulders off the floor, pulling her back onto the strap on cock.

“I bet I know what happens next.” Rachel executed a complex balletic spin off my cock, tuning us both slightly, and dropped to her knees, fondling me and occasionally flicking her tongue along my shaft or around my cockhead. Our attention was still mainly on the free show.

“The blond guy fucks the top woman from behind, or the lil subbie sucks his cock?”

“How about both?”

“No way.”

I was almost correct. The cocksucker redeemed his sexuality by inserting his already rigid pole into the blonde woman from behind.

“Is he fucking her ass?”

“I can’t tell from this angle. Makes sense with all those straps blocking her pussy.”

“So the subbie doesn’t suck cock?”

Before I could answer, the other man, despite having just ejaculated, offered his semi hard meat to her lips. She dove hungrily, swallowing him to the root. We had no trouble seeing her cheeks bulging.

“His cock didn’t seem that big when his buddy sucked it. She must have a very small mouth.” Rachel observed.

“Maybe that’s why Adonis does the first load.”

“If he was a Greek god, it would be his ass getting fucked.”

“Funny, I recall that Aphrodite and Persephone shared him. Not a bad gig if you can get it.”

“So, the ass fucking was with a strap on?”

“Who knows what they’ll do next.”

“That was just classical mythology. The fucking across there is for real.” With this, Rachel took me in her mouth using a technique similar to the dark woman’s. Her cheek bulged like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter. And speaking of nuts, Rachel did not ignore mine, despite the fact that no one across the way seemed to have fingers free, Rachel did. She started by gently massaging my sac, as if complimenting my testicles for their stellar production today. Bobbing her head, deep throating me like the fellatrix across the way, Rachel slowly increased her pressure on my balls, starting to milk them. The tempo of the four way fucking was building also, forcing the oral performance forward, literally, since the fake cock was ramming her ahead as she gave head. Her standing lover was thrusting his hips back to meet her lips, making her the meat in the sandwich. I find it impossible not to copy his motion, rocking my entire body, swaying towards Rachel, and then pulling back to urge her to suck more intensely.

“The fucking here is real too.”

“Not quite,” Rachel mumbled around a mouthful of cock. “Here, it’s sucking not fucking.”

Although my cock was excited, my reservoir was depleted by now, so Rachel could enjoy a leisurely exploration of my equipment, taking her tongue and lips around the head, the shaft and the balls, with kisses and licks shared along my thighs, lower belly and other neighbouring regions as well. She lifted my shaft above her head, running her tongue slowly down the underside to trace the tiny ridge that began just above the base then bisected my scrotum. Just then, I tapped her on the back of the head to get her attention.

Across the way, the standing guy was amazingly already coming a second time, flooding his girl’s mouth with a load of cream. We watched it seep down her chin.

“Mmmm, I wish I could just teleport over there and lick that clean. It looks so fresh and gooey,” Rachel said. “Not that Hugh and you don’t taste great, but she really seems to like his.”

I did not have time to reply before the dark woman collapsed to the ground, causing the guy’s deflating cock to pop out of her mouth. The blonde behind her was forcing all of her weight forward, head tossed back. Though we could not hear, we imagined the scream of her orgasm.

“Is the blond guy coming too?” I asked.

My question was answered by a river of sperm raining across his playmate’s buttocks and back as he pulled out of her. We never were clear on which orifice he was fucking. The sudden shift in balance caused the blonde to topple forward, crushing the bottom gal to the carpet. At either end the guys looked silly, one kneeling, the other standing, cocks sagging in front of them. The blonde girl rolled off her friend, who propped herself on one elbow and turned, obviously staring across at us. While she watched, the dark guy began cleaning the sperm off the rear of the Domme. He theatrically caressed her fake cock, coating it with gobs of goo, and then licking it clean. Soon, he was deep throating the rubber, bobbing his head rapidly, as his mistress ignored him, watching our reaction.

I expected Rachel to copy the remaining action across the way and lave my shaft, then deep throat it. Instead, she stood pressed tightly against the widow, her firm little tits mashed flat, and just rubbed. Slowly she worked a finger into her slit from behind. Hidden from them, but visible to me, the thumb of the same hand played with her anus, gently pushing it open. ‘Is she inviting me?’ I wondered.

Only one way to find out. I stepped behind Rachel, peering over her shoulder at the others. Even the guy fellating the dildo had paused; they now seemed content, at least for a moment, to play audience – exhibitionists turned voyeurs. I wedged a hand in the groove left between her flat abdomen and the glass, and pressed my fingers upwards, curling her right breast off the glass. I kneaded it slowly, my fingers splayed, allowing the others a good view of her nipple extending even further out.

My left hand caressed her hip bone. I wanted them to think I intended to pull her pussy away from the pane, and intertwine my fingers with hers. I continued massaging the curve of hip as Rachel bumped her ass back, slowly like a bell chime rocking against my cock, then swinging back against the window.

Instead of groping Rachel’s cunt, I let my hand linger on her belly, rubbing gently, and then traveling up to cup her left breast. She now leaned against me as I kneaded both tits in unison. I pressed forward, trapping her tightly against the glass. I was just able to flex my fingers, continuing to increase the stimulation. Meanwhile, my cock was swelling in the crevice between her buttocks.

Our watchers once again became actors as the excitement travelled through the glass and across space into their room. As Rachel rubbed her damp buttocks around my shaft, the cooler room air teasing the tip of my cockhead, I considered further who they might be and how they came to share that space in such a private yet public place. I noticed that the dominant blond man and woman did not share the casual intimacy of a couple. Instead, the blonde lounged with her head in the other woman’s lap. The dark woman softly ran her fingers through those thick honey coloured curls. The blonde seemed to try to keep one eye on Rachel and I but began planting tiny kisses inside her friend’s thighs. I now thought that the dark guy might be paired in real life with the blonde – he was rubbing her shoulders, working the muscles deeply, caringly.

“Maybe they are all just strangers who met in the bar and took a room,” Rachel said, as if reading my mind.

“A bit early for that, isn’t it? I always thought those sorts of things happen around closing time.”

“I guess you’re right. And four strangers hooking up is unlikely, especially for kinky sex. At least two of them must be a pair.”

All of this chatter was a diversion from the unspoken question. Was I about to fuck Rachel’s butt? I would gladly do it for the thrill. She would do it to prove she wasn’t being vanilla. The watchers would enjoy it, if they could even tell. My greedy cock was throbbing at the prospect. She had clearly loved being penetrated by fingers.

“So how are we going to finish this with a big climax for them?” Rachel asked. “You can’t fuck my ass you know. Like I told Hugh, it is just too sore right now.”

I guess my disappointment was reflected to her in the window glass. “I think you’ll have another chance. This doesn’t feel like a one night stand. Oh, I wish I had the boobs for titfucking. I bet they would like that. Me kneeling here in front of the window, your greased cock sliding up to where I can lick the crown with my tongue, and even bend my head forward and tease the tip with my teeth while the shaft is massaged by great orbs of pillowy flesh. Is that what you would enjoy? I bet you would. Just like you love being inside my butt cheeks.”

“I bet they would love just watching you suck the fat knob on the end of my cock and rub it across your throbbing little nipples, letting my cum spray out all over you.”

“That would certainly give them the visual effect. Too bad we don’t know their room number. I bet they’d love to come over and lick us clean after.”

I paused, my passion quelled as I considered the homoerotic prospects of that scenario. The idea of either guy licking my cock had no appeal, but I knew Rachel would insist. My little head instructed my big one to get back to business and not play ‘guess the room number’.

“I guess we’ll just have to clean each other.” I said

“Perhaps they’ll stay and watch.”

“I hope you are ready to get messy, because I feel my balls tightening again. I never thought I could cum this much in one day.”

“I hope you shoot nice thick ropes of cum all over me. Our new friends deserve a good show in return for their efforts.” Rachel bounced on her heels, my shaft thrusting rapidly through the tunnel she had created by pushing her breasts tightly together. My pee slit was gaping open, hungry for the treat of her tongue. She teased me, stopping her licks just short of my crown, kissing the air. Then she went to the other extreme, timing her head bob perfectly to capture the timing of my boldest upward thrust, her tongue painting the underside of my cockhead, her breath filling the hole with warmth. It was almost like I could taste her mouth through my cock – the sweetness and the sauciness.

The exhausted foursome observed our actions. Not surprisingly, they still had the energy for a few fingers to become active as they rested. Not all the fingers caressed the bodies to which they were attached. The blonde woman began tweaking the Nordic guy’s nipples, stretching them away from his rock hard pectoral muscles. Gradually, I could make out her hips humping her groin against him from behind. She soon reached around to wrap her fingers around his flaccid cock. No doubt she would have been unsurprised to find his fist there already, but I wondered how she felt about the dark woman’s fingers tickling his balls. I thought I saw her shrug as she focused on his shaft. He shifted a bit, opening his legs, so the fingers caressing his scrotum could reach back to brush against the blonde’s pubes.

The darker woman meanwhile completed the circuit, taking the other man’s cock in her palm and caressing it much like Rachel had began with me. As I neared orgasm, perhaps our watcher sensed the completion of the task. They hastened their pace. The dark woman began bobbing her head up and down on her man’s cock, swallowing the shaft deep into her throat. She shifted her body around so that both the blonde man and blonde woman were licking at her pussy.

“Look, Mitch, she’s rimming her friend’s asshole,” Rachel observed. “Definitely not vanilla.”

Rachel snaked her hand under my balls, still holding them in her palm, but was now able to tease my anus with a fingertip. She rolled her tongue all the way down my shaft, pausing to slowly encircle the root, and then worked up one more time before starting to ease it into her mouth, taking an inch or so at a time, then withdrawing to tongue my pee slit before swallowing more of my meat.

I was torn between watching the show across the courtyard and focusing on the way my balls were clenched in their sack like tiny bombs about to explode. Rachel decided for me, pressing my balls flat against my groin as she shoved her finger deeper into my asshole. This released my energy directly up my cock. She backed her mouth away and leaned back, allowing our audience a great view of my cum raining onto her chin and chest.

Rachel rubbed herself as if in a shower, massaging the cream like soap all over her chest, taking extra care to work it into her breast flesh. She turned towards the window so the watchers had a particularly good view as she took each nipple between a thumb and forefinger, pulling them away from her breasts, arching her back in painful pleasure.

I was spent. Exhausted, I collapsed in a chair and just watched as Rachel let her hands roam around her belly, teasingly dipping down, not quite touching her clit, then cupping her breasts, one at a time in turn. This time, she rolled the nipples more slowly, exaggerating her movements like a stage actress or an exotic dancer.

“I feel like I ought to offer you a twenty for a lap dance.”

“I feel like they are eating me up with their eyes.”

In fact, the action across the way had come to a standstill. They were spellbound by Rachel’s performance.

“It’s the drama of waiting to see you touch your button. I bet they want to see if you explode all over the window.”

“How Monty Pythonesque of your gross perverted little brain.”

“Actually, it’s my bigger brain that thinks of the meaning of life. My little brain is the one that just wants to anoint you with cum until you glow.”

Across the way, the brunette was actually clapping at Rachel’s performance, seemingly undistracted by the tongues which had now resumed licking her pussy. The other woman especially was showing neither tiredness nor shyness – she was buried nose deep in her friend’s cunt, barely leaving room for the second tongue.

Rachel stood and gave a little bow and curtsey as their guy; unable to get a good angle, started exploring the woman’s anus with the tip of his tongue. This he did tentatively, truly an explorer. He knew his mission but was unsure what he might encounter. He did not dive in, but tasted the edges of the crevice between his target’s cheeks, licking up one side and taking a long pause to clean any puddle of perspiration from the notch where the woman’s taut buttocks joined at the base of her spine. He did not follow a line straight down from the point of that inverted triangle. Instead, he licked around the other cheek, dipping to the edge of the anus, curling just before it teased the sphincter open. Each time, he seemed to pause at that precipice, and then ran the tongue around up the curve, working towards the area between her ass and her pussy. Her hips began rising rhythmically off the bed, meeting his tongue demandingly. Still, she was composed enough to resume stroking the dark fellow’s cock, which displayed arousal from Rachel’s show.

“Let’s take our turn to watch,” Rachel suggested, falling onto the bed, patting a spot for me. As we snuggled, I reached for the laptop.

“Why do you need that when the show there live is better than whatever you might see online? Look – the guys are double penetrating the blonde as the other woman licks her nipples.”

“Gwen said she has a website and gave me a password that will tell us where her party is tomorrow. I think that would be very much not vanilla.”

I clicked to the site. Suddenly, a slide show of pictures popped up. “Free samples…new pictures just today…more in member’s area” it read.

“What the hellll….” Rachel screamed. “That’s us in those pictures.”

I looked more closely. The shots were from the change room. Gwen had digitally altered them to hide our features, but the familiar poses were unmistakable.

“That bitch! Wait until I see her.”

“That mean we are going to the party?”

“Now we have to.”

I grinned, thinking of the potential sexual outcomes the adrenaline that Rachel’s anger at Gwen might generate. For now though, I pretended to share Rachel’s furor at being displayed over the net. Privately, I thought my cock looked pretty good in the photos and wondered who might show up at Gwen’s and recognize me as a result. The prospect stirred something deep within my groin.

Rachel may have though it was watching our watchers exciting me. She noted Gwen’s party location and then shoved the laptop aside.

“I don’t think I have any stamina left.” I explained.

“How about your tongue?”

I glanced across the courtyard. The foursome was writhing in a tight daisy ring. I imagined I could hear the grunts, groans and moans. “You sure like to watch.”

“I might even like that better than being watched.”

She reclined back on a mound of pillows, arranging herself to watch the show, and at the same time, presenting her glistening cunt to full view.

“Clean me.” She grabbed my hair and dragged my face over her pelvis; twisting us both until she was satisfied my tongue action would not be blocked by my head or her hips. I exaggerated my licking, trailing my tongue wide to the points of her hips, then around and down her thighs.
“I don’t want to leave a speck.”

“Well, I think I’ll shower before bed. Just make me cum. I need to cum so badly.”

“But you taste delicious. Not vanilla at all.” I smacked my lips, grinning for the watching eyes, and then drove my tongue deep into Rachel’s cunt without warning, fucking her clit as if my tongue was a rock hard cock. Her hips rose off the bed, slamming against my face. I grasped her buttocks in my hands and steadied her on one spot, suspended in mid-air. This allowed me to run my tongue back and forth across her erect clit like a buzz saw

“Oh, look at them,” Rachel said. Since she still had two fists full of my hair, she twisted my head so that I saw the two women going down on the two guys. They were imitating my motion, batting the cockhead side to side with their tongues.

“Your clit is so fat and so swollen it is almost like I am sucking a cock.”

“Oh, and how would you know? Have you tried sucking cock?”

“What! No, I’m not queer.”

“Neither am I and I licked pussy. In fact, you sort of challenged me to prove I wasn’t vanilla.”

I almost replied “Is that a challenge?”, but held my tongue. Well, not really, I just switched to flicking her clit vertically, my tongue deep in her cavity under the love bud. I was afraid I wasn’t up to the task, but was not ready to tell her. Still, I wasn’t ready – no, make that, would never be ready – to suck cock. My gag reflex was just too strong. Even if I allowed Rachel to win our little game of “Who’s vanilla now?” I doubted I could ever suck a cock. Fortunately, there was none handy to test me with. Somehow though I knew that tomorrow at the party, Rachel might remember. I reflected on the odds that she would be distracted by her anger towards Gwen. Perhaps, I thought, she would not dare me. But if she did, I would never have the gusto that the blond guy had shown earlier.

There was little gusto left in the foursome. Their energy seemed spent. The women slowly swallowed the length of the two cocks. I imitated them by taking Rachel’s clit in my mouth and sucking it deep past my teeth. Once I had it there, I closed my lips around the base and slowly pulled back, stretching the sensitive flesh. Rachel thrashed about in response, making noises which were somewhere in between a scream and a moan. Her final roar of orgasm was timed almost exactly with the release of cum across the way. The women pulled back off the cocks, long trails of goo joining their mouths to the tips of the respective cocks. They stood, turned to look at each other, the strands of cream dangling from their chins. No one said ‘switch’, but they swapped sides as if choreographed, each deeply French kissing the guy other than the one they had just sucked, delivering a mouthful of his chum’s most precious gift.

As the kisses ended, someone grabbed a remote control – at this distance, it was hard to say who – and closed the curtains, at last ending our exchange of voyeurism and exhibitionism. Rachel seemed saddened, but was still coasting on her cloud, lounging on the pillows. I relaxed, just for a moment, my head resting in her lap.

The next thing I knew, it was morning. I panicked briefly, since Rachel was no longer on the bed with me. I quickly figured that it must be her in the shower. Or so I hoped.

Bouncing off the bed, I fell flat on my face. The day of ceaseless sex had exhausted me more than I thought. Or maybe Rachel had tied my feet together for fun. The noise must have been louder than I realized, since Rachel heard me over the water. “You’re welcome to drag your sorry ass in here, Mitch, unless you want to greet the room service wench nude.” She shared a wicked giggle. “Though I’d love to see your reaction if it’s a room service stud rather than a wench.”

I had no time to process this and decide for myself. I barely determined that I was unbound, and then pushed myself upright when there was the usual perfunctory knock on the door before the room service cart barged through the door. The tall broad shouldered redhead steering the cart through the door was too busy to notice my nakedness immediately. Once inside the room, she had to notice my cock dangling at half mast, but she acted as if nothing strange was happening.

“The Mrs. Said you fell asleep without eating last night so ordered a mini brunch buffet. Like two meals scrunched together. Where shall I serve you?”

“Well, first she’s not my wife. She’s not even my girlfriend. Though the sex was great. And she guessed correctly – I am famished.”

“So where shall I serve you?” I admired this girl’s aloof grace. She was plainly uniformed in a white blouse with a calf length black skirt and silly white apron. Her shoes were sensible heels. Her hair was thick and rich, combined with her freckles, hinted at Irish genes. A fake pewter name tag identified her as “Kylie”.

“I would prefer you serve me in bed, Kylie.”

I plopped on the bed, my legs crossed at my ankles, my rising woodie nodding at her. She bustled about uncovering platters. The scent just grew my passions visibly. Finally, she snickered, no longer able to ignore my obvious invitation.

“Serving just you in bed while the milady is in the shower would be rude, now, wouldn’t it?”


I leapt off the bed before Kylie could respond. Her hands went to her throat, by reflex, that female tendency to cover the breasts and neck from attack. I grabbed her blouse and sent buttons popping across the room as I ripped it open. I gasped, unable to imagine the treasures I now saw could have been lurking under the loose shirt. Kylie had firm ripe young breasts, lifted even higher by a white lace pushup bra.

“I think we best hurry her out of the shower,” I explained, peeling Kylie’s arms out of her sleeves. This broke the spell and she jerked back from her reverie into reality.

Her hands caressed her breasts through the lace. I thought for a moment she was offering them to me. I was mistaken however, because as Kylie unclasped the front loaded bra, freeing her pencil tip nipples, she moaned, “Do you think milady might dry off to snack on this fine pair?”

Now I was speechless, my cock draining blood from my brain as it rose in response to Kylie’s long fingers rolling her nipples and stretching them away from her milky white freckled mounds. As she played, I quickly stripped the rest of her clothes off. I noticed that Kylie’s tits didn’t really need help staying up high and tight. Her nipples could define ‘perky’ in an illustrated dictionary. I could swear they were smiling at me. Or maybe winking. As she breathed, they moved slightly, bobbing in the air, hardening more quickly, poking brashly out from solid looking masses. She had nice red circles around the tips, slightly puffy and pebbly looking.

“She’d probably even play with them in the shower,” I finally managed to say.

My cock was now full sized, apparently refreshed from a long sleep. It brushed Kylie’s dense mat of red pubic hair as I slid her skirt off. I was shocked to discover she wore no panties. ‘What sort of hotel is this?’ I wondered.

“Milady ordered a very special brunch,” Kylie said, giggling in the same sort of wicked way Rachel did. “She told the concierge she wanted nothing vanilla about it, and a serving wench. Which he knows means me. After all, he is my cousin, and my boyfriend. He sponsored me over from the old country, so I do what he says.” Another giggle. “At least when it sounds fun. And then I do what he says and throw in a little extra.”

She stepped out of the skirt, knocking her practical shoes over by the bed.

“Not wearing panties means I won’t risk forgetting them in the room.”

I paused, drinking in Kylie’s fresh faced milk fed beauty. ‘What sort of hotel is this?’ I wondered, ‘seeming to be located to cater to family shopping trips, yet offering up delicacies from Hugh to Frida to this angel?’ I shrugged, smiling and decided to not over analyze our good fortune.

Kylie stepped forward with no trace of shyness. After briefly caressing my shaft, she skipped across to the bathroom and paused just long enough to make sure I followed. Rachel was leaning back against a wall under a stream of hot water, clouds of steam billowing around her. Her eyes were closed. She was caressing a breast with one hand as she slowly tickled her clit with just a few fingertips. When Kylie pulled the curtain open and stepped into the roomy stall, Rachel gasped. “Who are you?” she demanded. Since Kylie was nude, the fact she was the room service wench was not immediately obvious.

“Room service, milady. You ordered the special breakfast so you get to eat me. Unless you prefer that I pleasure you.” Kylie boldly stepped into the shower without waiting for any further invitation, but also thought to cast her eyes downwards and keep her arms at her sides and her shoulders slumped. I trailed behind, admiring how this bold girl walked the line of falling hopelessly into the submissive act just right, pushing the action without crowding Rachel.

“What is your name, child?” asked Rachel. I speculated that Kylie was almost as old as Rachel, but by labeling Kylie as infantile, Rachel emphasized her control.

“Kylie, milady.” If she wasn’t naked, I would have bet Kylie would have curtseyed.

Rachel reached forward, moving the hand off her own breast and hefting Kylie’s generous endowments, testing each as if choosing cantaloupes. Kylie guided Rachel’s lips to her left breast, pushing the action along. Kyle moaned as Rachel enthusiastically bit her nipple.

“Oh, yes, that’s what you want and I love it when it hurts just right.”

“If you like pain, we better have a safe word,” Rachel warned, tweaking Kylie’s clit between two fingers for emphasis.

“Rose,” said Kylie, her knees shaking as Rachel again bit a nipple, this time the right side.

For a minute or three I stood just outside the shower, feeling my groin tighten as my cock filled with blood. My hormones were demanding I jump in, but my eyes loved the view just as it was. Kylie lifted Rachel’s face to hers, leading them into a vigourous tongue swapping lip lock. I rested, stroking my organ silently, priming the pump for whatever might follow.

“If milady is done in the shower, we have food in the other room,” Kylie moaned as Rachel ended the kiss.

Rachel however was not ready to eat, at least not food. Placing one hand on Kylie’s hip and the other on her arm, Rachel spun her forcefully against the shower wall, pressing her face against the tile. The hand which had been on the shoulder naturally slid down to become trapped between a boob and the wall. Kylie arched her back, fighting against the pressure of Rachel’s fingers kneading that flesh, only to be met by Rachel pushing her pelvis hard forward, bumping Kylie’s shapely ass into the tile. Rachel proceeded to run her other hand around Kylie’s waist, and then traced a line up and down her spine. Despite the heat from the water, which was still running, Kylie shivered at Rachel’s touch.

I stepped into the spacious stall, still moving slowly, not disturbing Rachel’s moment. I watched as Rachel explored Kylie’s curves from behind, never backing up much, and always ensuring that random caresses of flesh on flesh recurred – arm on side, shoulder along spine, and hair on the neck. Each touch made Kylie’s moans soar higher, but she never said ‘rose’. I could see that not each gesture was tender. Rachel’s fingers were rubbing at Kylie’s chest fiercely, and periodically, without warning, Rachel would twist a nipple sharply. This made Kylie’s ass rotate very fetchingly. Rachel turned to make sure I was watching. Then, she ran her hand up Kylie’s back again, while blowing on her right ear. She gently turned Kylie’s head and indulged in a ferocious kiss, fucking the room service wench’s mouth with her tongue.

This was really just a distraction though. As soon as Rachel no longer needed her hand on Kylie’s chin, she dropped it abruptly back to the space at the top of Kylie’s ass, where the curves began from the base of her spine.

I could swear Rachel managed to revolve her face while still kissing Kylie to give me a big wink as she speared her finger into Kylie’s rectum, violating her anus without warning. Kylie tensed only for a moment, rising onto her toes, and then sank back with a sigh, twitching her ample but firm butt appreciatively as Rachel probed more deeply.

One hand continued pumping my cock, but my other hand reached out of its own accord and stroked Rachel’s back much like Rachel had just done to Kylie. First I ran my fingers up her spine, tickling the vertebrae like piano keys. Then I slid my palm tightly along and around her side, giving her left breast a forceful squeeze before coasting along her flesh to her hip, where I traced the curve of her buttocks, exploring her now familiar body as if for the first time.

Like Kylie, the breast play made Rachel moan. I pressed my palm against her lower back, my fingers splayed across her buttocks, pressing her tightly against Kylie, then encouraging her to bump hips against Kylie’s butt while she was still penetrating her anus with the finger.

Finally, they couldn’t hold their kiss any longer. “Oh, goody, a milady sandwich,” said Kylie, twisting her hips as Rachel drilled a second finger up her anus. My finger now teased Rachel in that same spot, just grazing across the opening, watching it yawn open like a tiny mouth. Rachel was fascinated with finger fucking Kylie. I eased towards that target.

Suddenly, Rachel spun around, grabbed the back of my head and dragged me forward. Kylie turned and our tongues met in an awkward but thrilling three way kiss that more resembled a badly staged Hollywood sword fight, like blades tangling in a mess. This action pressed my hard member between Rachel’s buttocks and she quickly began bumping back against me as the kiss carried on. I increased the tempo, dry fucking back against her, crushing Kylie into the wall. Though the waitress whimpered, she never called out ‘rose’.

“Remember, no ass fucking,” Rachel reminded me. “How about you fuck Kylie instead?”

“Only in the bed, my dear.”

“Well, I think I want to come here. And for Kylie to come also.”

Rachel stepped back from her captive. Kylie slid down into the corner of the shower, breath heaving out of her. I could not help but stare at her magnificent chest. Her nipples were begging for attention. I lifted a foot and toyed with her left breast with my toes. She sighed as I trapped her nipple between my big toe and second toe. I lifted it and twisted my foot slowly, stretching her nub like toffee. Rachel squeezed my heavy balls, and then drew her fingers around and up my shaft. She caught a drop of precum on a finger tip, I thought she was about to taste it, but instead, she squatted and offered the fluid to Kylie, who first stuck out her tongue to take the liquid but then leaned forward and drew Rachel’s finger deep into her cheek.

I let Kylie’s nipple pop free, and then I rolled my foot across Kylie’s chest, massaging her heavy tit with the sole of my foot. I repeated the nipple exercise on the right breast, making Kylie moan and twist around on the shower floor as she stroked her clit. Rachel leaned over further and tasted Kylie’s cunt. She licked gently for only a moment, and stabbed at the extended nub exactly twice.

“I’m just going to tease you a bit, Kylie, my girl, and not let you cum yet. Now be a good girl and pleasure us.”

Kylie began bobbing her head up and down on Rachel’s finger just like she was sucking cock. Then she drew a second and third digit past her lips. I could see her tongue rolling in her cheek and then I was so fascinated watching her that I was unaware whose hands encircled my cock and began rubbing my balls. I staggered and had to drop my foot from Kylie’s chest onto the floor to maintain my balance.

Eventually, I looked down to see that each woman had contributed one hand. Rachel was furiously polishing my shaft while Kylie, somewhat awkwardly, was reaching up and kneading my balls. Her hand slowly began working further back, her strong fingers having no problem separating my asscheeks. I squirmed as she probed my anus, finger fucking it like Rachel was finger fucking her mouth.

I shook my head to break out of my trance and joined in actively by reaching down and finger fucking Rachel’s ass as it rose in the air in timing with Kylie’s sucking action. I could feel the wetness rolling down Rachel’s inner thighs.

Perhaps inspired by my example, Rachel corrected the error of Kylie being left out of the fuckfest. She slid her foot carefully between Kylie’s thighs, which parted like the seas before Moses. Advancing carefully, Rachel rubbed her foot all around Kylie’s inner thighs. I could hear the squishy sound of Kylie’s damp flesh pressing against Rachel. Slowly, I reached my hand around underneath Rachel, finger fucking both her ass and her cunt at the same instant her big toe separated Kylie’s labia. Rachel was rocking in the air, my hand supporting her as she tipped forward, her foot burrowing into Kylie as her fingers were sucked deeper into the servant girl’s throat.

I felt Rachel’s pussy walls clenching as her muscles spasmed. I reached higher, finding her engorged clit and twirling it with the tip of my finger. I looked down and saw Rachel’s toe now flicking away at Kylie’s clit, which stuck out of her unshaven cunt like a baby’s thumb.

“Oh, doesn’t that clit look like it is begging to be sucked?” I said, speaking out loud without meaning to.

Rachel could only moan in reply, her pussy sucking my fingers more deeply into her womb. I wriggled my thumb in her asshole, enjoying the thrill of feeling my fingers almost meeting on either side of her membrane. I leaned over and bit Rachel quickly on the spot where the base of her head became neck. I then nibbled her right earlobe. Twisting her head, she roared with ecstasy, her orgasm flooding my fist with ooze. Rachel’s convulsions drove her foot deeper onto Kylie, mashing her back into the corner of the shower. Suddenly, roaring out “Roooooooooooooose,” Kylie spat out Rachel’s fingers and burst up from her crouch, shivering. The steam from the shower quickly stilled her spasms.

“I’m sorry, milady, that’s just how I come,” Kylie said, only then noticing that she had knocked Rachel clear out of the shower and half way across the bathroom. My hand was still poised in mid air where Rachel’s butt had been seconds ago. I worried that perhaps the suddenness of the ejection might have left Rachel wounded but her quick laughter reassured me.

Suddenly, Kylie jumped me from behind, wrapping both arms around me, cupping my balls in one hand and stroking my shaft with the other. “It’s not fair, sir, that you are the only one not to come.”

Rachel doubled over with laughter. I guess Kylie and I must have looked pretty silly, with the big redhead almost climbing on top of me piggyback, and furiously jerking my cock. As Rachel’s spasms subsided, she stepped closer and brushed Kylie’s hand off my prick.

“Let’s take this into the bedroom and eat breakfast while we use him,” she said, looking past me and speaking directly to Kylie. Rachel tugged me forward out of the shower as Kylie wrapped her legs securely around me, gently slapping at my ass and calling me her ‘horsy’.

I grasped the spirit of the moment and bucked my butt upwards with each slap, jostling Kylie, feeling her heavy tits jiggling against my back. Her nipples had never fully subsided after her orgasm, but in the few steps it took to leave a trail of foot sized puddles from shower to bed, the points seemed like diamonds drilling into my shoulder blades. The bobbing motion was also transmitted to my cock, which bobbled up and down, fighting against Rachel’s grasp. She retaliated by tugging it harder, squeezing the shaft with tightly curled little fingers, and tickling the tender spot on the underside where the cockhead sprouted.
Rachel led the way to the bed, pausing momentarily to scope a tart off of the breakfast tray. With a mouthful of strawberry jam, she turned and kissed first me then Kylie, pushing the sweetness into each of our mouths with a thrusting tongue action. As Rachel tumbled onto the bed, she held her mouth open, displaying the blood like redness of her tongue. Immediately, she swallowed my cock, coating it in sugary sweetness.

Kylie wasted no time sliding off my back and rolling towards the empty space next to Rachel on the bed. She too paused however, dangling with her arms around my neck to give me a soft leisurely kiss, probing deep with her tongue. Although I had nibbled the same tart, the mixture of pastry and jam coating her tongue gave the kiss a novel texture. As we kissed, I saw Rachel reach up to caress Kylie’s breast, hefting the weight from the side, and then caressing the nipple.

I shifted my hips, sending Kylie onto the bed with a thump. Before I climbed up next to them, I enjoyed the contrast of Rachel’s athletic body and short dark hair, next to Kylie’s redheaded full figure. The only similarity was the fairness of their skin.

“It’s like neither of you has seen the sun.”

“Perhaps we spend too much time indoors,” Kylie asked, “doing the nasty?”

“Nothing wrong with outdoor fucking,” Rachel replied, “that’s how all this got started yesterday.”

“Well, you aren’t totally alike there either. We could play connect the dots with Kylie’s freckles and you haven’t got a single spot that I can see Rachel.”

This made her laugh again. “How about this spot between my legs, doctor?”

She spread her knees wide, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers. I remained calm, feigning disinterest, nibbling a pastry. Kylie however wasted no time diving into Rachel’s honey pot like a thirsty traveler reaching an oasis.

I dropped beside Rachel on the bed and watched as Kylie braced herself with a hand on either of Rachel’s thighs. She licked all around the margins of Rachel’s sex, lapping up the juices which already flowed freely. Although her tongue stayed clear of touching the target, her long hair teased Rachel intimately. Rachel kept her finger on the button, diddling herself and moaning.

There was a bunch of grapes on the breakfast cart. Seeing how pretty Rachel’s mouth was opening and closing, I decided to feed one of her appetites. I reached over and grabbed the fruit off the cart and began feeding Rachel one piece at a time. With each grape, I inched closer, my rigid member bouncing across her flesh, leaving a trail of precum.

Rachel swatted my cock away. “That’s for Kylie this time. Let her enjoy your cream for breakfast.”

I may have pouted just a little. “But she looks like she has her mouth full just now.”

Kylie was grazing her lips across the top of Rachel’s pussy, and then tracing along each edge. Finally, with infinite patience that she felt though I did not, Kylie drew her flattened tongue up Rachel’s slit. I watched Rachel opening like a flower hungry for the dew, each set of lips spreading and her clit again popping out of its hood.

No matter what the plan had been, I was compelled to jump in, adding a finger to Rachel’s clit. I reached over and scooped some cream cheese off the breakfast cart. I traced a circle of the herbed mixture around each of Rachel’s nipples. She giggled as I played, toying with the tips of her tits as I painted them.

I lowered my mouth, stopping first to give Rachel a deep tongue twisting kiss. Somewhere nearby, I sensed that Kylie’s tongue was twisted around Rachel’s clit in a similar style.

I suckled the creamy mess from Rachel’s left boob, taking a bit onto the tip of my tongue and then kissing her again, sticking my tongue out to touch hers, transferring the flavour. With each kiss, her tongue darted out more quickly, no longer simply meeting mine, instead starting to search, hungry for the taste. Soon, none was left around the nipple, which was still covered in the mixture.

As I closed my mouth over her left nipple. Kylie slowly grazed up Rachel’s belly, teasing her right tit with teeth, our fingers working in stereo on Rachel’s clit. Our eyes met as we grinned at each other, laughing together as our heads bumped. I reached my free hand to brush Kylie’s hair off her forehead. She smiled angelically, and then giggled devilishly.

“Let’s eat,” she whispered.

Kylie quickly cleaned most of the cream cheese off of Rachel’s flesh, and then we attacked the nipples in tandem, applying teeth first, just grazing across the nubby surfaces. Then we nibbled the rubbery flesh at the base where the nipples met the tits. She chewed with such enthusiasm that I thought ‘what better cover for a vampire than to work room service?’

Rachel moaned and thrashed in response, her hips bouncing up off the bed, pussy walls grabbing at our hands as we diddled her clit, jousting with it between our fingers. “Fuck me,” she screamed, the sound reverberating off the walls. Without speaking, Kylie and I looked at each other and grinned. We both stopped our finger play and pulled our hands out of Rachel’s cunt. The pause seemed like an eternity; Rachel’s breathing the only sound in the room. With our three heads tight together, it may have been the only sound left in the world.

“You must be hungry milady,” Kylie finally said, bringing her fingers to Rachel’s lips. “Here, taste your juices.”

“You first,” Rachel managed to respond.

Kylie giggled, licking her fingers clean, and then, taking Rachel’s edict literally, she dipped the same fingers into her own squishy cunt and brought them up to her lips, sucking her own nectar. She then repeated the gesture, except this time she brought her fingers to Rachel’s lips. Kylie was so wet that I could see the ooze dripping like liquid honey, running down the back of her hand to coat all the way past her wrist. This time there was no reluctance. Rachel’s tongue thirstily received Kylie’s offering like sacramental wine. First, she sucked the fingers into her mouth, playing with them, rolling her tongue around them. I could tell that Kylie was spreading them slightly and that Rachel was working her tongue between the gaps, cleaning down right to the webbing where fingers met hand.

It would have been perfectly understandable if I was temporarily ignored as this scene played out. I was happy just watching in fascination, occasionally flicking my tongue over stray specks of cream cheese on Rachel’s tits. However, neither woman forgot about me even as they were allowing me to observe their tremendously intimate moment. Rachel’s hand was the first to find my cock. She simply held it in her cupped palm, gently stroking the underside of the shaft, the edges of her hand brushing up against the front of my balls and the base of my helmet at opposite ends of each pass. I was a bit more surprised when Kylie wriggled a bit to allow her free hand room to massage my balls. She did not knead or milk them, merely warmed them.

“Can’t have you go soft but must not waste your cum,” Kylie said.

I picked up a jar of honey off the cart and dribbled a trail from between Rachel’s tits down towards her belly. Kylie and I each began licking, our heads again bumping. This time, our tongues also brushed each other as we sought out the same sweetness. Rachel was getting even more turned on, and her moaning was becoming panting as her hips again began bouncing up off the bed. She grabbed Kylie’s lush hair and pulled her head up, leaving me to follow the honey trail to Rachel’s honey pot. Just above my head, Rachel, who had been reluctant to kiss a girl yesterday, was insistently mashing her lips against Kylie’s, tongues twisting feverishly.

My travel down Rachel’s body pulled my gear out of the two massaging hands, but the ladies were too distracted to notice. This allowed me to touch my tongue to Rachel’s clit just as the first drop of liquid honey touched that nub. I realized I had not yet tasted Kylie, and with her red tufted cunt inches away, it seemed natural to roll over and kiss her engorged clit next.

Though my tongue was still flavoured by the coating of honey acquired off Rachel’s skin, Kylie’s unaltered muskiness floated through, allowing me to appreciate the difference in taste. Both young women were delicious, but like fine single malt scotches, one was light oak and the other strong with peat. Like taste testing scotch, I discovered I enjoyed them more by sampling each in turn, and not just a single sip. First I tasted just the surface, my lips the only part involved, the tastes diluted by my own flesh before my tongue transferred them to my taste buds. Then I went deeper, still not gulping, but allowing the flavours to wash directly across my tongue. Next, I rolled the taste on my tongue, not coincidentally in the real world, keeping the gal’s clit inside my lips, causing a turbo effect which from all of the moaning was creating a pleasing effect.

The sound distracted me from the sampling briefly. I glanced up to see that the two vixens were still kissing intensely, with a hand on each other’s left breast, synchronizing movements without speaking. They first tested the weight of the flesh, and then grazed a fingernail roughly across a nipple. Neither winced from the pain. This encouraged them to take it to the next level, pinching each other’s nipple in two fingers and tugging it away from the flesh. Each seemed to want to prove they could stand it longer, as the stretching of the rubbery tip soon escalated until the entire breast was distended. Since Rachel’s compact tits were more solid, she reached the end of her elasticity first, but still never screamed, not even an ouch.

“No fair,” said Kylie, breaking the kiss and theatrically pouting. She dove down and swiftly gave Rachel’s nipple a sharp nip with her teeth. Finally, Rachel yelped. As Kylie’s teeth ground the nipple in tiny circular motions, the yelp gave way to a moan. I turned my head, my tongue flicking from Kylie’s cunt across to Rachel. I felt Rachel’s orgasm on my tongue as her muscles clenched down tightly, then rippled in waves before relaxing again.

Rachel grabbed my hair and dragged my head up her body. I made a show of dragging my tongue, licking salt off her glowing skin. Meanwhile, Kylie grazed gently on Rachel’s other nipple, and I felt arms moving, which I deduced meant pussies were being stroked. I felt two hands return to fondling my hard cock.

“I thought I told you to fuck Kylie with that tool, fool,” said Rachel, “I’m hungry for cream pie.”

“No cream pie on the tray, just tarts.”

“Mmmm, I love tarts. Is there strawberry?”

I passed Rachel a pastry, then shifted behind Kylie, who was still exploring Rachel’s skin with her tongue. Kylie’s fair skin was warm to the touch. As she felt my hand brushing her flank, she raised her hips, presenting both her ass and her thirsty cunt to me. I began by slowly caressing her flesh, circling both hands over the agreeably padded curves of her rear. Rachel was too busy to tell me to hurry up as Kylie licked crumbs and stray dabs of strawberry jam off Rachel’s face, gradually approaching her soft lips, which led to another strong session of tongue swapping. By the time Kylie shifted her mouth along Rachel’s neck, sucking up crumbs with tiny inhalations, my fingers were tracing along the edge of the curvature where Kylie’s butt framed her anus.

Kylie forced the next action. I never learned whether she did it on purpose, but her movement to vacuum stray pastry off Rachel’s tits caused her to lift her rump just as my right hand crossed above her asshole. She was still well lubed by all of the earlier play, and, with no effort on my part, two fingers instantly slid past the sphincter into her anal cavity. She began humping back on my fingers, her moans mingling with Rachel’s. I could smell and feel Kylie’s excitement increase as juice flowed out of her pussy, coating her legs.

I rotated my fingers, alternating the twisting motion with thrusting. This brought my thumb eventually up against Kylie’s clit. I began flicking it in time with my fingerfucking of her ass. This caused her hips to drive harder up into the air against my fingers as she licked around Rachel’s navel. She drew Rachel’s clit into her mouth, causing Rachel to gasp, “That’s it, suck it like it’s a cock. Take me into your mouth and roll it around.”

I buried my fingers deep into each of Kylie’s holes, giving her the gift of double penetration. Her lips were too full of Rachel to speak, but her loins did her talking for her, wriggling back onto my hand and spasming. As Kylie pushed against my hand, I could see from the grimace on Rachel’s face that this was causing Kylie to stretch Rachel’s clit further, creating waves of painful pleasure. Rachel threw her head from side to side, finally screaming, “Rose ….”

Kylie stopped instantly, spitting Rachel’s clit free and lifting her head. I was unsure what to do, being worried about Rachel but still having my hand buried inside Kylie, who settled back on it. Kylie showed no such hesitation, immediately caressing Rachel and murmuring reassuring words. As Rachel calmed down, Kylie stroked her hair and then began softly kissing her collarbone and upper chest.

My hand was still buried inside Kylie and despite the somber moment and slower pace, I continued massaging her membranes and flicking her clit slowly. With an amazing natural instinct given her intense focus on Rachel, Kylie rolled her hips in counter point to my efforts, squeezing my fingers with her inner muscles. Soon her murmuring became moaning, and she rolled off Rachel entirely to lie on her back beside her. Kylie’s hips bucked up off the bed, fucking my fingers.

Rachel apparently felt no ill will towards Kylie for the over enthusiastic teething, reaching over to caress the redheaded waitress’ nipples as another orgasm shook through her body. Kylie screamed with joy. Rachel rolled across and kissed her gently. I leaned forward and as I kissed Kylie as well, my tongue brushing Rachel’s, I eased my hand out of her. Rachel playfully nibbled at Kylie’s nipple, adding to the waves of aftershocks coursing through our playmate.

Then Rachel took Kylie’s hand in her own and softly used it to manipulate Rachel’s pussy. Soon Rachel was lying back on the bed, moaning. “See, nothing broken. No harm no foul,” she reassured Kylie between gasps. “Now it is time for Mitch to fuck you.”

Without pausing, Rachel rolled over and grabbed my cock with one hand, placing the other on my ass. She pulled and pushed me until I pierced Kylie’s waiting pussy lips. Then, Rachel released my shaft, rolling to a kneeling position behind me. She started out with one hand on each of my hips, pumping me in and out of Kylie, with a fierce rhythm that startled Kylie, slamming her against the bed. Rachel began bouncing her pelvis against my ass as I came back towards her.

Kylie soon began lifting her hips off the bed in response, her muscles grabbing at my shaft, gradually slowing the pounding into a steadier pace.

“I wanna see what his cock looks like entering you,” Rachel decided, sliding back onto the bed beside Kylie, and tenderly kissing the redhead. She curled her hand around my buttock, rubbing circles on my flesh, and then slowly teasing the curve of the crevice of my ass. My anus instinctively shriveled, anticipating a violation from her finger. I was ashamed to find myself backing out of the moment to intellectualize about how silly it was that I was quite willing to be the fingerer but still feared being the fingeree.

Rachel scrunched around and licked the tip of my cock and then Kylie’s dripping wet cunt. Kylie giggled, “I bet she can see really well from there.”

Without further ado, Kylie humped her hips up off the bed and captured my cock in her pussy. I was surprised how tight she seemed. Despite her youth, she was clearly far from virginal, and the earlier play had dampened her, so she must be dilated. Still, my cock easily filled her, like sliding into a warm mitten. Her abdominal muscles gathered me in and drew me in deep as Rachel scrambled away millimeters before getting a solid head bonking.

I glanced over and saw that Rachel was quickly munching on some eggs. Refueling, no doubt. I turned my full attention to Kylie, pistoning into her, my weight on my elbows and my force rocking the bed. She was still wet from the earlier play, so there was no resistance until her pussy started grasping at my rod; spasms that I suspected were the forerunners of orgasm.

Kylie spoke to Rachel. “I want you to suck on my tits while he fucks me. I feel like such a total slut. I want you to bite my nipples like you are eating them instead of eggs for breakfast.”

Rachel chuckled earthily. “I bet you say that to all the girls.”

Amazingly, after all the frantic intimacy, Kylie blushed. “No, milady, I’m usually much more restrained. Oh sure, I do the odd blowjob to entertain a business man, and even eat some pussy, but I’m never ever like this. This morning I’m more excited than I have ever been.”

All the while as Kylie spoke I kept pounding my hard cock into her womb, now feeling her taut abs trying to milk me.

Rachel leaned over and kissed me, stabbing a tongue full of scrambled eggs into my mouth. Laughing at my reaction, she rolled over and kissed Kylie sweetly, sharing a more conventional tongue. She tried to run her tongue down Kylie’s throat, but quickly discovered my chest was in her way. I accommodated her by grabbing Kylie’s generous hips tightly in my hands and pulling her forward as I shifted backwards into a squatting position. Kylie held my cock deep in her cunt, wrapping her legs around my back as she now laid sprawled out half on my lap, but with her torso open to Rachel’s efforts.

As Rachel traced a line of perspiration down Kylie’s neck, out along her collarbone to the tiny notch at the top of her ribs, I spied a bottle of champagne on the breakfast cart, already opened. Carefully continuing the thrusting motion of my hips, I twisted around and reached for the bubbly. I then drizzled a line of sparkling fizz from where Rachel was licking down into the valley of Kylie’s yawning cleavage.

Kylie was demonstrating strong thighs and back muscles, lifting her hips in opposition to my thrusts. Rachel lapped up all of the champagne, taking particular care to clean the upper surfaces of Kylie’s breasts, and then trailing down to lick the inner curves dry, before teasing the waitress’ nipples. She shoved Kylie’s tits together, biting each nub in turn, quickly alternating. She nibbled with just the edge of her teeth on the top of the erect nipples, twisting her head to ensure that I could see. I dribbled more champagne, splashing it across Kylie’s tits into Rachel’s lips. Rachel started suckling, drawing soft mouthfuls of flesh between her lips and working the trapped nipples with her teeth and tongue, like a cocksucker doing deep throat.

Kylie moaned. “Fuck me, sir, fuck me hard. I’ve never had a stiff cock pound me while a lady eats my nipples before. Your cock feels so good deep inside my cunt.”

I thought perhaps Kylie was holding out, trying to prolong the sex by not coming, but soon, her fingers made there way to her cunt, spreading the top wide, above where I was thrusting into her. Her clit was now openly displayed, sticking straight up. I anointed it with champagne. “Oh, yes, “gasped Kylie. “Kiss me right there please, milady.” As Rachel flicked her tongue on the sweet spot, Kylie screamed. “Oh, god, yes. Just like that, lick my clit as he fucks me. Can you feel him throb against your tongue right through my pussy walls? Make me cum as he fills me with his seed.”

Rachel was still just teasing Kylie’s clit, not fully attacking. I could feel the warmth of Rachel’s breath warming my root as I thrust into Kylie just inches from Rachel’s tongue. When Rachel at last drew Kylie’s clit fully into her mouth, tonguing it in a tight circular motion, the bottom girl unleashed a truly impressive window rattling scream. Despite the crunch of her muscles around my cock, I did not come together with her, perhaps because I was distracted by Rachel snaking her hand into her own pussy.

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